This section will talk about everything you need to know about chakra — your energy centers, lower and upper chakras, seven main chakras, and more. With the growing popularity of yoga and a variety of New Age ideologies, chakras and their roles entered the picture. 

They are an ancient, sophisticated energy system that embodies spiritual wisdom throughout centuries. From the 1500s to today, there’s an ocean of lessons to learn from them.

Chakras, physical health, mental health, and emotional health

Chakra means “wheel” in Sanskrit. They’re spinning disks with distinct properties, and they’re physically located in specific areas of the body. And spiritual experts recommend keeping chakras open and aligned. That’s because they correspond to practically everything we do.

Along your spine, there are seven major chakras. They begin at the base of every person’s spine and reach all the way to the top of your head. And since your chakras relate to your overall well-being, they can provide the remedy to your illnesses.

How to know if chakras are blocked

If a chakra is blocked or when a chakra’s energy is low, it’s difficult to express the attributes linked with that chakra. You feel as if you can’t do anything you want. While you may have things mapped out in your head, those plans remain stuck.

On the flip side, there’s also a problem when a chakra’s energy is too high. Notably, when a chakra is overactive, the attributes become a dominant force in a person’s life. This can have both physical and psychological consequences.

You’ll know if your chakras or particular chakras are blocked if your human body is experiencing:

  • Insecurity with basic needs = blocked root chakra
  • Issues with self-worth, pleasure, and sexual organs = blocked sacral chakra
  • Low self-esteem and self-confidence = blocked solar plexus chakra
  • Trouble speaking = blocked throat chakra

How to unblock a chakra or restore/maintain balance?

Put an end to living life with toxic habits like eating too much junk food, sleeping late, and stressing yourself. And in addition to stopping those negative habits, be proactive. Notably, proactively create alignment through regular practices of:

  • Yoga poses – Specific yoga poses can unblock specific chakras in the chakra system. Examples are the goddess pose for unblocking the heart chakra and the fish pose to unblock the throat chakra.
  • Breathing exercises – Any breathing exercise that promotes regulated energy flow is good.
  • Meditation – Meditative exercises and daily mindfulness can help you achieve mental clarity.

Questions about the chakra system

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