Spiritual Energy Symbols: Types, Meaning, and More!


Last Updated on September 5, 2022

Since ancient times, humans have found symbols to relate to and understand the world around them. These manifestations of energy and light are oftentimes used for protection and healing.

Spiritual symbols are used by people to define their spiritual identities, connect with the spiritual world, and/or invoke spiritual energies. The specific meanings of these designs may vary depending on their origin.

If you are new to spiritual practices, keep reading below to learn more about the different spiritual symbols out there and how these can help you reach spiritual awakening.

There Are Sacred Symbols Everywhere

Throughout human history, the ancient symbol has been used by our ancestors to communicate their faith, ideas, and concepts.

What is more amazing is that people from different cultures have their own unique symbols that have been adopted by other cultures. Since then, many prolific symbols out there has now become universal symbol!

The Importance Of Spiritual Symbol In Your Spiritual Practice

The use of symbols in spirituality is very common. Each spiritual symbol represents its own meaning (even numbers like 77 or 88) that has become part of our everyday life. They are used to represent the divine or some aspect of it and can act as a link between the human mind and the divine.

A spiritual symbol is important in understanding the deeper meaning of an individual’s spiritual practice (for instance, the number 77 is a symbol) . The use of symbols can help express ideas that are otherwise difficult to convey with words, express emotion, represent ideas and beliefs, and make connections between unrelated things.

15 Spiritual Symbols and Their Meaning

Some people believe that there is a figure beyond the veil of life that helps them understand their life’s journey. They may choose to represent this understanding through ancient symbols, shapes, and designs.

The following is a list of some of the most common spiritual symbols that we find in our lives and throughout history:

1. Lotus Flower

Used in various religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, and Shintoism, the lotus flower is a spiritual representation of enlightenment. The fact that this magnificent and beautiful flower grows in muddy waters can be interpreted in the concept of transformation and resurrection.

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The lotus flower also signifies empowerment, forgiveness, and humility. No matter how difficult life could be, people can get past it through determination, perseverance, and connecting with other people.

2. Yin Yang

A well-known Taoist symbol, the yin yang symbol represents the unity between two opposing energies – the masculine and the feminine; and the darkness and light.

The Yin energy symbolizes being receptive, passive, cold, and feminine energy. Whereas the Yang represents masculinity, movement, force, and heat. In practice, the Yin Yang is a good reminder to help the individual maintain balance and instill unity within self and others.

3. Buddha

Siddhartha Gautam, later known as Buddha, was a religious guru and became a symbol that represent peace, enlightenment, and unity because of his far-sighted wisdom. He is best known for being the founder of Buddhism which believes that human beings can search for the true meaning of life if they give up material things.

The word Buddha means “the awakened one” which Siddhartha was able to achieve when he did a deep meditation and achieved Nirvana under the Bodhi tree.

4. Cross

The cross is possibly the best symbol to depict the Christian religion. One of the most sacred symbols around the world, the cross has been a symbol of sacrifice because of how Jesus Christ gave up his life for the people by dying on the cross.

This symbol has been a reminder for the believers to remember Jesus’ sacrifice to cleanse the sins of mankind which is a famous narrative in the Bible. It is also believed that the cross is a point of communication between heaven and earth.

5. Bagua

Bagua is a Chinese symbol that translates to “eight symbols”. Its eight trigrams represent patterns to depict the principles of reality. The trigrams each have three lines which can be either be broken (Yin) or unbroken (Yang).

In the Feng Shui symbol, the trigrams represent specific areas of a person’s health and home. This symbol also analyses balance in anatomy, family, geography, astronomy, and astrology.

6. Om

The om symbol is believed to be the mother of all the mantra that represents a primordial sound that is responsible for the whole life creation. This spiritual symbol originated in Hinduism and can be found in ancient and medieval era manuscripts.

It is said that when pronounced correctly while in deep meditation, the Om can blend the past, present, and future which can envelop the person with a protective glow.

7. Ankh

Originated from early Egyptian civilization, this sacred symbol is believed to represent eternal life and the regeneration of life through water. Ankh is also said to be the key of the Nile or crux ansata, meaning cross with a handle.

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Ankh can be found in many tombs and sarcophagi as this spiritual symbol is a big part of funerals and the preparation for the afterlife. Pharaohs and Egyptian gods are also usually depicted carrying an Ankh.

There are theories as well that suggests that Ankh is used during sexual activities to harness the regenerating powers of orgasm.

8. Hamsa

The Hamsa symbol in Arabic word, which means five, is a popular sacred symbol used to ward off evil and negative energy. It also serves as a protector to repel the evil eye within Islam and Judaism, the ultimate reality in Hinduism, and the universal spirit released from rebirth in Buddhism.

Represented by an open right hand with an eye at the center, when worn as an amulet or hung at home, Hansa is also believed to prevent any malicious stare and other harmful energies.

9. Star of David

Also known as the Shield of David, the Star of David is a Jewish symbol of two triangles that overlap each other in both directions that ultimately form a star. This traditional symbol depicts the connection between God and Man or the union between males and females.

Widely used in Kabbalistic practices and occult circles, this spiritual symbol represents the union between fire and water. It is also believed by others that this symbol is not about divine connection but instead is about the 6 directions in space: up, down, east, west, north, south, and the center.

10. Flower of Life

Considered as one of the most sacred geometry, the flower of life is used universally across different cultures like architecture, religion, art, scriptures, and more.

Made up of overlapping geometric circles, this symbol demonstrated the connection between all human life and is said to hold the blueprint of the universe within it.

11. Earth Medicine Wheel

A Native American symbol, the earth medicine wheel represents harmony and peace between all living beings and the four elements of the earth. It is also believed to strengthen a person’s spiritual energy and inner vision.

Native Americans also associate this symbol with healing and teaching which is why it is also known as the Sacred Hoop or Sacred Circle. Although there are many interpretations about the medicine wheel, what is common though is the connection of this symbol with cosmic wisdom.

12. Dharma Wheel

Considered as one of the oldest Buddhist symbols, the dharma wheel represents the eight paths of enlightenment towards Nirvana. The Buddhist tradition maintains these 8-fold which are the paths to the right view, intention, speech, action, livelihood, mindfulness, and concentration.

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Also used in other religions, this wheel symbolized order and religious routines in Hinduism. While in Tibetan culture, the dharma wheel is used to remind Buddhists that Buddha valued all life, and not just humans.

13. Double Happiness

Double happiness is a Chinese character that symbolizes a strong and happy union. The two combined character translates to “Joy” in order to attract a special relationship, bliss, and romance.

This symbol is also significantly used in Chinese weddings to attract happiness between those who are getting married. It can also be made into a piece of jewelry to give as a gift to the newlyweds to wish them good luck.

14. Eye of Horus

The Egyptian god Horus was the god of the sun and mood. While battling Set, the god of violence, Horus lost his left eye. Since then, the eye of Horus has become a symbol of protection, health, and restoration that Egyptians wear to bring good luck and ward off any evil from their life.

Also, there is a belief that this symbol grants health, safety, and wisdom to those who wear it – which can be worn by both the living and the dead.

15. Pentacle

The pentacle or pentagram, which is a five-pointed star inside a circle, is a traditional Wiccan symbol. Also famously depicted as the “satanic” symbol, the pentacle’s upward point symbolizes the spirit while the remaining points are related to the fire, water, air, and earth elements.

Wiccans also wear the pentacle as a protective talisman to provide them with protection against evil.

Final Thoughts

The power of symbols is undeniable. They provide a sense of safety, clarity, and a deep understanding of life and the natural world.

This post has covered the meaning of symbols and how they can be used. If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your family and friends or leave us a comment!

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