African Hair Spirituality: Everything You Need to Know


Last Updated on October 3, 2021

Wonder why many people in Africa invest a lot of effort into nurturing their natural hair?

Well, according to them, the main purpose of hair is to be a beacon of spirituality. It sends and receives signals of divine emanation. And it makes them more functional in their everyday lives.

In this article, we’ll discuss African hair and its spiritual importance. We’ll talk about what natural African hair looks like, what makes African hair different from other types of hair, the importance of hair in African culture, and more.

What does the natural hair of Africans look like and how is it viewed spiritually?

African or Afro-textured hair, as seen on African men and women, is known for kinks and tight curls. Each hair strand is said to grow in a helix shape with angel-like features.

Here’s why natural African hair matters spiritually:

  • Flattened – Despite its kinkiness and curliness when it grows, African hair is actually flat. It only looks kinky and curly because it adheres to a spiral hair structure.
  • Positive symbolism – African hair’s adherence to a structure is one of the main reasons its value is incomparable in a spiritual sense. According to spiritual experts, it’s a symbol of strength, strong will, and authenticity. 
  • Order – It also deserves praise for its organization. A person with natural African is often known for their ability to stay organized.

What is silicon and what does it do for African hair?

Natural African black hair contains an important mineral, silicon. Silicon is believed to contribute to a person’s “antenna ability” or their ability to be in touch with their spiritual side.

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Think of the antenna ability as if it’s a superpower. With it, a person can become more aware spiritually and live an extraordinary life. Without it, they’ll have no means of connecting to their spiritual side and no choice but to settle for an ordinary existence.

If a person with African hair makes heavy changes to their natural hair, this person is causing avoidable damage to their antenna ability. This person’s connection to their spiritual side is also broken. And it’s possible that they can’t tap into their ability again.

What makes African hair different from other types of hair?

A common distinguishable feature of African hair is that it’s thick. That’s not all there is to it, though.

Here are more discussions about what African hair looks like:

  • The slow rate – African hair’s slow growth rate (0.9 cm per month) may be disappointing to Africans who want to grow their hair fast. But this rate isn’t surprising because it’s apparent African curls upon itself during its growth.
  • Unique – It stands out from the hair of people of other ethnicities. It is different from Asian hair, for example. Compared to Asian hair, it is more dense.
  • Parallel implantation – The hair implantation of African hair is also parallel to their scalp whereas the hair from people of ethnicities is oblique or perpendicular to a person’s scalp.

What is the importance of short and long hair in African culture?

For thousands of years, hair was considered sacred in Africa. There, Africans see it as a spiritual element that allows a connection to spiritual forces and an otherworldly realm. This is why the people in Africa treat their hair as their prized possession.

Here are more discussions about the importance of hair in African culture:

  • Neat and clean – Like the photograph above shows, African kids kept their hair neat and clean before allowing it to grow. They valued their hair because they were raised to believe their hair is a source of power.
  • The secret to stronger spiritual connections – The thicker and healthier a person’s hair is, the more connected they are to their spiritual side. And the more connected they are to their spiritual side, the more power they are thought to have.
  • Extension of the nervous system – A person’s nervous system is like their main switch. And because Africans believe that natural hair is an extension of this system, it’s the element that can help them have a sense of control in their lives.
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Is long, black hair better for spiritual awareness?

People in Africa are divisive on the issue of long, black hair. While some believe it is better than short hair, others would argue that a short length is better because it makes a person feel free. 

Here are arguments that point out why long hair is better:

  • Long hair contains more coils – Coils have the ability to synchronize with a person’s deeper spiritual self. The more coils there are, the more balanced a person feels.
  • Long hair harnesses more energy – With long hair comes lots of energy. This means, more energy can enter the thousands of nerve paths that lead to the brain.
  • Long hair contains more melanin –  Melanin absorbs all forms of energy. Therefore, long hair is known to have a wider field for attracting energy.

Meanwhile, here are arguments that point out why short hair is better:

  • Short hair leads to more freedom – As noted earlier, short hair is linked to a person’s sense of freedom. It empowers them to feel free to do more things.
  • Short hair sharpens focus – Because short hair takes less time to care, it encourages people to focus on other aspects of their lives.
  • Short hair symbolizes a less fragile life – If a person’s hair is short, people in Africa view this as a sign that the person has their life together.

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Final thoughts

While African hair length can be an issue, there are Africans who also believe the length of African hair doesn’t matter. Whether it’s short or long hair, it’s not important. What matters is the quality of hair, and that hair is kept sacred.

Plus, the fact remains that Africans think highly of their hair. Many of them would panic the instant someone touches their hair.

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In other cultures, this act is considered dramatic. But in Africa, it’s an acceptable practice — to Africans, it’s a way of keeping their connection to their spiritual side holy.

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