Spiritual Energy: Everything You Need to Know


Last Updated on February 7, 2023

Have you ever heard of spiritual energy?

Are you interested in tapping into your spiritual energy? Are you 100% sure it’s a good idea, though?

In this article, that’s what you’ll find out. Here, we’ll talk about spiritual energy — everything you need to know about it. 

We’ll discuss how spiritual power works, what are spiritual energy levels, and more. We also have a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section where we’ll address common concerns about spiritual energy.

What is spiritual energy?

What is spiritual energy?Pin

Spiritual energy describes a widespread belief in a non-physical or invisible force within a person. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the concept of spirituality has evolved. Back then, it was almost exclusively linked to Christianity and religion.

Spiritual energy is both an internal and external force that can be harnessed for positive change. While some believe this energy comes from a higher power or deity, others believe it originates from within ourselves.

Now, it’s about various practices leading to a fulfilling spiritual experience.

Here are more facts about spiritual energy:

  • It describes the energy that can help a person reach their full potential – It refers to a person’s lifestyle, habits, beliefs, and values. It’s a science that describes their process of living and how they like spending time.
  • It addresses the basis of most energy therapies and alternative medicine treatments – Human beings and everything else in the universe consist of energy. If something is wrong with their physical and mental health, spirituality experts say their illness has to do with unbalanced energy levels.
  • It’s also referred to as secular spirituality – Spirituality is a broad term. People use secular spirituality to make better sense when applying it in a non-religious context.

Spiritual power: How it works

Illustration of an open flicking bible pages and cross

An accepted statement is spirituality is linked to religion. Religions are a structured, institutionalizing method of spirituality. But there is no religious requirement for being Christian or anywhere in the Christian bible, for that matter.

Some believe spiritual energies measure a person’s connection with God. If they’re searching for spiritual healing of the soul, they must work on their connection with God first.

On the other hand, non-religious folks source spiritual energies directly from an inner world truth or force. They believe that environmental factors and external circumstances have a substantial positive impact on their spiritual energies.

Additionally, spiritual energy works because of remarkable spiritual powers.

Five spiritual powers

These are:

  • Wisdom – Recognizing the omnipresence of impermanence is one component of knowledge. Wisdom understands that in this world, nothing can last. It understands that everything that appears is fleeting.
  • Mindfulness – Mindful­ness entails remembering to pay attention and be knowledgeable of what is happening within ourselves and around us from moment to moment. It’s a delicate procedure.
  • Effort – Nothing is bound to happen without any effort. And while it’s safe that way, life is meaningless without it.
  • Faith – Faith provides us the strength to persevere in the face of adversity. It’s crucial to stress that faith is not the same as hope.
  • Concentration – The mind is scattered, and its energy is squandered on irrational thoughts, illusions, longing, and anxieties. You have something rare if you hold the power to organize all your energy.
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The meaning of spiritual power (according to Jewish origins)

On the other hand, Mysticism appears to be at odds with classical Judaism. It is in terms of seeking contact with a divine being.

Normative Judaism is based on the belief in a single God who created the world and decided to show himself to a small group of people through the Jewish Torah, a code of conduct he imposed on them.

According to traditional Judaic beliefs, there’s great bearing to this rule of life. Particularly, the chosen nation’s earthly destiny and the individual’s eternal salvation depend on this rule of life.

However, the quest for God in Judaism’s religious history doesn’t end there. Instead, it moves beyond the relationship Torah mediated without even dispensing with it.

Also, the quest follows without claiming to reach the depths of the divine mystery. And without culminating in an ontological identification with a superior being.

It’s also worth noting that searching for God entails looking for viable solutions to concerns that aren’t strictly religious and exist even when there’s no interest in the human-supernatural relationship.

Humans wrestle with issues such as their origins, destiny, happiness, and pain. And all of these issues have minimal bearing on life.

Ten ways to control how spiritual energy flows

Young yogi woman is meditating on the beach in lotus position with chakras glowing around herPin

Many mental health patients find the use of spiritual energies beneficial to improve mental health. 

It could involve doing spiritual practice or visiting a spiritual healer who has a spiritual perspective and/or a belief that the minerals in the stone will help.

And despite a lot of questioning about spiritual power, some children have found it easier to believe that a certain power can help ease a person’s suffering.

Here are ten ways to achieve spiritual healing:

  1. Cleanse your aura

Do something for your health and chill.  This is especially helpful if you’re a workaholic who’s always busy and feeling tired. Stress harnesses negative energy, so you need to let it out.

  1. Protect your energy

Recognize toxic people and environments in your life. And find measures to be distant from them.

  1. Visualize and create a universal connection

Find relative objects that can be easily affected by an energetic force, and think of their connection with the universe. An example is a century-old tree that was recently cut. As you contemplate, picture yourself tapping into its energy.

  1. Do some meditation

Meditation can help reduce stress and promote a sense of calm and peace, increasing low energy and spiritual healing.

  1. Visualization

Visualizing desired outcomes can help in directing energy to manifest those outcomes by visualizing your desired result with clarity and strength.

  1. Energy healing

Energy healing practices like Reiki, acupuncture, and acupressure can help balance and restore the flow of energy in the body as some ways how to increase spiritual energy.

  1. Spend time with nature

Spending time in nature can help in restoring balance and promote inner peace.

  1. Mindfulness practices

Mindfulness practices like deep breathing and body scans can help in reducing stress. These methods of spiritual healing help to lower negative energy and promote inner peace.

  1. Spiritual practices

Engaging in spiritual practices like prayer, chanting, or visualization can help in promoting spiritual healing.

  1. Support groups

Joining a support group or community can help connect with others and find comfort and healing through shared experiences. It also gives you more motivation to focus on increasing your energy flow.

Spiritual energy levels


When spiritual energy level is low, one has a weak life force of living or working in any way.

In some cases, it becomes harder to handle negative energy. Spirituals may turn to higher powers when a problem occurs.

People with low spiritual energy often have no faith in anything, have low-quality experiences, and live lives without meaning. As a result, they’re prone to developing addictions.

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They might even find addiction recovery hard to handle. No matter how much help is offered, they’ll still be prone to failure: for example, an alcohol addict or any person who is easily tempted to drink too much liquor.

From a superficial sense, you may diagnose their problem as a typical addiction to a substance.

As for their trouble with addiction, you may assume they have no desire to get better. But if you dig deeper into their spiritual health and personal lives, you can discover the reason they lack motivation and faith in themselves.

People without the right spiritual energy often feel an emotional energy loss or a lack of positive emotions. They think they aren’t spiritually gifted with the ability to control themselves. If they can control their emotions, they can easily improve their energy levels no matter what challenges come.

The connection between energy, nature, and spirituality

The connection between energy, nature, and spiritualityPin

People have often used the words ‘energy’ and ‘power’ to describe their religious experiences or encounters with spiritual forces throughout the history of various societies. Some ancient and modern civilizations associate god’s existence with natural energy, such as the wind, sun, and lightning, and the blue moon meaning spirituality.

To cite something specific, take natural forces. Many people consider them as expressions of a godly event in other civilizations. These people don’t consider them as god’s being. 

For example, god is the creator of natural forces in cultures in Christian communities. And this is why he’s known to have a superior, supernatural, or otherworldly relationship with nature.

Other faiths regard natural energies as instruments, the spiritual forces that connect with human and nonhuman beings.

People also have personal experiences with the connection involving natural energies and spirituality. Some people experience a spiritual force that watches over them through their passions, motives, conscience, or even dreams. 

Spiritually energized human beings


A spiritually energized person tends to be more in sync with their physical body and humanity — their identity, human spirit, and roles in this universe. They’re in great shape when it comes to personal matters or in their professional life.

Simultaneously, the science of spirituality has progressed significantly over the previous few decades, with only sporadic attention paid to specific character characteristics like forgiveness, kindness, humility, and love.

Of the many things, create a commitment to nature. This lets you energize or reenergize your spirituality. But you need to commit to it.

Let’s face it — almost every one of us has a busy life. Even if you spend time in nature, the chatter in your head might take over. If you don’t set a clear intention to connect, you give away your power to build the relationship.

Spiritual energy vs. physical energy

Spiritual energy vs. physical energyPin

The difference between spiritual and physical energies boils down to these definitions:

  • Spiritual – It makes up a person. It’s about their character as human beings.
  • Physical – It’s the energy a person uses to do something. 

For most people, it’s easy to distinguish spiritual energies from physical energies. The small problem is they often think of both forms of energy as the same.

Another way to look at this matter is to focus on what causes each energy to grow. Based on this, you can easily differentiate one energy from the other.

How spiritual energies grow

How spiritual energies growPin

Spiritual energy grows through spiritual practices. These can be in the form of good habits, positive values, and more.

For example, if a person often spends long periods in nature to nourish their understanding of the outside world, they’re growing their spiritual energy.

Here are ways to grow these energy types:

  • Learn and explore different areas of knowledge – Another aspect of spiritual well-being is intellectual health. So strive to improve and hone your thinking in some way on a regular basis.
  • Surround yourself with like-minded people – As a means of acknowledging their love for their religion, religious people assemble in places of worship. When you come together in this way as a group, you all connect with positive energy and more good things in your lives.
  • Forgive and forget – Holding a long-term grudge is one of the most dangerous things you can do to your spiritual well-being. Let these old wounds go if you want to improve your spiritual energy.
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How physical energies grow

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Physical energies grow through tangible acts. These acts could be eating delicious food and drinking beverages.

For example, if a person regularly goes to the gym and engages in physical exercises to beef up their body, they’re growing their physical energies.

One of the simplest and most effective ways of growing this form of energy is to have your body get enough rest—that and exercise. Almost every physical activity that raises your heart rate and blood flow and releases endorphins can help you uplift your low energy.

Frequently asked questions


Here are common questions and answers that many people ask about spiritual energy.

How can I have good spiritual energy?

You can have good spiritual energy by living a meaningful life. Examining patterns in your life will help you realize that you have power over your future. Knowing this can help you live a happier and healthier life.

What are my spiritual powers?

Every person has many unique spiritual powers. To know what powers you possess, be mindful of your inherent abilities. Observe things you can only do best.

What does it mean to feel spiritual?

To feel spiritual means to feel things beyond your average understanding. For example, you feel connected to your environment. If you try to explain that to somebody, you might need help to get them to understand you.

What are spiritual forces?

Spiritual forces are forces beyond your control. But while beyond your control, you can tap into them so you can, in turn, tap into your spiritual energies.

Are spiritual energies the same as life energy?

No, they’re not — although they’re closely related, and many people use the terms interchangeably. Spiritual energies sustain your spirit. Meanwhile, life energies sustain your life.

Final thoughts

spiritual energyPin

Reading everything you need to know about spiritual energy can help you make the most out of your spiritual energy.

Some people tap into their spiritual energy to help them reach their full potential in life. Others do it to gain a new perspective.

Understanding the importance and tapping into your spiritual energy can open up awareness, new possibilities for self-improvement, and greater fulfillment in life. By learning more about the different energy types and how they work, you will be able to harness their power to lead a happier and healthier life.

Also, being connected spiritually allows you to recognize any imbalances in your lives so you can take actionable steps toward restoring them.

So, if you want true inner peace & harmony, then make sure you start exploring & tapping into your spiritual energies today.

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