How to Increase Positive Energy


Last Updated on August 7, 2020

A calm, peaceful mind attracts positive energy that affect a person’s life profoundly. You may not know it, but positive and negative energies within you influence all aspects of your life, then and now. Our circumstance is inherently neutral. That means, most of the issues that are stressing you out right now aren’t really as negative as you might imagine. It is your own perception that creates mental distress.

The fact is, we all given a choice to live in positivity or negativity. The inner self could generate positive and negative vibes depending on your choice. Of course, most of us yearn for peace of mind so naturally, majority of people would choose the former over the latter. If say, you’d like to bring more positive energy into your life, it’s quite possible. Get in touch with your inner self and discover ways to increase positive energy with these tips:


Never underestimate the power of meditation. Any type of meditation is helpful in terms of boosting positive energy in the mind, body, and soul. While you can always meditate the traditional way – sitting down with your eyes closed – you can also meditate by taking a walk or while chanting a mantra.

The key here is to focus the mind to the quietness – or if you’re chanting, the vibrations of the mantra – and freeing the mind from distractions that could otherwise cause mental and spiritual discord. If you can, meditate daily to increase your positive energy.

Soothing Music


Did you know that soothing music does more than uplift the mood? The vibrations that these songs generate have a positive effect on your body. Listening to soothing music is one of the best ways to get ready in the morning. It puts you in a positive mood so your day is instantly brighter and you feel more motivated at work. Dancing or moving your body to the rhythm is a great way to stay fit and drain negative energy too!

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Be Kind

Treat others the same way you’d like to be treated. Treating others fairly and kindly generates a positive vibe that resonates with the universe. Holding a grudge takes too much toll on the body. If you keep resenting people in your life, you will only attract negative energies that could affect your life. Let’s face it, nobody’s perfect and at some point or another, we’ll make mistakes. It will be much less of a mental burden to just forgive whoever hurt you and then move on and build a rewarding life.

Let Go

Certain things in life are beyond your control. And whenever you try to control a situation, you’ll only feel more stressed out and miserable about it. As stress levels climb, the mind is overwhelmed by negative thoughts.

Letting go of your need for control is one way to increase positive energy. So let go, accept that some things aren’t meant to be controlled. Let a circumstance run its course before taking action because it’s just useless to worry yourself sick over something that you cannot change.

Thrive in Positivity

No matter how bad a certain situation is, there is always something to be thankful for. Learn to see the positive in every situation. The fact is this, every situation in your life right now, is the manifestation of the one truth, the power of the divine. Thrive in positivity and it will reveal its grace to you.


Visualize Positivity

The human mind is a powerful tool that allows you to perform great feats. These feats include building stronger positive energy. Thinking positive is one way to increase positive energy. So is visualization. Picturing positive situations happening in your life attracts positive vibes that promotes a peaceful flow of life. For instance, if you are fearful, visualize a peaceful, calm mind and soon, you’ll find yourself feeling relaxed, less stressed out. Instead of dwelling on the negative, visualize positive thoughts to attract good energy.

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Be One with Nature

Did you know that being surrounded with nature is one way to increase positive energy? Nature attract positive energy because it represents everything that’s good in this world. Nature radiates with good vibes that instantly put anyone in a calm state. This is the reason why the sight of a thick forest, the beach or a meadow is so relaxing. Nature is also purifying, energizing, and invigorating to the mind, body and soul.

Surrounding yourself with nature is one way to increase positive energy. Soak up all that good vibrations that nature generates by tuning in to the stillness. There are so many ways to do this. You can go for a leisurely walk, explore a path, or add potted plants in your home.

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