Prenatal Reiki: Is Reiki Safe for Pregnancy?


Last Updated on March 2, 2023

Pregnancy may be a wonderful and exciting time, but it can also be accompanied by physical discomfort and mental stress. Many pregnant women seek alternative treatments to reduce these sensations and encourage calm.

One such therapy is Reiki, which employs gentle touch or non-contact approaches to promote healing and relaxation.

Many women, however, ask if Reiki for pregnancy is safe and might bring any advantages.

In this post, we’ll look at Reiki’s possible advantages and potential hazards during pregnancy and solutions for women searching for safe and effective complementary treatments to help them during their pregnancy.

Note: Please do not take the information in this article as medical advice. It’s best to reach out to your physicians or doctors for their medical opinion about this topic.

Is Reiki Safe to Use During Pregnancy?

First, pregnant women and mothers have unique health requirements, and any alternative therapy they try should be safe for them and their unborn children.

That said, several sources confirm that a Reiki session is safe throughout pregnancy and may have advantages such as reduced stress and anxiety.

It is also critical that Reiki be administered during pregnancy by a certified and experienced Reiki practitioner. Trained Reiki practitioners would know how to modify the method to make it safe and effective for pregnant women.

Pregnancy Reiki Advantages

Pregnancy Reiki Advantages

Reiki energy provides several advantages for both the mother and the child(ren). 

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These are a few of the most common:

  • Decreased stress and anxiety – Pregnancy may be difficult, and Reiki’s positive energy can assist with that. Reiki’s profound relaxation can also enhance sleep quality, improving physical and emotional well-being.

  • Physical complications are lessened – Many women have physical discomforts during pregnancy, like back pain, morning sickness, and tiredness. These symptoms can be alleviated with Reiki, making pregnancy more pleasant.

  • Boost fetal growth and development – Reiki has been shown in studies to increase circulation and supply critical nutrients to the baby.

  • Prepare for labour and delivery – Reiki can lower anxiety and foster calm.  This has the potential to improve the whole childbirth experience.

  • Supports postpartum recovery – The body undergoes substantial changes after delivery, and Reiki can assist in promoting emotional healing and restoring equilibrium.

Reiki’s Disadvantages During Pregnancy

Reiki's Disadvantages During Pregnancy - is reiki safe for pregnancy

As far as disadvantages are concerned, Reiki treatment has none during pregnancy.

This non-invasive treatment allows healing energy to travel from a reiki master teacher to the area where the master’s hands are.

So, an expecting mother receiving reiki treatments should experience no problems or discomfort throughout.

If anything, those interested in undergoing or continuing reiki during pregnancy must contact a seasoned reiki master or practitioner.

How to Do Reiki During Pregnancy

If you want to try Reiki throughout your pregnancy, get it from a skilled and experienced practitioner who understands how to modify the method to make it suitable for pregnant women.

These are some examples of how Reiki might be used during pregnancy:

  • Hands-on Reiki – A Reiki practitioner will place their hands on or near your body to encourage healing and relaxation. During pregnancy, a trained practitioner won’t put pressure on the stomach. Instead, they will focus on other body parts, like the head, neck, and feet.

  • Hands-off Reiki – Reiki practitioners keep their hands above your body to help you heal and relax. This strategy can work, especially if touching hurts or you need to spend time alone.

  • Distance Reiki – This is when a Reiki practitioner sends healing energy to you from a far-away area. This strategy may benefit pregnant women who are unable or prefer not to get in-person care.

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Reiki Alternatives for Pregnancy

Reiki Alternatives for Pregnancy

If Reiki does not appear to be a good fit for you throughout your pregnancy, there are other safe and effective complementary therapies to consider.

One gentle way is acupuncture, i.e. when tiny needles stimulate specific points in the body to help the body heal and relax.

Another option is massage therapy. It involves using various techniques to induce deep relaxation and relieve physical discomfort.

Finally, yoga is a set of poses and ways of breathing that help you relax and feel better about your body.

These alternatives can help guide you during early pregnancy to deal with the physical discomforts of carrying a child.

Methods for Stress Reduction and Relaxation

In addition to complementary treatments, the following can help reduce stress and increase relaxation during pregnancy:

Focusing your attention on an object, topic, or activity is what meditation is all about. This helps you relax and feel less stressed.

Deep breathing entails taking slow, deep breaths to encourage relaxation and stress reduction.

Guided imagery: To help you to feel relaxed or more relaxed, use your imagination to picture a peaceful place or event.

Prenatal Reiki Frequently Asked Questions

Is Reiki safe for my unborn baby?

Reiki is not dangerous to unborn babies or children. You may want to get an opinion from healthcare physicians before using Reiki, especially if you have a high-risk pregnancy.

How often should I get Reiki while pregnant?

The number of Reiki sessions you need during pregnancy may depend on what the Reiki master tells you and what you need.

Is it possible to get Reiki during labor and delivery?

Getting Reiki during labor and delivery might aid pregnant woman in relaxation and stress reduction. But you must check with your healthcare professional and the delivery team to confirm that Reiki is safe and appropriate for you at this time.

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Reiki can be a safe and effective supplementary therapy for pregnant women if provided by a skilled and experienced practitioner and discussed beforehand with your healthcare provider.

Practice Reiki to experience many possible benefits. But it’s important to listen to your body. Look into other safe and effective complementary treatments if Reiki doesn’t seem right while pregnant. 

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