What Does It Mean When a Spiritual Candle Burns Fast?


Last Updated on October 16, 2022

Candles are symbolic in many different ways. That’s why many are wondering about their meaning. Questions like “What does it mean when a candle burns faster?”, “What does the color of the smoke mean?”, and whether this is a good or bad sign is constantly asked by many.

Candle burning interpretation is fun and a good way to guide you during your rituals. Continue reading to learn about the meanings of different candle features below!

What are spiritual burning candles?

The use of candles as a means to bring spirituality has been around for centuries. For many cultures, burning fire is seen as a symbol of purification and a way to spiritually cleanse a space.

Also called candle magic or spell candles, spiritual candles are often used during prayer or meditation as a way to focus on one’s intentions and emotions. It is said that the light from the flame helps to create a personal place where one can feel safe and centered.

Candle Signs Explained

The history of candle symbolism dates back to ancient times. The Egyptians are credited with the first candle, created by dipping a wick in melted wax and letting it cool.

Candles were primarily used for ceremonial purposes early on but quickly became a daily necessity. The way to interpret candle flame meanings has changed over time to represent many different emotions or concepts.

For others, a candle is not just a candle. A candle burning can be a way of spiritual communication therefore it can be interpreted in many ways. From the way the flames burn to how the melting wax looks, the candle signs are just everywhere!

Candle Flame Meanings

Fast burning candle flame

What color candle burns the fastest? Do colored candles burn faster than white candles? Color makes no difference to how fast a flame burns and does not necessarily means bad luck.

When your candle burns quickly, check first if it is properly contained and leveled. Uneven candles may have a shorter burn time since the melted wax drip out quickly so make sure that your candles are positioned correctly for a longer burn.

Here are some more of the meaning of fast-burning candles:

  • There is passion and accelerated energy behind your intentions.
  • An even and quick burn could mean that your intentions will come to fruition.
  • An uneven, fast burn may mean that your intentions were poorly executed and that you have to repeat it again.
  • Fast burning can also mean that your wish won’t have enduring results.
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Slow-burning candle flame

If your candle burns slowly and is steady, it is a good sign that your wishes will be granted. Aside from that, the slow type of burning candle can also be interpreted as:

  • A steady flame is a signal that you need to be patient and focus in life.
  • A very slow burn could mean that an obstacle will come your way and it may take longer for your intentions to manifest.

Weak candle flame

Sometimes a candle may burn weakly if the wick is too short. However, this can also be because:

  • You are asking too much for your intentions and this turns into an unfavorable outcome.
  • If your weak candle burned completely, falters, or drowns in its wax, your desires will not be granted for now.

Bright tall candle flame

If your candle continuously burns into a bright and tall flame, then most likely it is a good sign. The meaning for this flame is that:

  • There is great and strong energy behind your intentions.
  • You can easily pass the barriers ahead of you because of your strong energy.

Dancing flame

An erratic flame that makes it look like it’s dancing shows high energy but is also chaotic at the same time. This flame could suggest that:

  • A large dancing flame suggests that your intentions are successful but it comes with complications.
  • On the other hand, a small dancing flame may mean that it could be overwhelmed by opposing forces – like others who are working against you either consciously or not.

Flickering flame

A flickering candle flame is interpreted by some that a spirit is present. If it is used for prayer, this could mean that your invocation is successful and being acknowledged.

Blue flame

A blue flame is another good sign that lets you know that the energy is on your side and that spiritual beings have taken interest in you.

Candle Wick Meanings

Curling wick

It is a good sign if your candle wick is in a circle or loop. This means that your desire has hit the bullseye.

Flowers or herbs weighing down

If you are using flowers or herbs in your ritual and it weighs down the wick, it means that there are others involved. In love spells, for instance, the person of interest is already involved with someone else if said objects weigh down the wick.

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Candle Soot and Smoke Meanings

Black soot

Black soot in a candle glass jar is generally taken as a negative sign. This could be interpreted as:

  • Black soots around the top could mean that there are obstacles or blocks in your way.
  • If soot is only on one side of the jar, there is a block on the elements where the soot appeared.
  • If black soots can be found all the way down, someone or something might be working against you.

Black smoke

Black smoke can appear if you put oils and herbs in your candle. Otherwise, this could mean that negative energy is present and is blocking your ritual.

If black smoke is present, you may pray or meditate and do a cleansing ritual afterward before starting your ritual again.

White soot

White soots are considered a rare occurrence. If your candle showed white soot, this could mean that the universe is working on your side. The more white soots, the greater the chance that your intentions will come true.

White smoke

It is a good sign if your candle smoke is white. White smoke is a sign that your intentions will be granted.

Candle smoke direction

The direction of the smoke also holds meaning so make sure to pay attention to it. Check if:

  • If the smoke moves towards you, it means that you are attracting what you are seeking.
  • If the smoke moves away from you, this represents that what you are seeking is moving away from your grasp.

Candle Wax Meanings

Clean burn

Another good sign to look forward to is if your candle burned cleanly with no wax drips. This could only mean that you effectively executed your intentions.

Crater in your candle

Crater normally appears especially if you are using pillar and container candles. But if your candle wax melted in the center and close to the wick, this usually means that your intention is not strong enough.

Incomplete candle burn

Leftover wax is fairly common. However, if there is still a wax left even if you had a long ritual, this could be interpreted that:

  • You still have things to sort out before your desires could be granted.
  • If your candle wax burned on one side only, something is out of balance.
  • Wax drip on the right side means that your thoughts and beliefs are hindering the ritual.
  • On the other hand, the drip on the left side could represent emotional and psychic imbalance.

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In conclusion, candle signs are not always what they seem. It is important to look at the candle meaning spiritually and in context. Candle signs should be used with caution and knowledge of what each type of candle is trying to convey.

To observe more how your candle burns, you may want to light your candle for a week. The 7-day candle meaning is intended for your candle to burn for a week, giving you more chance to interpret the flames.

Be careful when making assumptions about candle signs and just to be safe, don’t leave your burning candle unattended!

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