How to Get More Spiritual Energy

How to Get More Spiritual Energy

Food nourishes the body while spiritual energy feeds the soul. For most people, being spiritual means being committed to a specific religion. Not so, spiritual awareness is not just about establishing a connection to divine power; it’s also about forming a deeper connection with the self and the natural world.  Building a strong connection to … Read more

How to Get In Touch With Yourself Spiritually

how to get in touch with yourself spiritually

Did you know that the spirit and the soul are two different elements that live inside each one of us? These elements are intertwined; one cannot exist without the other. And whatever positive or negative vibrations that affect one affects the other.  Being in touch with the inner self helps keep the spirit and soul … Read more

How to Get In Touch With Your Spirituality

how to get in touch with your spirituality

Did you know that getting in touch with your spirituality could help you lead a healthy, happy life? Too many people are living in discontent. Dissatisfaction at work or at home often leads to unhappiness and life’s too short for settling! If you want to live a rich, rewarding life being surrounded by the people … Read more

How to Control Spirit Energy

how to control spirit energy

Did you know that the body generates seven different types of life energy? One of the most powerful life force in the human body is the spiritual energy called shen in Taoism. Shen represents spiritual and psychic energy. With the right technique, you can control your body’s spirit energy. You can use your spirit energy … Read more

How to Be a Spiritual Healer and Help People

How to be a spiritual healer

Did you know a select group of people has the natural ability to heal sickness? Spiritual healing is a method of restoring the proper flow of energy in the body to promote a healing response. And a lucky few has the power to heal without using drugs or medical tools. These spiritual healers have access … Read more

How to Create Positive Energy and Live a Fuller Life

How to Create Positive Energy

Positive energy – just like all the different energies that exist in the universe – affect how you act, feel, and behave. And if you’re wondering how to create positive energy, it is not that difficult! Your actions produce energy that affects you and everyone around! But how to create positive energy? Here are some of … Read more

How to Get Spiritual Power Through Meditation

How to Get Spiritual Energy Through Meditation

Is it possible to gain spiritual power through meditation? Psychic ability is at its most powerful after meditation. Anyone who meditates regularly could train their mind to achieve great feats and empower spiritual gifts. Meditation can help unleash the power of the mind, allowing you to develop certain abilities that defy reason. In today’s post, … Read more

7 Simple Ways to Improve Spiritual Health

Ways to Improve Spiritual Health

Do you often feel tired, weary and restless? We all go through mental and emotional distress occasionally but if you’ve been feeling restless and depressed for days on end, maybe it’s time to reconnect with the self and heal from within. One of the best ways to reinvigorate the spirit and refresh the mind is … Read more