What Do The 7 Chakras Mean: Everything You Need To Know

Our body’s key energy points known as chakras govern all aspects of our lives. Chakra refers to the Sanskrit term “cakra,” which depicts a wheel with a revolving energy. We associate each chakra with parts of the body or organs and classify each based on the element it rules. Some people believe that there are … Read more

What Happens When You Open Your Chakras?

What happens when you open your chakras

Chakras are sources of energy and can heal for some, but external negative energies also influence these energy centers. This is possible when the chakras in our body fall out of balance or have blockages. They can’t function and serve their purpose both in the physical and spiritual aspects. What happens with unopened or blocked … Read more

Spiritual Chakras: A Beginner’s Guide To This Energy Point

spiritual chakras

Life energy forces in our bodies play a significant role in our overall well-being. The body has spiritual energy centers, called chakras, that influence one’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states. They are the focal points of energy reception and transmission. The studies about these energy points originated in the ancient Sanskrit literary records known … Read more

Spiritual Cleansing Of Negative Energy: A Quick Guide

Spiritual Cleansing Of Negative Energy

Undesirable energies surrounding us may cause the problems and unfortunate events manifesting in our lives. This is inevitable as we expose ourselves to negative vibrations emanated by people or objects in our daily encounters. How will you know if it’s time for spiritual cleansing of negative energy? It isn’t just for moving to a new … Read more

What Are Signs Of Negative Energy And How To Weed Them Out

What are signs of negative energy

In our daily lives, we attract different energy and vibrations by doing our normal routine. We engross the energies emitted by the things, people, and events that we encounter. And when we deal with undesirable situations, the negative energy immediately confers itself to us. Negative energy adversely affects many aspects of our lives. No matter … Read more

Does Hair Hold Negative Energy? The Truth Revealed!

Does your hair hold negative energy - hero image

Hair acts as one of the defining characteristics of humans. However, according to some beliefs, hair contains significant spiritual meanings, and one of those meanings is negative energy. In this context, the question arises: Does hair hold negative energy? We’ll explore this topic in-depth and uncover the truth behind this belief. Why does hair have … Read more