12 Best Crystals for Energy


Last Updated on April 15, 2022

A crystal is a miniature version of a human body. This marvelous and versatile gem brings together tiny particles of minerals and compounds that come with a variety of use cases⁠. From powering up satellites to alleviating health problems, crystals benefit the world in more ways than one.

Derived from a natural energy field, crystals and forms of alternative medicine can help improve your mind, body, and soul. They also facilitate good energy flow throughout our body while blocking and releasing bad energy from causing illnesses.

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List of Different Types of Crystals For Energy

Rose Quartz

The Rose Quartz, aka the love mineral, is a true gem in every sense of the word. It’s most commonly associated with encouraging self-love and trust in one’s self. But besides its self-loving properties, the Rose Quartz’s pink luster hosts a wider array of benefits as well. This stone helps strengthen trust among groups and also restores harmony with one’s social connections. The Rose Quartz can also help provide comfort and calmness when the patient is undergoing grief.

Clear Quartz

The Clear Quartz is a well-rounded crystal that excels in its versatility. Most prominently, the Clear Quartz is associated with amplifying energy by absorbing, storing, releasing, and regulating it. The clear quartz is known to enhance one’s psychic abilities too. The Clear Quartz crystal treats headaches, improves concentration, unlocks memories, and aids in many more health-related ills or problems.


To describe it in three words, the Ruby is energizing, strengthening, and vitalizing. It can bring great clarity of mind and a renewed sense of purpose. It also brings vitality and energy to a stagnant situation, improving situations like one’s sex life, intellect, and sensuality. The deep red color denotes passion and emotion, facets that a Ruby can help regulate.

As for the body, this crystal helps improve the flow of the circulatory system and removes toxins in the blood


Obsidian is a very powerful protective stone. It forms a shield against negativity, transmuting the energy into love and protecting the wearer from physical or emotional damage. It strengthens self-confidence and willpower and enhances one’s ability to achieve their goal. The Obsidian also supplies a patient with the courage to change bad habits that have led to failure in the past. For many, it’s arguably one of the best crystals for energy.


If you’re ready to look inside your inner core and find true strength and perseverance, grab the Jasper mineral. It’s a bold stone, imparting a sense of solidity and determination. With this red stone, you gain more perspective, find direction, and find the strength to follow through with confidence. It will remind you to stand strong in painful situations, creating strength from within, rather than a low-effort empty push.


Many see Turquoise healing crystals as a symbol of strength, good luck, and bravery. It’s a lucky talisman that also aids in meditation and yogic practices by easing the mind, body, and soul. The stone’s shades range from light blue to green and vary in color. This is due to the iron content in the water where it was originally mined. It eases symptoms of the skeletal, respiratory, and immune systems too.


Brilliant, vibrant, and full of optimism, citrine is said to help lift your spirits and bring clarity to your life. This crystal encourages assurance in every part of your life like money, career, creativity, and relationships. This crystal helps you release negative energy from your life like fear and deceptiveness. In turn, it helps develop optimism, warmth, motivation, and trust. Each one-of-a-kind piece may have slight variations in color or pattern, making each crystal truly unique.

Tiger’s Eye

Are you uncertain about matters of the heart and the shakiness of your career? Then the Tiger’s Eye might be the mineral for you.

The Tiger’s Eye is a golden-brown stone with specks of black. This lucky stone is said to help eliminate negative thoughts, improve your self-confidence, banish stubbornness, and aid in overcoming procrastination. It works with the third eye (the pituitary gland, which is associated with intuition). It also helps you connect to your destiny, making it one of the best crystals for energy.


The amethyst crystal is a brilliant mineral that comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors. This crystal is essentially a purple quartz crystal, embodying the true energy of ametrine stones. This crystal is said to be incredibly protective, healing, and purifying. It also helps rid the mind of negative thoughts and bring forth humility, sincerity, and spiritual wisdom.


Bloodstone is a powerful healing stone that lives up to its commanding name. This opaque, deep green stone, features red flecks coming off of the surface. This crystal helps cleanse the blood by drawing negative energy from the body while improving overall health. Mindfully speaking, this crystal encourages selflessness, creativity, and idealism while helping you live in the current moment.


The sapphire emits the energy equivalent to wisdom and royalty. It’s a beautiful, brilliantly blue gem that can help broaden the mind to new experiences. It also attracts prosperity, happiness, and peace—all working in harmony to make you feel calmer and satisfied in your skin. This stone also has properties that can fight against common mental health disorders such as anxiety, insomnia, and depression.


Moonstone, a stone of new beginnings, encourages inner growth and strength so you can smoothly move forward with grace. It’s a calming stone that also soothes those uneasy feelings of stress and instability. When starting fresh is hard, moonstone brings forth more optimism, intuition, and inspiration to ease it. This stone also acts as a magnet for success, good fortune, prosperity, and abundance in one’s life.

What Are Crystals?

Crystals have been around and under the Earth for thousands of years. Some of these ancient stones found their way to Earth during her earliest years. Within this stone’s inner core stands a timeless database of information bound with ancient wisdom and energy.

There are many types of crystals out there, each with respective energies that oscillate and emit different frequencies. This is why modern technology like TV, cell phones, and satellites rely on crystal powers to run.

Just like technology, humans too gain numerous benefits from a crystal’s mysterious yet potent powers. Since ancient times, crystals have played a role in burial rites, divination practices, spiritual treatment, and healing ceremonies across various cultures.

How Do Crystals Help With Energy?

Practitioners claim that crystals have the power to enable positive energy flow throughout the body. With the right crystal, one can boost low energy, release blocked energy, prevent bad energy, and transform the body’s aura.

They are often used in meditation, yoga, chakra alignments, and mindfulness practices.

Ancient Egyptians mined crystals and gemstones and used them to aid with healing and protection. Ancient Greeks used certain crystals like amethysts to aid hangovers and lessen the effects of intoxication. Indian culture uses crystal healing on an individual as a holistic way of healing.

Ever since ancient times, crystals are said to come with healing powers. As the New Age spiritual movement made its way, many claim that a crystal’s physical properties determine what it can heal.

Crystals come in different colors, shapes, and markings. Paradoxically, however, practitioners also believe that the stone’s intrinsic qualities are determined by both the practitioner and patient’s distinct characteristics. Now, crystals often are considered a substitute for people who’re dissatisfied with clinical treatments.

How To Select The Right Crystal For You

Firstly, identify the source of your innermost turmoil. This can be your deepest troubles or an external factor affecting you. Get to the root of your qualms before looking into what a crystal can do to help you.

Once you’ve identified the feeling that emerges, leave the decision process up to your intuition. Browsing through healing crystals can come with the feeling of an unexplainable attraction. From there, trust your inner subconscious to help guide you.

Once you’ve set your eyes on the right crystal, you can start creating the connection your body desires. This desire is often dynamic and can switch depending on your mood or new experiences.

If you’re looking to find the best crystal for you to put in your bracelet or elsewhere, browse the list above to see which one fits your needs.

Still Skeptical About Crystals?

While scientific evidence of a crystal’s powers falls short, no one can deny the recovery stories and anecdotes worldwide.

Numerous research reports also showcase the mind’s strong healing power. A study conducted by Ph.D. Marilyn Schlitz shows that minds hold more healing power than originally thought, for instance. To many practitioners, they claim that crystals and other forms of alternative healing go beyond the placebo effect.

Many people turn to crystals as a way to improve their well-being holistically without paying a hefty price. All it takes is an open mind and soul to allow the crystal’s life-giving energy to flow through you.

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