What Is Jnana Yoga?

Yoga is not just all about the physical practice of different yoga poses. It is also about mental practices that allow people to explore their inner self which could open the world towards self-realization. As you may already know, yoga has many kinds of spiritual paths that one could practice to achieve spiritual liberation. This … Read more

How to Prepare for Hot Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient practice that has begun to catch on in the West. It’s no surprise, given its benefits: it can improve your strength, flexibility, and balance as well as promote breathing techniques and meditations to calm the mind. But before you start practicing, there are a few things to do first. Keep reading … Read more

What Is Kripalu Yoga?

Practicing yoga has been part of many people’s daily life all around the world. Where most yoga practices focus mainly on meditation and breathing techniques, Kripalu yoga stresses the equal importance of focusing on your body, mind, and spirit; especially learning to accept your own body and thoughts. History of Kripalu Yoga Founded by Amrit … Read more

What Is Power Flow Yoga?

Ever heard of power yoga? This is a type of practice that combines the physical and mental aspects of yoga with the strength-building principles of traditional exercise. Practitioners argue that it provides an intense workout for both body and mind that helps release toxins from the body. With the right yoga teacher, power yoga can … Read more

Blue Moon Spiritual Energy: Everything You Need to Know

There are many rare events in this world that people can’t help but be thrilled about. And just last August 2021 became a special day for astrology fans as they anticipated and experienced the blue moon -which feels otherworldly anyway! A blue moon is an especially auspicious time because it is so rare. Blue moons … Read more

How to Tap Into Your Spiritual Energy: 9 Practices

In these modern times where it is easier to drown in the voice of anxiety and fear than experience inner peace, how could you be in tune with your body and spirit? Human experience teaches us about the importance of connecting with others however, we sometimes forget that we should also give time to connect … Read more

Spiritual Energy Symbols: Types, Meaning, and More!

Since ancient times, humans have found symbols to relate to and understand the world around them. These manifestations of energy and light are oftentimes used for protection and healing. Spiritual symbols are used by people to define their spiritual identities, connect with the spiritual world, and/or invoke spiritual energies. The specific meanings of these designs … Read more

What is Collective Energy Spiritual?

Have you ever thought or felt connected to other people’s emotions? Are you able to relate to their life experiences and empathize with them even without experiencing them personally? Do you pay attention and are aware of what’s happening around you? If your answer is yes, then this blog post may help you understand this … Read more