Spiritual Cleansing Of Negative Energy: A Quick Guide


Last Updated on July 8, 2021

Undesirable energies surrounding us may cause the problems and unfortunate events manifesting in our lives. This is inevitable as we expose ourselves to negative vibrations emanated by people or objects in our daily encounters.

How will you know if it’s time for spiritual cleansing of negative energy? It isn’t just for moving to a new house but also done after major distress like breakups, loss of job, or grief. Events like these release damaging energies that have a great impact on your psychological, physical, and overall well-being.

You may know the common signs of negative energies such as clutter, emotional baggage, and constant complaining. If you notice that you feel stressed and depressed all the time, then you need to cleanse yourself, your office, or home.

Below is a quick guide on spiritual cleansing to rid yourself of negative energies by way of:

  • Taking better care of yourself
  • Tidying up your space
  • Connecting with nature
  • And more!

Take care of yourself

Take care of yourself

Negativity feeds on people who don’t open themselves up to positivity and aren’t taking time to take care of themselves. Getting enough sleep would help a person’s body recover from the adverse physical effects caused by negative energies. It puts you in a better mood and helps lower the risk of serious health problems.

Move your body by doing some exercise that fits your routine and schedule. Be it a brisk walk or a quick run in the morning, producing sweat helps improve blood circulation. Sweating releases happy chemicals in our brain, making us feel good after a workout.

A spiritual bath can also help bring in positive changes in your life. More than just soaking in warm water, it helps cleanse your mind and body from all the negative energies. It serves as a sacred ritual that purifies your chakras and revitalizes your aura.

Declutter your space

Spiritual Cleansing - declutter your space

Clutter blocks the flow of energy within your office or home. When you stay or work in a cluttered space, it will be very difficult to set your focus. It’s vital to declutter and banish all those negative energies and improve your home’s Feng Shui.

Decluttering gives you enough space to apply some Feng Shui enhancements. Ridding away of excessive clutter provides enough space for indoor plants, aquariums, and other items that bring a positive vibe.

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Clear out mental and emotional clutter by cleaning your space and removing items that serve no purpose. When you keep broken things and old items that no longer have value means you’re clinging to the past. These only exude trapped and stagnant energies that could bring bad vibes.

Make sure you open up all the windows in your room and let the air and light in. You may also use some essential oil spray or diffuser with orange scents to lift your mood.

Burn herbs for cleansing

Burn herbs for cleansing

The tradition of burning herbs is an ancient spiritual rite which has rooted in the Native American tribes. People have been doing this smoke clearing tradition using herbs, with white sage as the most widely used. Among other herbs used for this ritual are bay leaf, lavender, and lemongrass as they may possess healing properties.

Sage smudging starts by meditating and setting the right intention for the home and family. Lightly smolder the herb in flames and start smudging the front door. Move around the house clockwise, ending up where you started.

Let the smoke to linger in your home’s dark areas and surfaces. When you’re back at the front door, carefully extinguish the flame. It is great to finish the ritual by visualizing your intentions and that brightness fills your home.

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Use crystals and salt

spiritual cleansing - Use crystals and salt

Crystals are natural gifts from the earth and help clear negative energies. Each crystal has its unique healing property and can give spiritual benefits when strategically placed around your house.

Selenite placed in the windowsills, for example, helps raise the surrounding energy.To replace negative emotions with positive ones, try to place Rose Quartz in your home. Amethyst crystals absorb negative energy as they have calming properties.

Another spiritual tool that you can use for cleansing is salt. Used for preserving food and with its white color, we associate salt with cleanliness, protection, and purity. It helps give a sense of safety at home.

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Available selenites for sale:

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Connect with nature

Connect with nature

Plants are a natural filter of energy. They help rid your space with surrounding adverse energies. Lift the mood and ambiance in your home or workplace by placing a plant inside.

Ancient traditions have been using plants to heal the body, mind, and spirit of a person. Eucalyptus and lavender work well as part of the spiritual cleansing of negative energy and dispel depression. There is a prevailing belief that you can improve your relationships and boost love and happiness with basil and rosemary.

Apart from having plants at home, it helps if you spend some time connecting with nature. The lakes, oceans, and trees are a potent source of power that neutralizes negativity. Step out and absorb the sunlight and breathe in some fresh air to calm your mind, body, and soul.


Spiritual cleansing is a form of healing that helps you resolve the problems brought about by negative energies. The adverse effect of negativity may take its form physically, mentally, and emotionally. Spiritual cleansing helps determine and cure the root causes that are intangible and invisible to the eye.

The tips mentioned above serve as a guide if you want to do the spiritual cleansing of negative energy yourself. But keep in mind that the way you think, feel, and act also affects the energy that surrounds you. When you cleanse your mind, body, and soul, you open yourself up to fresh energies and positivity.

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