Volcano Spiritual Energy: Everything You Need to Know


Last Updated on October 24, 2022

It’s not every day that we think about spiritual energy, but those who work with it believe that there is spiritual energy all around the world from works of nature- including volcanoes.

Volcanoes are incredible spiritual energy spots. Not only do they bring life to the earth and land, but they also light up the sky with bright colors and thick smoke.

More so, many believe that certain spiritual forces can affect their lives and influence their thoughts, emotions, and feelings which is why it is a source of many symbolic ideas.

To know more about this, keep reading below to find out how these fire-spewing mountains can help you feel more connected with the universe.

Human Beings and Nature

Human beings are naturally born curious, therefore, as early as the ancient civilizations, humans associated nature and powerful energy to describe their experience with a spiritual force.

Some cultures, either new or old (like the ancient Egyptians), even identified their gods as being the natural energy from the sun, wind, lightning, or volcanic eruptions.

The relationship between spirituality and the world truly is magnificent and has been part of the life of many people. There are also some who sense and recognize their spirituality through their own motivation, passion, and dreams which guide their decisions in life.

Natural Energy From Volcano

Volcanoes hold special power and symbolic meaning because it is believed to encompass many things from the environment. Here is how the volcano energy may guide you towards spiritual growth.


As an earth symbol, volcanoes remind us to:

  • Keep oneself grounded
  • Remain rooted and true to your beliefs
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This basically tells us that however intense or challenging a problem might be, we should always be grounded and stable, and not rapidly react to minor external disturbances.


Air plays a part in the life cycle of a volcano. Its symbolic role may lead us to question things like:

  • Am I sending out the correct smoke signals? Am I communicating myself effectively?
  • How do my thoughts affect external events?
  • Do my thoughts harden my experience? Does it strengthen my spirit?

Ruminating may hinder your spiritual journey. As soon as you visualize air as a metaphor for thought and communication, then you can control it more and find more balance within.


During a volcanic activity, water symbolizes the flowing motion of lava and may make you question things like:

  • Am I going with the flow?
  • How would I move through debris and resistances towards transcendence?

Water is a form of a symbolic idea for emotions. The calming flow of water resonates well when connecting to your deeper self during meditation.


The symbolic meaning of fire in volcanoes can be signs of passion, power, creativity, and action. When a fire explodes, it could lead to a deep transformation of oneself that may pose questions like:

  • How can my passion bring me towards better spiritual growth?
  • How can I spice up the other areas in my life?

Volcanic magma has a discreet procedure when it remains concealed underneath the ground. Whenever some great pressure builds up within itself, it explodes and produces shocking consequences.

Healing Powerful Energy Places

The planet is filled with an energy vortex where many are found in volcanoes due to its symbolic meaning. Explore these wonders and find the harmony that your body and spirit need.

Bali, Indonesia

There is no other healing place in the world quite like the island of Bali.

Many believe that Bali is the purification center of the planet since it consists of six purification centers where one among them is the sacred volcanic mountain of Mount Batur. This active volcano purifies energies with its fire which could bring a unique feeling to your spirit.

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Other healing places in Bali are the Uluwatu Temple,

Maui, Hawaii

The entire region of Maui is extremely high in energy. Sometimes called “Mother Maui”, this paradise is home to the Haleakala volcano which is known to possess unique energy.

What’s more wonderful about this place is that standing at the peak of the Haleakala volcano will give you a breathtaking view!

Mount Shasta, California

People searching for spiritual growth and adventure typically seek out this pretty location due to its highly effective and pure energy that is said to reinvigorate their crown chakra for a higher connection with themselves.

There are also stories from Native Americans that Mount Shasta is the center of the universe; which is why it has been made a frequent ceremonial place. Others even say that this volcano is the dimensional gate of the Lemurian civilization.

Incredible Energy of Volcanoes

Anyone who has ever been near a volcano can attest to the special feeling you get when experiencing this natural wonder. It is an awe-inspiring experience that can inspire both fear and reverence in those who see it while also leaving a lasting impression on those who experience it for the first time.

Should your spiritual beliefs connect to the energies found in nature, you may want to consider paying extra attention to this wonder.

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