How To Advertise Reiki Services The Right Way


Last Updated on December 1, 2022

Some people consider the ability to practice Reiki energy healing as a spiritual gift. It’s their calling that lets them compassionately help others. But what if you’d want to turn that into something that generates income for you?

There’s nothing wrong with putting up a business using your gift and skills, but it’s challenging when you lack the basic knowledge on what you need to do. It’s undeniable that you have what it takes to be a Reiki healer, but also consider that you need to gain new and returning clients.

Practicing Reiki for a living means you need to get paying clients that will drive revenue to your venture. It’s essential to get the word out about your Reiki service through marketing and advertising.

In this article, we will tackle some things to consider when putting up a Reiki business and advertising it to the right people:

  • How to make customers feel comfortable in your shop by providing the right ambiance and atmosphere.
  • Where to advertise your reiki services and which channels.

Crafting the right experience for your clients

Like any other businesses, it’s essential to have the right set of products and services before you even get to market. It all starts with the core message, benefits, and experiences you want your potential customers to have. Selling your professional Reiki services also encompass a lot of things that you need to put into consideration.

Part of the Reiki healing experience is making the patient feel comfortable. Having a conducive place for such a method helps a lot. Create a soothing ambiance and set the mood by playing relaxing music in the background and putting up some scented candles and essential oils.

Paint the walls of the room using calming and soothing colors. As much as possible, choose a space free from noises and distractions. You also have to consider purchasing some pieces of furniture like a Reiki table, chairs, pillows, linens, and blankets.

You should also ask yourself the following questions. How will I call my business and who is the target market? How much will I charge for a session and how much time am I willing to spend in a day?

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You are ready to market and advertise once you have your answers to these questions. Collate all the essential details you’ll be needing to advertise and market your Reiki practice.

Advertising your Reiki services

Advertising your Reiki services

How to advertise Reiki services? There are many ways and channels that can help you market and advertise and it’s up to you which one to use based on your requirement and resources. Below are a few of the strategies you may want to adopt for your business.

Word of Mouth

The first inexpensive means that comes to mind is through word of mouth. Start from the people you know because most often than not, your clients are the ones who support and put their trust in you. You may also ask them to spread the word about your service and get you some referrals.

How do you get people to talk about your business? You might give free Reiki sessions even just for a few minutes for every therapy. People are more inclined to share something about a product or service that they have used.

Make sure that you always make your clients feel relaxed and comfortable. Be consistent with the quality of your service and with the way you treat your guests. It’s because excellent service translates to positive reviews coming from satisfied clients.


Point your potential customers to something that proves your business’ presence and existence. Having a website is like having an address online that customers validate when searching for a particular service. Your website should contain the information about your services, contact details, and some terms and policies in place when they avail of your services.

Other than the rates and services, you may also want to consider putting up some educational guidelines and content through a blog, inspirational post, or tutorial. This helps you engage with your target market and drive traffic to your site.

Optimize your website content so that people can easily find you, click your link, and visit your page. Make sure you upload high-quality photos and make your copy clear and engaging. If you have more time, try to learn the basic search engine optimization you can do with your website content.

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Social Media

Social media can complement your website strategy. Whenever you post something on your social media page, make sure you provide a link pointing back to your website. If you don’t have any resources to build a website, make sure you have your business’ and services’ details on your social media page.

Social media is also a way for you to tell a story, connect, and engage with your target clients. Respond to comments and messages and make sure you consistently post quality content. If you have a budget, you may run a targeted advertisement to build followers and promote your Reiki services.

Apart from having an official page, be mindful also of your personal profile page if you have one. It is part of your personal branding to let the people know about what you do and are passionate about. You may use this as a leverage to let your friends know about your business.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is a way of directly communicating and marketing your service to a preselected customer base. This will be possible if you have every client register and provide their contact information and email address before you start with the Reiki session. With this, you can design and customize a specific message or campaign targeted to a specific set of clients.

Get the consent of your clients whenever you collect their personal details. Let them know what to expect and what you plan to do with their contact information. It is better to have a short list with the ones who agreed to receive communication and promotional materials from you.

Referral Scheme

You may have tried to seek advice from people you trust about where to get the best services and treatments. When you take their advice and recommendation, you become a living proof that word of mouth is effective. Also, referrals come from satisfied clients so you have to make sure you deliver them with utmost quality.

You can convert satisfied clients and their referrals to loyal customers. They are the ones who will most likely promote your business to the people they know because they are happy with your service. They are also the ones who give you their honest feedback so you can improve your service.

Relationship Building

Relationship Building

Before starting with the therapy session, it’s better to have a conversation first with your client. With this, you as a Reiki practitioner will learn more about your client. The conversation may evoke some emotions that help you find the pain points and the actual need of your clients.

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In face-to-face conversations, you can explain and make your potential clients understand how Reiki can help them. This is especially important for those who haven’t tried Reiki yet. Understand that it’s normal to doubt something that you don’t understand or haven’t tried before.

Pairing up with other services

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to make people understand about Reiki, people still won’t buy it. If this happens, you might pair it up with a therapy or treatment that people are familiar with. Other Reiki practitioners try to infuse Reiki in reflexology, head and back massage, and other popular therapies.


Whether you plan to start a small business or go big time, it’s important to learn the essentials and market your Reiki service the right way. These are just a few of the effective ways, but adopt the ones you see fit. Remember that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, and it all depends on a lot of factors.

I have also mentioned above to carefully craft your service and the experience you want to impart to your clients first. More than just marketing your service, make sure you can fulfill the needs of the clients who need your help.

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