Blue Moon Spiritual Energy: Everything You Need to Know


Last Updated on November 21, 2022

There are many rare events in this world that people can’t help but be thrilled about. And just last August 2021 became a special day for astrology fans as they anticipated and experienced the blue moon -which feels otherworldly anyway!

A blue moon is an especially auspicious time because it is so rare. Blue moons are seen as especially good for spells and rituals that involve magic, psychic abilities, spirit contact, prayer, dreams, wishes, and manifestation.

What makes this phenomenon so special? Keep reading below to find out more!

What is blue moon energy?

For centuries, the moon has been attributed to different meanings and emotions. Oftentimes, people will say that the moon is a symbol of femininity and romance. But not many people know that there is a lot of spiritual energy that comes from the blue moon.

A blue moon is a rare phenomenon that occurs when two full moons take place in the same calendar month. The second full moon is typically called the blue moon.

Each full moon has its unique aspects and planetary transits which can influence the energy surrounding it. Therefore, if you have two full moons in the same month under the same zodiac sign, then the blue moon’s energy will differ from the last.

Many take a spiritual meaning about this occurrence and one of them is the author Rachel Patterson. She believes that blue moon energy heightens communication and connection with the divine and the spirit world. Also, Patterson suggests using this energy to help you achieve your goals which you’ve always believed to be unobtainable.

Below are other types and definitions of a blue moon which happens more often.

Calendrical Blue Moon

The calendrical blue moon occurs when there are two full moons in the same month. Usually, there is only one full moon a month but if two full moons occur within days apart of the month, then this is considered as calendrical blue moons.

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Seasonal Blue Moon

Traditionally, a seasonal blue moon is reported in farmers’ almanacs to track the span of a season.

A seasonal blue moon occurs when there are four instead of three full moons in a season as determined by the equinoxes and solstices. Anytime there are four full moons in a season, the third full moon is considered the blue moon in this case.

Why is it called the blue moon?

Contrary to its name, the moon on the particular blue moon day is not actually color blue. So why call it the blue moon then?

The historical origins of its name cannot be truly identified due to many accounts and interpretation errors. Two common stories though are usually shared about its origin.

The first is that in 1883 when the Indonesian volcano Krakatoa erupted. The ash caused by the eruption gave the moon its bluish-green color, however, the color change was just because of the dust particles and not the actual color of the moon itself.

The other story was that the term blue moon was already used over 400 years ago and was once meant to describe something absurd and things that would never happen.

Blue moon spiritual meaning in 2021

The annual full moon that happened last August 2021 is sometimes called the sturgeon moon (a traditional nickname based on a giant sturgeon fish – which are plentiful by the way). From its nickname, the spiritual meaning of the August 2021 second full moon symbolizes the bountiful atmosphere of the sturgeon moon.

Besides that, a full moon contains energy that signifies the completion of one’s goals and growth which is why setting your intentions and goals is an essential part of these events. Celebrating blue moons is a good time to connect with yourself, nature, and others.

How often do blue moons occur?

Have you ever heard of the phrase “once in a blue moon”? This common expression signifies when things happen rarely – and it is true that blue moons don’t happen frequently.

Generally, a blue moon occurs only every 2 and a half years. Usually, this only happens once in a specific year but on very rare occasions, two full moons may appear twice in just a year.

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When is the next blue moon?

Unfortunately, there will be no blue moon next year since it already occurred this year. However, something to look forward to is the next blue moon which is likely to occur on the 30th or 31st of August 2023.

While there is still plenty of time before the next one, you may use this moment to know more about how to prepare when that time comes.

How to work with blue moon’s energy?

Blue moons are a special time in which an entire month will have two full moons.

The blue moon energy seems to have a calming effect on the soul and is a great time for examining what has been going on in your life, making changes, and getting back in touch with all of your desires. It can be a great time for finishing things up, clearing out closets, and starting new projects or resolutions!

Ritual Ideas for Celebrating Blue Moons

A simple full moon ritual will do as long as you make it a memorable one! From using spiritual candles to setting personal intentions, here are some innovative ideas and creative ways you can do on the next full blue moon:

Create a Sacred Space

One thing you can do to embrace the spiritual meaning of this rare occasion is to create a meditation space. Having a sacred space dedicated to the blue moon is a nice way to harness its energy that could bring strong emotions in you.

You can use chakra candles, crystals, fabrics, or any objects that resonate with you. You can even do necessary adjustments days leading to the next blue moon, just remember that what’s important is that you’ll be able to experience the nourishing energy of this full moon.

So what are you waiting for? Start decorating your sacred space as early as now!

Set Your Personal Intentions

Setting personal intentions is an opportunity to reflect on your goals, wishes, and aspirations in life which is a critical point to do before the blue moon. Having the chance for deep connectedness to the universe, and manifesting the goals you want to come to fruition is said to last until the next blue moon.

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It’s important to set these personal intentions because they will help you stay focused on what matters most to you as well as guide you in achieving those goals. Therefore, attract your intentions by believing that they can be achievable and starting on them.

Stroll in the Moonlight

Take the time to appreciate the serenity of this magnificent full moon and let the moon’s energy fill you up. Relax and just enjoy this rare moment by thinking about the things you are grateful for.

If possible, you can walk in nature too while strolling in the moonlight to make this day extra special and peaceful.

Learn More

Seeking new knowledge and wisdom is a good way to gain new perspectives in life. You can learn through various ways such as from other people, reading books, and researching.

Remember that no one is too old to learn. Gaining knowledge is a powerful tool to appreciate the celebration of this astrological season.


Just like a person’s hair, the moon has always held a deep spiritual significance in many cultures, dating back to ancient times. No matter what your beliefs are, it is important to take this time to reflect on your own energy and try to be more mindful of the world around you.

A blue moon can help people come together with others who share their goals or intentions so make sure that you use this rare event’s energy wisely!

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