What Part of the Brain Controls Spirituality

What Part of the Brain Controls Spirituality?

How do science and religion converge to influence the way we think and interact with the world? Neuroscience may have the answer. Scientists have long debated over how spirituality and neuroscience interact, specifically in regards … Read More

Seeing a person's aura

What’s in a Person’s Aura

What’s in a person’s aura? An aura, or a human energy field, refers to the coloration emanating from a person’s physical body. It encapsulates the energy fields of other matter in existence too—such as animals … Read More

near-death experiences

Near-Death Experiences: A Beginner’s Guide

Near-death experiences are a frequent yet highly misunderstood phenomenon. Imagine this: you were just going about your day like any other. Then suddenly, an excruciatingly tight sensation rushes to your chest area, instinctively leading you … Read More

best crystals for energy

12 Best Crystals for Energy

A crystal is a miniature version of a human body. This marvelous and versatile gem brings together tiny particles of minerals and compounds that come with a variety of use cases⁠. From powering up satellites … Read More

How To Use Chakra Candles The Right Way

How To Use Chakra Candles The Right Way

We associate our body’s key energy centers or energy wheels with symbols, characteristics, and elements. Colors and their corresponding healing properties represent the key energy vortexes governing certain parts in our body and aspects in … Read More

What Does A Spiritual Healer Do Best

What Does A Spiritual Healer Do Best?

From a scientific and medical perspective, there has to be a correct diagnosis to find the proper cure and treatment for a certain illness. Everything about the human body and physical symptoms has a corresponding … Read More