How Is Reiki Performed in Practice?

how is reiki performed

Has your clinician recommended Reiki to you? Have you been asking yourself, researching more on how is Reiki performed? Reiki is a spiritual healing practice that promotes wellbeing throughout the body by channeling “chi” (or universal life energy). This practice comes with numerous health benefits that range from physical nature like aches and pains to … Read more

6 Reiki Side Effects and Why It May Not Be Good for You

Nowadays, many people have become increasingly interested in learning about reiki therapy, a Japanese healing energy practice. Similar to other complementary therapy or medical treatments, there are also disadvantages of Reiki that only some talk about. Every day, people are searching for ways to improve their health. People are always looking for new and innovative … Read more

Where Does Reiki Energy Come From?

Reiki energy is a non-physical force that surrounds all living entities. It’s not present in just Reiki, but it also applies to many other principles in traditional Asian culture. Reiki is an alternative form of healing that uses a lay-on-hand technique to promote positive energy to a client’s body. Founded in Japan in the early … Read more

How To Explain Reiki to Skeptics

reiki skeptics

How to explain Reiki to skeptics? Can the practice of palm healing really heal the body and promote its spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing? For those unfamiliar, Reiki is a therapeutic practice that uses a lay-on-hand technique to promote healing in the body. This practice doesn’t directly treat any specific ailment—it acts more like … Read more

What Is Reiki Used For? 8 Reiki Health Benefits

reiki nutrition therapy

Reiki is a spiritual palm energy healing technique used as an alternative healing mode. This practice uses a lay-on-hand technique wherein the reiki practitioner removes bad energy and distributes energy to remove blockages around the body. These energy blockages typically cause many illnesses, whether in the mental or physical realm. Reiki is used to promote … Read more

What Is a Reiki Therapist?

What is a Reiki therapist? A Reiki therapist—or a Reiki practitioner—is a specialist who can administer the lay-on-hands technique known as Reiki to patients. These practitioners comprise anyone who’s undergone Reiki training.  Whether it’s a healthcare professional, a friend, a family member, or even you, it’s possible to become a Reiki practitioner. Contrary to popular … Read more

What Is Reiki Energy Healing?

Reiki is a natural energy healing technique used for reducing physical, mental, and spiritual ailments and improving overall health. The Reiki practice rose to popularity in Japan by a man named Dr. Mikao Usui during the early to mid-1920s. In modern times, Reiki has since spread all over the world as an alternative and complementary … Read more

What is a Reiki?

Reiki is a palm healing technique that promotes your body’s health and wellbeing. People who undergo the therapy do it to reduce pain, anxiety, and fatigue. Reiki doesn’t heal health problems directly, but practitioners consider it an alternative or complementary approach to healing. How Does Reiki Work? According to practitioners, physical injury or emotional pain … Read more

How to Use Reiki Symbols

How to Use Reiki Symbols

Reiki is most often called energy healing, considered as a Japanese form of alternative medicine. With the technique known as hands-on healing, Reiki practitioners use their palm to transfer the universal energy onto their patients’ body to heal. Also known as Usui Reiki, it heals not just the physical pain and symptoms, but also the … Read more

How To Advertise Reiki Services The Right Way

How To Advertise Reiki Services The Right Way

Some people consider the ability to practice Reiki energy healing as a spiritual gift. It’s their calling that lets them compassionately help others. But what if you’d want to turn that into something that generates income for you? There’s nothing wrong with putting up a business using your gift and skills, but it’s challenging when … Read more