Negative Spiritual Energy: A Beginner’s Guide

Every person, animal, and matter in the universe contains energy, from positive to negative spiritual energy. We are always in a state of receiving and giving energy to the things around us. The type of energy we send or receive falls in a spectrum of light and dark. Depending on the energy we radiate, our … Read more

What Part of the Brain Controls Spirituality?

What Part of the Brain Controls Spirituality

How do science and religion converge to influence the way we think and interact with the world? Neuroscience may have the answer. Scientists have long debated over how spirituality and neuroscience interact, specifically in regards to religious experiences and neuroscience. Scholars who devote themselves to understanding this phenomenon called neurotheology tried to connect and view … Read more

What’s in a Person’s Aura

Seeing a person's aura

What’s in a person’s aura? An aura, or a human energy field, refers to the coloration emanating from a person’s physical body. It encapsulates the energy fields of other matter in existence too—such as animals or objects. In spiritual alternative medicine, auras are parts of a person’s body that signify the client’s health state. Your … Read more

What is Breathing Nostril Alternating?

Did you know that you breathe through one nostril at a time, with your body alternating it every few hours? This cycle is due in part to our autonomic nervous system —  which controls our breathing and heart rate. The cause for this phenomenon is subject to much debate. Scientists say this happens so that … Read more

Near-Death Experiences: A Beginner’s Guide

near-death experiences

Near-death experiences are a frequent yet highly misunderstood phenomenon. Imagine this: you were just going about your day like any other. Then suddenly, an excruciatingly tight sensation rushes to your chest area, instinctively leading you to clutch it in agony. Unlike previous experiences, it doesn’t stop—the throbbing pain persists for seconds that feel eternal, up … Read more

12 Best Crystals for Energy

best crystals for energy

A crystal is a miniature version of a human body. This marvelous and versatile gem brings together tiny particles of minerals and compounds that come with a variety of use cases⁠. From powering up satellites to alleviating health problems, crystals benefit the world in more ways than one. Derived from a natural energy field, crystals … Read more

Is Reiki Safe

Is Reiki Safe, how to reiki

Is Reiki safe to administer to patients? This is a question that many people ask practitioners and clinicians. Generally speaking, yes. It’s safe. Reiki is a safe practice so long that it doesn’t get in the way of getting clinical treatment of diseases.  Reiki does not substitute clinical treatment. Rather, it serves as a supplementary … Read more

How Is Reiki Performed in Practice?

how is reiki performed

Has your clinician recommended Reiki to you? Have you been asking yourself, researching more on how is Reiki performed? Reiki is a spiritual healing practice that promotes wellbeing throughout the body by channeling “chi” (or universal life energy). This practice comes with numerous health benefits that range from physical nature like aches and pains to … Read more

6 Reiki Side Effects and Why It May Not Be Good for You

Nowadays, many people have become increasingly interested in learning about reiki therapy, a Japanese healing energy practice. Similar to other complementary therapy or medical treatments, there are also disadvantages of Reiki that only some talk about. Every day, people are searching for ways to improve their health. People are always looking for new and innovative … Read more

Where Does Reiki Energy Come From?

Reiki energy is a non-physical force that surrounds all living entities. It’s not present in just Reiki, but it also applies to many other principles in traditional Asian culture. Reiki is an alternative form of healing that uses a lay-on-hand technique to promote positive energy to a client’s body. Founded in Japan in the early … Read more