Does Hair Hold Negative Energy? The Truth Revealed!

Apart from being one of the defining characteristics of humans, hair has a connection to spirituality and energy life forces. The hair on your head covers your crown chakra and its tips serve as antennas that gather and transmit power. It holds positive and negative energy, passing on messages gathered from outside and directly transmitting to the brain.

You may have gone through different references on hair powers across religions, cultures, and traditions. Some people believe in the spiritual significance of cutting hair – they get rid of power and energy when they cut their hair short.

In some cultural beliefs, people keep their hair long to preserve their energy. The African hair spirituality values the natural texture of hair which grows in a tiny helix or spiral coil. This is because they believe that curls are like high tension wires that speed up the transmission of energy.

Scientifically, the psychology of guys with long hair delineates that a man’s confidence also depends on his hair. There is value held to men who grow their hair or already have a full head of hair. It’s an indicator of a healthy biological standing, thus, topics like how to grow long hair in men have become popular.

Some people believe that hair is a physical representation and expression of one’s thoughts and emotions. They said that a woman who cuts her hair is about to change after a major psychological or emotional stress.

For some, cutting hair off as depression consumes them is a perfect therapy because it makes them feel better. Others want to leave the painful past behind and recover from mental breakdown by cutting hair.

Most often than not, we cut our hair after big life changes with love, career, business, and many others. We subconsciously feel that cutting our hair rids you of all the negativity surrounding us.

Why does hair have negative energy?

Your hair can absorb negative energy and affect your thoughts and emotions. This is because the hair is a natural extension of the cerebrum. Through your hair tips, you gather negative vibrations from your surroundings and transmit them to your brain.

Besides the chemicals and pollution, the hair takes in all the negativity around you. Stress, worries, losses, anger, anxiety, sickness, trauma, and all your setbacks from the past years remain in your hair. It is helpful to cut your hair and clear out the past transgressions’ negative energy.

What are the healing hair powers?

Some traditions give credence to the connection between hair and spiritual energy. Every strand in your body has healing powers, improves your intuition, and activates your consciousness.

Native American’s hair growth signifies the level of intuition as proven effective during the Vietnam wars. The oppressors in ancient times believed in the spiritual meaning of cutting hair to cease the energy of their slaves.

In Sikhism as taught by Yogi Bhajan, cutting your hair affects your health negatively. Your hair will lose its power and it will take years to regain your hair’s receptivity to energy.

Avoiding negative energy in your hair

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Your hair’s spiritual energy is intangible, but you can always adapt these bodily measures to preserve its energy. It’s important to learn how to avoid negative energy in your hair to reap its spiritual benefits.

  • Take excellent care of your hair. You may obviate negative energy by eating healthy because having vigorous hair starts from within. Avoid directly exposing your hair to electronic equipment and make sure you use organic shampoo and conditioner. Instead of using a hair dryer, dry your hair naturally under the sun for it to absorb vitamin D.
  • Wash your hair after a stressful event. Your hair absorbs all the negative vibrations from a long, stressful day or even after an emotional argument. Try to wash your hair to remove the negativity and blockages from your scalp.
  • Cut your hair to release negativity. For some people, cutting their hair gives them relief from mental and emotional baggage. Others feel that a new haircut is like having a fresh start and is symbolic of an enormous change in one’s life.
  • Cut your hair during the full moon. Some cultural beliefs will advise you to keep your hair long to keep its energy. However, it is still up to you to decide what’s best for you and your hair. If you insist on cutting your hair, it’s perfect to do it during the full moon.

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The spiritual significance of cutting your hair

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Some believe the hair to be the physical manifestation of your spirit. There’s a spiritual significance when you tie, cut, or burn your hair. In many cultures, there are various rituals in cutting hair, from birth to death.

For some, cutting one’s hair or shaving one’s head is part of the grieving process. It is a known tradition to cut your hair and bury it with the deceased loved one. It signifies the impermanence of grief and loss.

Below are brief explanations on why wearing braids, burning, and cutting hair carry a strong meaning for some:

  • Spiritual meaning of burning hair. The significance of hair varies across different ethnic groups, but one common thing is they regard hair to a higher purpose. For Native American tribes, they burn every strand of hair they find. By doing this, you pay respect to the environment, and burning it in a fire is like releasing it back to nature.
  • Spiritual meaning of cutting your hair. One may feel disconnected, confused, and isolated when there are blockages in the hair. The blockages in your crown chakra interfere and cause indecisiveness and lack of focus. Cutting hair is like a shamanic cutting-of-cords-ceremony in which there’s an exchange of energy and transcendence.
  • Spiritual meaning of braids. Men and women from some indigenous communities wear braids to honor their ancestors. They feel they connect to their creator and the earth.

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While it’s true that hair is a potent source of spiritual power, the energy it absorbs will be all up to you. If you want to add strength to your spirituality, then you have to make sure your hair takes in positivity. Ward off all the elements that cause stress, anxiety, and negativity by taking care of your crowning glory.

Healthy hair that emits positive energy helps you move past the things and situations that make you upset. More than just a grooming routine, making sure your hair is in good shape as it also affects your health and well-being.

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