How to Use Reiki Symbols

How to Use Reiki Symbols

Reiki is most often called energy healing, considered as a Japanese form of alternative medicine. With the technique known as hands-on healing, Reiki practitioners use their palm to transfer the universal energy onto their patients’ body to heal. Also known as Usui Reiki, it heals not just the physical pain and symptoms, but also the … Read more

Which Chakra Deals With Shame?

Which Chakra Deals With Shame

The solar plexus chakra focuses on one’s exploration of his or her own identity. Our sense of identity builds in our teen years as we learn to express ourselves and learn how people react to it. We appreciate validation on the things we do right and hide the things that make us vulnerable. One thing … Read more

What is a Chakra Pendulum? Meaning, Uses, and More!

What is a Chakra Pendulum Meaning, Uses, and More!

Chakra pendulums usually have a string or a chain of metal or leather attached to them. Just like a chakra wand, this healing tool is used to meditate, cleanse the energy field, or clear chakras. People swing the pendulum in a circular motion or swing back and forth to get answers to questions or pinpoint … Read more

What is a Chakra Wand Used For?

What is a Chakra Wand Used For

A chakra wand or crystal chakra wand is a form of healing tool made of polished raw stones. Gemstones, which we often associate with a specific energy center, make up a chakra wand. They are one of the incredible tools that help balance your energy centers or chakras. The sizes, shapes, and ends of a … Read more

How to Open Your Foot Chakra the Right Way

How to Open Your Foot Chakra the Right Way

You may already know that there are seven primary chakras. But you may be surprised to hear that there is another one known as the foot chakra. The foot chakra is the chakra system’s grounding point, also known as the zero chakra. Like your root chakra, the foot chakra can connect us with the earth … Read more

What Stones Are in a Chakra Bracelet?

what stones are in a chakra bracelet

Chakra bracelets give your energy centers a boost and keep all of them in balance. We deal with a lot of stressors every day, causing an imbalance in all chakras. It is essential to use healing accessories like chakra bracelets to regain balance and have all the key chakras work in harmony. Some people look … Read more

Crown Chakra Opening: What It Feels Like?

Crown Chakra Opening What It Feels Like

“The lotus flower with 1,000 petals” is what the Sanskrit word Sahasrara means. It pertains to the Sahasrara chakra or crown chakra, the 7th primary energy center found on top of our head. We associate it with the nervous system, brain, and pineal gland, and it relates to our spirituality. Because the crown chakra deeply … Read more

What Religion is Chakra? The Truth Revealed!

what religion is chakra

Religion is the relationship of human beings with what they consider divine and absolute. This gives them certain spiritual and moral obligations to act in certain ways. The followers or believers of a particular religion invest their time and effort in showing their devotion to their god through prayers, rituals, and other practices and norms. … Read more

What is a Crystal Chakra Wand? Everything You Need to Know

What is a Crystal Chakra Wand

What exactly is a crystal wand? For centuries, shamans or healers have been using crystal wands for chakra balancing and spiritual development. They have traditionally used the wands to heal not just physical pain, but also people’s emotions. Minerals, crystals, or polished raw stones usually make up a wand. They come in all sizes and … Read more

How to Meditate with Chakra Stones: A Quick Guide

How to Meditate with Chakra Stones A Quick Guide

Meditation is a technique when a person focuses his or her mind on a specific object or thought and achieves a sense of calmness on both mental and emotional levels. The practice of meditation is a custom enacted in different religious traditions and has been part of Hinduism and Buddhism. Over the centuries, this custom … Read more