Negative Spiritual Energy: A Beginner’s Guide


Last Updated on April 15, 2022

Every person, animal, and matter in the universe contains energy, from positive to negative spiritual energy. We are always in a state of receiving and giving energy to the things around us.

The type of energy we send or receive falls in a spectrum of light and dark. Depending on the energy we radiate, our mood and health can alter considerably.

With light spiritual energy, you’ll radiate creative forces diffusing intelligence, optimism, love, and divinity. For negative spiritual energy, it’s the shadow side; filled with fear, disgust, and hatred.

Since each one of us possesses an electromagnetic field, we attract the energy that matches our wavelength. If we’re sad, angry, or ill, negative energy will find a home in your mind.

Let’s hop in and discuss how to tell your negative energy, the types, and ways to cleanse it from our bodies and homes.

How To Tell If You Have Negative Energy?

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Negative energy can be felt readily by anyone. The people and environment you surround yourself with can emit energy that you can recognize as good or bad.

Here are some surefire ways to tell that negative energy exists within you:

  • You have degrading health
  • Your sleeping habits are deficient
  • You constantly complain

Let’s look at a true-to-life example. If your friend gossips about another friend to you, you both are casting negative energy upon each other. If you’re surrounded by people who don’t celebrate your successes but rather tear you down, that would invite a host of negativity too.

Spiritually, you can feel negative energy with something as simple as a gut feeling. If you pause before you speak, think, or act, that’s a sign that dense negativity is brewing underneath.

In a nutshell, one can feel negative energy as soon as they feel an unwelcomed presence creep up to them. To avoid this, you have to learn about the things that make you unhappy and find ways to transmute your thoughts into higher-vibration energy.

How to Use Chakra to Deal with Negative Energy?

How to Use Chakra to Deal with Negative Energy

Chakra is a vital component when dealing with negative energy as they allow us to run energy. Think of it as oiling our pipes to allow fluid to flow better within the system.

First appearing in ancient Indian tradition and culture, chakras are energy centers that are found in various parts of the body. They’re responsible for allowing the flow of energy from both a light and dark state.

There are seven main chakras and each represents core parts of someone’s experience. If these chakras are imbalanced, this can throw the body’s system out of whack and cause physical and mental stress. The reason for this is that energy blockages disrupt the natural flow of energy through the chakra system causing duress.

By allowing energy to flow through you, you’ll restore balance within your life. This will greatly enhance your well-being and allow your mind, body, and emotions to attune with your soul. Clearing dark and blocked energy also allows you to find clarity and improve your intuition to guide you to answer important life questions.

Types of Negative Energy

types of negative energy

Negative people

Negative people drain your energy. You’ll be much happier being with people who are happier and positive to be around. If your circle doesn’t make you feel happy or fulfilled, it may be worth considering to switch or rethink your friend group. Although admittedly, it may not be easy to get rid of them in your life.

How to combat this? Create a positive aura around you and use that to shield away any form of negativity from entering you. You can also apply humor and gratitude to create positive energy around you and attract similar wavelengths.

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Negative environment

Have you ever experienced yourself feeling stifled and uneasy in a new environment? Or maybe you feel a negative aura in your own home? You’re likely to not feel comfortable in a place that you associate to be harmful – like an emergency room in a hospital. But aside from association from harm, you can also be impacted by your immediate surroundings as well. Clutter and trash contribute to the negative energy at home and can even interfere with sleep.

Self-critical talk

Notice the thoughts that run in your head daily. Are they positive and consoling? Are they negative and demanding? If it’s the latter, you’re subjecting yourself to negative self-talk.

People who talk badly about themselves tend to suffer from bad health and colds more often than positive people.  A positive person doesn’t ignore problems outright; they just are better equipped mentally to deal with them. Negative people can become better through effort.

How to Remove Bad Energy in Your Home?

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Energy healers understand how the home affects the energy wavelength. Here are some ways to remove negative spiritual energy and fostering a more positive space.

Burn dried herbs

Burning dried herbs allows cleansing smoke to waft through the air. Some herbs also perform better than others, such as:

Place the herbs in a safe container where they won’t spread a fire. Burn it until a flame appears, then fan it out. Let it burn and fan the embers to fill each direction of the room.

Recommended dried herbs to choose from:

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Set new intention

Before anything, you have to have an intention in mind before cleaning your home. What do you want to achieve? What energy do you want to release? What’s your ideal outcome?

Say your intention with conviction to set the mark of your new beginnings. For example, “I want to become a more healthy person.” or “I want to release the painful grief of my pet’s passing.”

Crystals crystals crystals!

Crystals possess mystical properties derived from the earth and created millions of years ago. They harness their magical powers and each type holds its uniqueness to it. Even just one crystal is enough as long as what it caters to matches your needs or that of a family member.

Recommended crystals to buy:

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Cleanse home with salt

Salt is a versatile item with many properties. One of the things that it also does is cleanse negative spiritual energy. The way you can administer salt in your home can come in various forms. This includes:

  • Putting a small salt dish on your altar
  • Use Himalayan salt lamps
  • Mist the air with sea saltwater from a spray bottle
  • Put salt along the vicinity of your rooms or outside the field
  • Dissolve salt in the water you use to clean floors

Recommended salt and lamps to buy:

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Fill space with plants

Lastly, herbs and plants are great items to have to remove bad energy. Plants such as lavender, sage, and frankincense have properties that can get rid of negativity quickly. Spray them in a solution with water, witch hazel, and about 25 drops of essential oils. Then, mist your room with it.

Recommended plants and solutions to buy:

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Remove your clutter

Clutter can block your mind and energy from entering your chakras. This can cause an imbalance and an energy blockage. To combat this, remove your items and make a clutter-free home. Clean your space, sweep, and wipe down the floors. Also, open the windows to air out the negative energy.

Work on Yourself

A regular diet, exercise, and spending time with nature can cleanse the body and soul of bad energy. Following mindfulness practices and meditation rituals can also improve your life situation and destroy or diminish semblances of bad life energy.

Another way to work on yourself is by finding a calming mantra to repeat on a routine basis. This can ground your mind and help expel bad energy and keep the good energy flowing.

A Ritual to Remove Negative Energy

energy healer god content brands for negative spiritual energy

If you’re looking for a way to get rid of negative energy right now, do this ritual:

  • Set your intention — what you want to release and what you want to gain.
  • Imagine that a brilliant light flutters and fills your chest area, expanding light at every exhale.
  • Imagine breathing in and out through your chest. The light continues to expand as you exhale.
  • Harness the light’s power and bring it to your torso, arms, legs, and head area.
  • Then, expand it beyond your body, around an arm’s length from it in all directions.
  • Practice shielding; continue imagining a large bubble surrounding you at arm’s length from your body
  • Call unto the bubble to act as a cell wall. Ask it to bring and introduce love and positive energy, and to get rid and shield yourself from negative energy.
  • Imagine the bubble filling up with a golden light

After this process, you’ll feel much calmer and infinitely more relaxed. You won’t feel your stress and painful emotions hurt you as much anymore.


Negative spiritual energy is something that we all have to face from time to time. It’s a part of the human condition.

Nonetheless, rising above adversity and cleansing oneself from negative energy is always the ultimate goal.   This is so that you won’t be riddled with negative thoughts and discourage your entire life, but rather, inspired and driven.

That’s all for now!

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