How to Tap Into Your Spiritual Energy: 9 Practices


Last Updated on December 20, 2022

In these modern times where it is easier to drown in the voice of anxiety and fear than experience inner peace, how could you be in tune with your body and spirit?

Human experience teaches us about the importance of connecting with others however, we sometimes forget that we should also give time to connect and listen to our own thoughts. Spirituality recognizes the need to fill what the soul and the universe desire that is why there are a group of people who encourage the practice of meditation.

Curious about how to tap into your spiritual energy? Keep reading below to begin your journey!

What is Spiritual Energy?

The average person doesn’t realize the extent of the power that lives deep within them. This power is called spiritual energy and it can be found in everyone. Spiritual energy, when tapped into correctly, can increase creativity, capacity for happiness, and meaning in life.

The ability to tap into this power through meditation is important because it can lead to feelings of wellness and peace. Once you learn how to tap into your spiritual energy, you will never want to let go!

9 Spiritual Practice to Tap Your Spiritual Energy

It’s easy to get caught up in the material world, which can cause a disconnect from spirituality. A study conducted by Harvard University shows that meditation increases activity in the parts of the brain associated with self-awareness and compassion.

When we meditate, we can also see a reduction of stress hormones and a rise in serotonin, which is a mood stabilizer. Here are the 9 things you can do to tap your spiritual side:

1. Set Your Intention

Having an open mind and thinking about what spirituality means to you in starting your spiritual practice is an important step in living a more peaceful life.

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For some people, spirituality is simply a way of life that guides their actions towards personal growth while for others it might be an organized religion. Recognizing your intentions will change the way you see the world around you and the connection you make with people.

Take as much time as you need in setting your intention because once you begin this journey towards the spiritual side, it may be hard to go back to your usual life without it.

2. Create a Meditating Space

Whenever you are meditating, whether it is by yourself or through guided meditation, it is ideal to have access to a space where you can just sit by yourself and be calm.

You can decide to light candles, incense, decorate it with flowers, photos, etc. If you wish for just a simple space, you may do so as well – others even do it on their bed! Whatever works for you as long as you can explore your consciousness and achieve your goal for the day.

3. Find Your Center

Yoga is a good practice for mindfulness. It allows you to focus on your breathing and living in the present moment. When you’re in the moment of your spiritual practice, you must still your mind so that you can find your center.

Whether you are practicing meditation, chanting, or mindfulness, you must watch out for your breathing and thoughts. This is a powerful tool to bring you awareness and just being in the present.

Feel your body from head to toe, let your thoughts flow without getting attached to it. If you are feeling disturbed by your thoughts, get up, walk around, then sit in a different position. This allows your mind to restart so you can continue tapping your spiritual side.

4. Pay Attention to Your Nature

There is peace in spending time in nature that gives a feeling of joy and a sense of balance. It helps boost one’s energy and improve mental health since it has been proven by numerous studies to reduce stress.

To be able to connect with nature is a humbling experience that can surely give you more awareness and hope to tap into your spirituality.

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5. Explore Your Spirituality

Most people that are new to meditation find it useful to look for guidance from others who are already practicing it. Exploring your spirituality is also a good thing to gain perspectives that can help you connect more with yourself and the universe.

Don’t be afraid to read spiritual books, watch videos, or join groups especially when your beliefs are still uncertain. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to spiritual practice. In fact, hearing from other spiritual people can aid you more to figure out how you will go through with your journey.

6. Maintain Good Health

Being healthy does not just mean taking care of your physical body. Rather, it is also about maintaining a good mental state and health. A person’s body, soul, and mind are all connected which are all important in your spiritual journey.

Improve your physical and mental health by practicing a healthy lifestyle. Eat healthy foods, keep your brain sharp, and your body moving like playing sports or doing yoga. All that hard work will surely help you towards the path of spiritual awakening.

7. Express Gratitude

Write the things you are grateful for and remind yourself about them to keep you grounded.

Showing appreciation and being grateful for everything in your life opens the window towards wisdom. Be thankful for the things you used to take for granted, for the things that bring you joy, and the things which make life worth living.

You can be thankful for anything. From just waking up in the morning, having food and shelter, or just with the interaction you just had, and the relationships you have with other people.

8. Be Patient

There is no timetable when it comes to awakening. There will be days when you’re just not in the mood and just can’t tap your spiritual side. That is totally normal.

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you can’t seem to control your emotions and thoughts. Having patience can help you gather your thoughts together and get your feelings under control. Just remember that any bad day is only temporary. What you can control though is how you’ll react and move on from it.

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9. Surrender

Your spiritual journey encourages energy healing. It is easy to get drowned by numerous negative energy that can affect your progress. Once you’ve done the steps above, let go of the reins and trust your spiritual process.

It is up to you when you want to practice meditation but make sure that consistency is the key so that you will feel the change within you. Through your journey, you can be the calm, rational spirit that you want others to be.

A Lifelong Journey Towards Spiritual Awakening


Spiritual awakening is a lifelong journey that should be undertaken with great care that brings wonders to life. By tapping into your spiritual energy, you can improve and manage your everyday life.

We are all on this path together and are capable of learning from one another. It is important to work towards the benefit of the collective group rather than oneself. For the sake of many, let’s try to live in harmony.

To anyone wishing to embark on their own lifelong journey of spiritual awakening, don’t worry if you have no idea where to start or how to get there. This is a personal path that can be taken at your own pace.

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