Does Hair Hold Negative Energy? The Truth Revealed!


Last Updated on October 2, 2023

Hair acts as one of the defining characteristics of humans. However, according to some beliefs, hair contains significant spiritual meanings, and one of those meanings is negative energy.

In this context, the question arises: Does hair hold negative energy? We’ll explore this topic in-depth and uncover the truth behind this belief.

Why does hair have negative energy?

hair and negative energy

First, let’s look at how it can absorb negative energy and affect your thoughts and emotions. The hair, as a natural extension of the cerebrum, gathers negative vibrations from your surroundings and transmits them to your brain through your hair tips.

Stress, worries, losses, anger, anxiety, sickness, trauma, and all your setbacks from the past years remain in your hair. Therefore, a hair cut to clear out past transgressions’ negative energies is helpful–at least, that’s what other spiritual practices believe. We’ll tackle these traditions later on.

To cut or not to cut: What spiritual beliefs say about hair-cutting

There are many spiritual traditions across religions, many cultures, and traditions concerning negative energy on hair. Let’s look at what some of them think about cutting hair:

Spiritual perspective

Some people give credence to the connection between hair and spiritual energy. Every strand in your body has healing powers, improves intuition, and activates consciousness.

At the same time, getting rid of fuel and energy is spiritual significance of cutting hair. Cutting one’s hair short is a symbolic act of personal growth, in which the person disassociates themselves from negative spiritual powers.

In the context of chakra, the hair on your head covers your crown chakra, and its tips serve as antennas that gather and transmit power. It holds positive and negative energy, passing on messages collected from outside and directly transmitted to the brain.

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So, people who feel disconnected, confused, and isolated have blockages in their crown chakra, which interferes with their ability to focus and make decisions. Like burning candles to unblock chakras, cutting hair is necessary to get rid of their negative thought process and free their spiritual awareness.

On the other hand, In Sikhism, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, cutting your hair affects your health negatively. As a result, the hair loses its power and will take years to regain its receptivity to energy.


Scientifically, the psychology of guys with long hair delineates that a person’s confidence also depends on their hair. Society values men who grow their hair or already have a full head of hair, including facial hair. It’s an indicator of a healthy biological standing. Thus, topics like how to grow long hair in men have become popular.

For others, cutting hair off as depression consumes them is a perfect therapy because it makes them feel better. Therefore, cutting hair represents leaving the painful past behind and recovering from mental breakdowns.

Cultural norms

Does your hair hold negative energy - image3

The African hair spirituality values hair’s natural texture, which grows in a tiny helix or spiral coil. This is why they keep their hair long in spiritual practices to preserve their energy. Africans believe curls are like high-tension wires that speed up energy transmission.

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Native Americans’ hair growth signifies the level of intuition proven effective during the Vietnam wars. This is also why they wear braids as a way of honoring their ancestors and strengthening their connection to their creator and the earth.

Also, Native American tribes burn every strand of hair they find. By doing this, you respect the environment, and burning it in a fire is like releasing it back to nature. This goes to show that they regard hair as a higher purpose.

Societal norms

Some people believe hair is a form of physical and self-expression of their thoughts and emotions. For example, a woman who cuts her hair is about to change after undergoing significant psychological or emotional stress in her spiritual journey.

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For others, cutting or shaving one’s hair is part of the grieving process. Cutting and burying your hair with the deceased loved one signifies the impermanence of grief and loss.

Finally, people cut their hair for compliance in careers, business, and many others. This goes to show that hair cutting varies from culture to culture and may not necessarily hold any spiritual meaning at all. However, it depends on your personal beliefs about it.

Avoiding negative energy in your long hair

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Should you decide to keep your hair as long as possible, preserve your hair’s spiritual energy by avoiding negative energy in your hair. Here are ways you can do it to continue reaping the spiritual benefits of your hair:

  • Take excellent care of your hair. You may hinder negative energy by eating healthy because having vigorous hair starts from within. Avoid directly exposing your hair to electronic equipment, and use organic shampoo and conditioner. Instead of using a hair dryer, dry your hair naturally under the sun to absorb vitamin D.

  • Wash your hair after a stressful event. Thoroughly cleanse negative vibrations from a long, stressful day or even after an emotional argument from your hair and scalp.

  • Cut your hair to release negativity. For some people, cutting their hair gives them relief from mental and emotional baggage. Others feel that a new haircut is like having a fresh start and is symbolic of an enormous change in one’s life.


While it’s true that hair is a potent source of spiritual power, the energy it absorbs will be all up to you. If you want to strengthen your spirituality, you must ensure your hair takes in positivity. Take good care of your crowning glory by warding off all the elements that cause stress, anxiety, and negativity.

Healthy hair that emits positive energy helps you move past the things and situations that upset you. More than just a grooming routine, make sure your hair is in good shape, as it also affects your health and well-being.

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