what stones are in a chakra bracelet

What Stones Are in a Chakra Bracelet?

Chakra bracelets give your energy centers a boost and keep all of them in balance. We deal with a lot of stressors every day, causing an imbalance in all chakras. It is essential to use … Read More

what religion is chakra

What Religion is Chakra? The Truth Revealed!

Religion is the relationship of human beings with what they consider divine and absolute. This gives them certain spiritual and moral obligations to act in certain ways. The followers or believers of a particular religion … Read More

Which Chakra Are You Strongest With

Which Chakra Are You Strongest With?

Spinning energy vortexes make up our bodies and they are located along our spine, ruling specific parts, organs, and aspects of our lives. We also call these wheels of energy as chakras and they have … Read More