What Happens When You Open Your Chakras?


Last Updated on December 20, 2022

Chakras are sources of energy and can heal for some, but external negative energies also influence these energy centers. This is possible when the chakras in our body fall out of balance or have blockages. They can’t function and serve their purpose both in the physical and spiritual aspects.

What happens with unopened or blocked chakras? The life force energy could not flow within you and it will have adverse effects in all facets of your life. Apart from the energies surrounding you, your actions, habits, and behaviors can affect your vitality.

Blocked and unbalanced chakras will cause a lack of energy, motivation, and intuition. You will feel anxious, stressed, and depressed all the time. It seems difficult to reach the optimal level of yourself and you have a negative outlook in life.

It’s important to balance and open the chakras to keep the vital energy flowing in your body. Your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health will also benefit if your chakras maintain a sense of equilibrium.

What happens when you open your chakras? Provided below are some ways to balance your chakras and the positive effects of opening each of the primary energy points.

The root chakra gives you a sense of stability

The root chakra is the first primary energy point also named as the earth chakra. It rules the elements and characteristics associated with earth including roughness, sturdiness, and density. These qualities signify strength, stability, and security, governed by the root chakra.

The adverse signs of an unbalanced root chakra leaves you feeling unsafe. It causes a chaotic home life and a low sense of flexibility. You will also feel pain in your legs and have a low sense of physical stability.

Opening your root chakra makes you feel secure. Facing your fears and problems despite some roadblocks will seem to be easy. You will find yourself calm amidst stressful situations and you seem to handle your problems better.

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How can I balance and open the root chakra?

  • Find time to connect with earth by going to the park or taking nature trips.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle by doing some physical activities, focusing on your legs
  • Observe a healthy diet with intake of food from the earth like fruits and vegetables.

The sacral chakra boosts your creativity

sacral chakra boosts your creativity

We know the second energy center in the body as the water chakra. Like the water’s flowing nature, the sacral chakra helps creativity and imagination flow.

When your sacral chakra is open, you will feel the creative surge that helps you come up with innovative ideas and solutions. You’ll be able to resolve previous issues and old problems that you kept on neglecting over the years. Expressing your feelings without being too emotional will also seem to be easier than before.

How can you balance and open the sacral chakra?

  • Connect with the water element by drinking a lot of water and doing activities like taking a spiritual bath or going for a swim.
  • Tap your artistic side and engage in creative activities.
  • Do some physical movements and stretch your hips as part of your workout routine.

The solar plexus chakra gives you individual power

Also known as the fire chakra, the solar chakra governs the elements of fire and its quality of being always in motion. This energy point gives you power, light, warmth, and mobility.

When your solar plexus chakra is open, you rid yourself of procrastination. You’ll get to find the energy to work on and finish the things you can do now. You’ll have a strong sense of your power and trust your intuition.

How can you balance and open the solar plexus chakra?

  • Connect with the fire element by practicing meditation using a candle flame
  • Step out and absorb sunlight
  • Engage in physical activities that strengthen your core

The heart chakra lets you love unconditionally

People associate air as the fourth major chakra, the heart chakra. Also linked to love and compassion, this chakra is where we base our decisions. Like air, love is all around us, integrating compassion in everything we encounter.

When your heart chakra is open, you learn to love yourself and so there’s more love to give to others. You become more empathetic and you understand other people at a personal or professional level.

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How can you balance and open the heart chakra?

  • Connect with the element of air by practicing deep breathing and going outside to get some fresh air
  • Forgive yourself from past transgressions
  • Stretching your chest area, arms and shoulders is a good physical activity that opens this chakra

The throat chakra lets you express yourself

throat chakra lets you express yourself

The fifth primary energy point is the throat chakra, also known as ether chakra. Ether is also “the clear sky” or “the upper regions of air beyond the clouds.”

When your throat chakra is open, you can express yourself and the truth. It helps you communicate clearly and effectively. It also brings back the sense of controlling your own life and lets you make difficult decisions.

How can you balance and open your throat chakra?

  • Mantra chanting and listening to beautiful music
  • Drinking more water to help cleanse your throat and let the energy flow
  • Speak your heart out with friends and family

The third-eye chakra improves your intuition

The sixth primary energy point is the third-eye chakra, also named as mind chakra, which people associate with wisdom and intuition. Like the human mind, this chakra lets you experience extra-sensory perceptiveness and has telepathic abilities.

When this chakra is open, you will be able to make a sound decision even if you lack information. This is because you can pick up information beyond your normal sensory range.

How can you balance and open your third eye chakra?

  • Listen to your inner self and trust your intuition
  • Close your eyes while practicing yoga
  • Consume food and beverages with purple and blue hues

The crown chakra lets you experience spiritual consciousness

At the top of the chakra ladder is the crown chakra, the one located on top of your head. It pertains to your consciousness with qualities of being infinite, immortal, and blissful.

When you open your crown chakra, you experience universal consciousness and reach true enlightenment. You will start to understand that there is more to life than physical objects and experiences.

How can you balance and open your crown chakra?

  • Practice meditation and yoga
  • Be grateful for what you have and maintain a gratitude journal
  • Engage in activities that keep you inspired
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There are various ways to open your chakras such as using tools like the chakra bracelet. Some are from traditional schools of thought related to spirituality, while others are modern practices adapted from ancient practices and religions. Make sure to seek professional help when you are not confident in doing it yourself.

Be mindful that some people get into trouble for trying to open their chakras because of a lack of preparation. Others had issues because they have opened their chakras soon. Perfect timing and the right method are essential in opening your chakras, so you can tune out negativity.

Take into consideration that opening your chakras requires a radical change in your consciousness. It is not a simple matter and no one can do it overnight. From a yogic standpoint, opening chakras is more for self-awareness rather than gaining occult powers or healing.

When one opens all the major chakras, the life force energy in our body evens out. All the energy centers will have a state of harmony and equilibrium. This leads to a balanced and healthy physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspect of one’s life.

Opening chakras will help you live a happy, peaceful, and fulfilling life. You will be able to resolve problems and let go of your emotional and mental baggage. The chakras let you access your higher self and let the positive vibrations and energies.

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