Is Reiki Safe, how to reiki

Is Reiki Safe

Is Reiki safe to administer to patients? This is a question that many people ask practitioners and clinicians. Generally speaking, yes. It’s safe. Reiki is a safe practice so long that it doesn’t get in … Read More

how is reiki performed

How Is Reiki Performed in Practice?

Has your clinician recommended Reiki to you? Have you been asking yourself, researching more on how is Reiki performed? Reiki is a spiritual healing practice that promotes wellbeing throughout the body by channeling “chi” (or … Read More

is reiki bad

Is Reiki Bad?

Is Reiki bad? No, it doesn’t pose any adverse side effects to people who undergo this spiritual healing ritual. However, it poses a valid inquiry. Unlike medical-based treatments, Reiki, or a spiritual energy technique, doesn’t … Read More

Where Does Reiki Energy Come From

Where Does Reiki Energy Come From?

Reiki energy is a non-physical force that surrounds all living entities. It’s not present in just Reiki, but it also applies to many other principles in traditional Asian culture. Reiki is an alternative form of … Read More

reiki skeptics

How To Explain Reiki to Skeptics

How to explain Reiki to skeptics? Can the practice of palm healing really heal the body and promote its spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing? For those unfamiliar, Reiki is a therapeutic practice that uses … Read More

reiki nutrition therapy

What Is Reiki Used For?

Reiki is a spiritual palm-healing technique that’s used as an alternative mode of healing. This practice uses a lay-on-hand technique wherein the practitioner removes bad energy and distributes energy to remove blockages around the body. … Read More

What Is a Reiki Therapist?

What is a Reiki therapist? A Reiki therapist—or a Reiki practitioner—is a specialist who can administer the lay-on-hands technique known as Reiki to patients. These practitioners comprise anyone who’s undergone Reiki training.  Whether it’s a … Read More

What Is Reiki Energy Healing?

Reiki is a natural energy healing technique used for reducing physical, mental, and spiritual ailments and improving overall health. The Reiki practice rose to popularity in Japan by a man named Dr. Mikao Usui during … Read More

What is a Reiki?

Reiki is a palm healing technique that promotes your body’s health and wellbeing. People who undergo the therapy do it to reduce pain, anxiety, and fatigue. Reiki doesn’t heal health problems directly, but practitioners consider … Read More

How to Use Reiki Symbols

How to Use Reiki Symbols

Reiki is most often called energy healing, considered as a Japanese form of alternative medicine. With the technique known as hands-on healing, Reiki practitioners use their palm to transfer the universal energy onto their patients’ … Read More