How to Open Your Foot Chakra the Right Way


Last Updated on July 26, 2023

You may already know that there are seven primary chakras. But you may be surprised to hear that there is another one known as the foot chakra.

The foot chakra is the chakra system’s grounding point, also known as the zero chakra. Like your root chakra, the foot chakra can connect us with the earth and help us when we feel ungrounded.

Blood circulation problems in your feet, and blockages caused by emotional and psychological stressors, may cause instability in one’s life. Besides having issues with your feet and legs a blockage in your feet chakra can also adversely affect many aspects of your life.

Before we jump to the signs of a blocked foot chakra and the things to do to clear it from negative energy, let us understand it a bit more.

In this article, you will learn:

  • What foot chakra meaning is
  • The symptoms of a blocked foot chakras
  • How to open your foot chakra

The foot chakra as part of the entire chakra system

The root chakra is the chief center of stability and it’s responsible for providing grounded energy. This definition suggests the same for the foot chakra. It is an important chakra energy center as it receives and channels the energy coming from the earth.

The foot chakra’s role in creating a spiritual connection

If you have a lively and energetic body, clear head, and positive disposition towards life, you have the foot chakra to thank.

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On top of that, it helps balance the elements in your life. It allows the passage of energy downwards to the earth and absorbs energy from the earth and channels it upwards through your physical body.

Apart from the term zero chakra, we also refer to the foot chakra as the super root chakra or the earth star chakra. We also consider the foot chakra as a split energy center. It sits in the ball of each foot, one half on the right foot and another half on the left foot.

Symbols linked to the foot chakra

We associate the foot chakra with the colors brown and black or earth tones. The healing crystals that help heal and open this energy center are black obsidian, black tourmaline, red jasper, hematite, and black kyanite.

Blockages in foot chakras

With a blocked foot chakra, the energy has no place to go and it will go back up and leak out through other energy centers. The energy that does not pass through the foot chakra will harm many aspects of one’s life.

Lack of focus

When we think of a lot of things going on, at work or at home, we lose focus on what’s really important. Sometimes, we have a lot of ideas in mind, but don’t even know how to make those things come to life. Then we end up not finishing anything, with our minds cluttered and we’re left with a lot of things to do and accomplish.

A blocked foot chakra may cause a lack of a sense of clarity and focus. You find it hard to focus on the things you need to get done. You easily get confused or have a lot of ideas, but lack a plan on how to implement them.


One symptom of a blocked foot chakra is having trouble sleeping or having nightmares. Some people with a blocked foot chakra suffer from insomnia, too. And even if you got the chance to rest, you still feel tired even after a good night’s sleep.

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Lack of sleep may lead to tiredness and exhaustion. This will also cause spacing out when doing relaxation techniques and meditation.

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A foot chakra that falls out of balance causes a person to disconnect from family and friends. It seems to be hard for them to understand the point of view of others. When you always isolate yourself, you are close-minded and don’t accept other people’s ideas.

Another sign of a blocked chakra is when a person shows self-centeredness. This is a mild symptom that shows how a person deals with his or her possessions and with other people.

Foot chakra opening

Opening your foot chakra

An open foot chakra causes the energy to pass quickly as fast as it enters one’s entire body. This helps a person to gain focus on what he or she does, even if it involves mundane tasks. A person can also receive guidance and wisdom and connect with the life force energy and the earth with an open chakra.

Negative behavioral patterns and adverse health conditions can be eased by healing the foot chakra. Opening the foot chakra requires the steps and the same things you do when opening up the other energy centers.

Now, how do you open your foot chakra?


One thing you can do to activate your foot chakra is to take a moment to look at your bare feet. Whether you prefer to walk, sit or stand on the ground or on a grassy mound, the idea remains.

Look at your bare feet and visualize that the chakra wheel beneath them is connecting to the earth. Then feel the energy from the earth as it enters your feet and moves upwards to clear blockages in your energy centers.

Use crystals

You can also do a foot bath with healing crystals or chakra wands. Place the crystals in a container that is big enough to soak your feet in. Add in lukewarm or warm water and essential oils like cedarwood, frankincense, or peppermint. Rub the soles of your feet with essential oil to keep the positive energy flow.

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Final thoughts on foot chakras and energy centers

Just like the other key energy centers, a clear and balanced foot chakra brings you good physical health and spiritual health. When practicing chakra healing and meditations, don’t forget your zero chakra, which is the grounding point and where the energy from Mother Earth comes in. An open foot chakra that works in harmony with other energy centers will make you feel grounded, secured, and protected.

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