What’s in a Person’s Aura


Last Updated on November 21, 2022

What’s in a person’s aura? An aura, or a human energy field, refers to the coloration emanating from a person’s physical body. It encapsulates the energy fields of other matter in existence too—such as animals or objects.

In spiritual alternative medicine, auras are parts of a person’s body that signify the client’s health state. Your aura constantly changes and shifts according to your mood and experiences. If you have an upbeat and happy mood, your aura radiates and expands. If you’re downcast, it shrinks and diminishes in size.

Inside these auras, or our individual electromagnetic field, are light electricity levels not visible in the human eye. These come in seven different colors which affect different parts of our body’s internal and external state.

Let’s look through the aura of a person more in-depth.

How Can You See Your Aura?

While everyone has an aura,  you can’t see aura colors in human eyes when performed without intent.

But it is possible to see the color of a person’s aura through invasive means.  For one researcher Christina Lonsdale in the Radiant Human project, she used a specialized camera. This camera uses hand sensors that sense the energy field of a person, run it through a proprietary algorithm, and match it with a color.

You can also see your aura color by gently squinting your eyes in the mirror. To see it, try not to focus your gaze directly on your body. Instead, you should look away slightly or have your vision slightly out of focus to start seeing your aura.

This will take some practice. But once you get the hang of it, you will eventually see your aura color in your peripheral vision sooner. 

Let’s take a closer look!

What Are The Seven Layers in An Aura?

Your aura has seven layers. Each of these layers represents a different part of you and containing a specific aspect of your life.  From the outermost layer to the innermost one, let’s look at the seven layers in a person’s distinct aura.

Etheric Layer

Also referred to as the physical layer plane, the Etheric layer is the one that encompasses our physical body parts. It’s the first or lowest layer in a human’s energy field, around two to four inches from the physical body. This layer’s also closely tied to the base chakra.

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Emotional Layer

Outside the Etheric Layer sits the emotional layer. This extends around one to three inches away from the body. If your feelings are highly turbulent, this layer will become greatly affected. It may appear dull or greyed out if the emotions you’re feeling now are particularly bad.

This layer is responsible for the sacral chakra; it’s also responsible for your sensitivity, emotions, and feelings, from love and hate to joy and sorrow.

Mental Layer

The mental layer or plane extends about three to eight inches away from the anatomy of your body. The mental layer has connections with the solar plexus chakra and is closely tied to our mental thought processes. This plane is responsible for our logic and reasoning; it’s particularly responsible for our perceptions of rules, judgment, discipline, and regulations.

Astral Layer

Further outside the mental layer, you get to see the astral layer one foot away from the body. This plane sits between the vibrations of the physical and spiritual plane, acting as a bridge. This plane is connected to the heart chakra and is responsible for our capacity to love. Its colors can range anywhere from within the palette of a stunning rainbow spectacle.

Etheric Aura Plane

Extending two feet away and connected to the throat chakra is the etheric aura plane. This is where you can summon your inner psychic, tapping into other people’s energy. You can also form a connection with people who are on the same wavelength with this plane. The colors you can find in the etheric aura plane are akin to the negatives found in a photograph.

Celestial Layer

Connected to the 3rd eye chakra, the celestial plane is the aura where you nearly form a spiritual connection. In this layer, your dreams and intuition are stored and compartmentalized. You also consult the celestial layer once you achieve, or get close to achieving, enlightenment. Those who have a strong celestial layer tend to be highly creative people. This layer extends up to two and a half feet.

Spiritual Layer

Lastly, the spiritual layer can extend to up to three feet. This layer connects to the crown chakra and acts in unison by harmonizing all the layers at the highest frequency. The colors tend to shine very brightly— typically depicted as a golden light or brilliant white. The spiritual layer shows and brings you closer to your life’s path.

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What Does Each Aura Layer’s Color Represent?

Each aura color corresponds to one of these seven chakras – heart, throat, third eye, crown, root, sacral, and solar plexus. Knowing which color represents their respective chakra can help you interpret your aura’s way of communicating.


A black aura indicates that you’re holding onto some negative thoughts. This can disrupt or prevent positive energy from flowing through your body.


White is the rarest aura color, similar to pure light. This color is usually situated on our heads where our crown chakra resides. It emits universal energy and oneness and is associated with altruism, wisdom, and a divine connection.


This color represents your throat chakra. A strong blue aura color shows that you show yourself authentically. You’re also highly empathetic and intuitive.


Found at the center of your forehead, the purple aura has close ties with the third-eye chakra. A purple aura means that you’re highly intuitive, sensitive, and are likely more introverted than most. They’re also less compulsive and would rather think things through.


This represents your root chakra, showing passion, intensity, and security in the physical plane. Your identity, your home,  manifesting powers, sexual energy, career, and your values reside in this aura energy color.

An aura reader named Mystic Michaela could differentiate further: a cherry red representing an upbeat and team-oriented person. A blood-red shows a high tendency towards rage and conflict.


Orange and the sacral chakra, which situate themselves in your lower abdomen, go hand in hand. It represents high levels of individualism as well as a grounded sense of reality.


Your solar plexus chakra, a little bit above your belly button, connects with the yellow aura. It’s all about identity: to yourself and the external world.  If you are yellow, you’re curious, optimistic, and creative.

Green & Pink

This aura resides in your heart chakra. It houses the capacity to forgive and to be compassionate to others. People who have green and pink auras are kind-hearted and loving souls.

How To Cleanse Your Aura?

If you don’t vibe with your aura or don’t like the energy you give out, you can cleanse it.

A chakra-balancing meditation

This form of meditation allows energy and vitality to flow more freely around the body. Each chakra comes with a corresponding balancing meditation. For example, if you want to balance your third-eye chakra, perform a daily morning meditation. In this meditation ask yourself: “What do I want to do?”

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Dressing for your desired auras

If you want to have a red aura, strike a balance by mixing masculine and feminine elements in your outfit. If you want a yellow aura, the color of playfulness and joy, wear something comfortable, athletic, and versatile. This goes on for other auras and colors.

Consulting with an energy healer

Test more than one healer to find the best fit for you. Usually, listening to your intuition to test who’s the best person for the job can work out in your favor. 

But also, keep in mind. Just because someone did well with someone else, it doesn’t mean they’d be a good energy healer for you too.

Can You See A Person’s Aura?

While you can focus and meditate to find and connect with your auras you don’t possess control of others’ auras. However, some people do have strong auras, and you may even see their aura colors before you notice your own.

Can Other People or Professionals See Your Aura?

Some people can sense people’s auras better than others, typically after rigorous training. If you live in a big city, look for aura readers to help get a glimpse of your aura’s colors.

Once you visit a professional and let them perform their service, you can hear their thoughts on your specific aura. This advice can help you develop better patterns and improve your health and well being holistically too.


A person’s aura can manifest differently as time passes. However, understanding your aura can take time and energy since it doesn’t appear all at once.

Knowing your aura is vital as it helps you focus on your spiritual, emotional, and physical health. If you’d like to know more about your auras, contact local spiritual advisors and energy healers to guide you.

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