What is a Chakra Wand Used For?

A chakra wand is a form of healing tool made of polished raw stones. Gemstones, which we often associate with specific energy centers, make up a chakra wand. They are one of the incredible tools that help balance your chakras.

The sizes and shapes of a wand also differ, and its ends. Some wands have pointed ends, while others have rounded ones. Some wands come in beautiful aesthetics and design.

What is a chakra wand used for? How do you know if you got the right wand? In this article, you will learn more about the uses of chakra wands and gain insights on how to choose the right wand for you:

Uses of a chakra wand

There are a lot of chakra wands to choose from, but it’s essential that you know which wand works best for you. We make the wands of different crystals, designed in different forms and shapes. Each of the crystals or stones has certain healing properties that make a chakra wand more effective.

The chakra wand, like other healing tools, helps strengthen the connection between your mind, body, and spirit. It has a lot of benefits and helps you restore balance in your physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being.

Chakra wand massage

A massage can help release tension and body pain. With the help of a chakra wand, you can massage a part of the body with blocked energy. Point the wand directly on the area, move it in a circular motion, or use it as a rolling pin.

Healing wands work best whether they are in direct contact with the skin. Massage your temples or rub your chakra wand across your stomach to improve digestion. You can also try massaging the wand gently across your upper or lower back.

Chakra healing

If you want to use a chakra wand on yourself, ask help from someone else who can wave the wand and point it to a specific area in your body. If you are doing this to a person or a patient, for example, use one of your hands to hold the wand and the other hand to direct the energy where you want it to be.

Chakra wands or crystal wands are a great tool to heal your chakras and any related issues arising from a chakra imbalance, including those that manifest through physical symptoms. Point the wand to that specific chakra or area that needs healing.

We can also combine chakra wands with healing crystals. We usually make wands of crystals, but you can also use them in combination with stones, or pendulum, or other healing tools.

Clearing & cleansing

Energy clearing and cleansing also relates to healing chakras and people. It is unavoidable to absorb negative energy from places we go to, people we deal with, and situations we encounter. A crystal wand can help ward off the negative energy and clear off the blockages in your energy pathways.

Keep in mind that the chakra wand does not work alone. Help cleanse yourself by getting rid of mental and emotional baggage. Think of positive thoughts and transform negativity into positivity.

More than just dealing with physical health and restoring the balance of chakras, your crystal wand can also help cleanse spaces, objects, and situations. Sometimes, you can feel that there’s a negative or tension in the atmosphere. A chakra wand can help cleanse your home, workspace, and even reduce tension in the atmosphere.

Positive thinking

​​Positive affirmations and visualizations are important to attract things you want in life. The same goes for the law of attraction. Thinking positively towards attaining a goal helps clear negative energy and using a chakra wand can help you do that.

A chakra wand for your energy centers

A chakra wand for your energy centers

All of your seven primary chakras or energy centers may work harmoniously together, but each has different facets of one’s life that they need to rule. If each of the chakras maintains a sense of equilibrium, a certain aspect of your physical body or behavior will function properly as expected. However, when one falls out of balance, there will be an excessive or lack of something.

This is where chakra healing tools, including a chakra wand, come into play. They help heal, cleanse, and restore balance in your chakras. Thus, it’s essential to know which specific gemstones and chakra wands can heal your energy centers.

  • Root chakra wand. Use the tiger’s eye, bloodstone, or hematite crystal wands to address a lack of motivation and to boost physical energy.
  • Sacral chakra wand. Moonstone, carnelian, and citrine wands can help address the lack of energy and strengthen stability.
  • Solar plexus chakra wand. To heal and reduce stress, anxiety, and fear, you may use topaz, citrine, or malachite crystal wands.
  • Heart chakra wand. Jade and rose quartz crystal wands are good healing tools for self-care, forgiveness, happiness, and love.
  • Throat chakra wand. If you are having communication issues or having trouble expressing your mind, you may use aquamarine, turquoise, or lapis lazuli chakra wands.
  • Third eye chakra wand. Choose the wands with amethyst or black obsidian to gain more focus, clarity, or direction.
  • Crown chakra wand. Diamond, selenite, or clear quartz chakra wands can help you connect to the universe and get into a higher sense of consciousness.

Choosing the right chakra wand

It is part of the chakra wand selection process to choose the stones that make up your wand. The crystals need to resonate with you and vibrate the same frequency as your energy field. It’s also important to know which of your chakras needs more attention and choose the right gemstones for healing.

Apart from the stones to use, you can opt to create your own chakra wand and personalize it based on your needs. You got a lot of online resources to read up on choosing the right materials and doing it from scratch. You may also opt to buy ready-made ones.

Choosing a chakra wand would also depend on the purpose you have in mind. Is it to heal physical pain, cleanse an area, or clear your head? Ask yourself these questions when making or purchasing a chakra wand.

You can have over one chakra wand with you, as each chakra wand has unique capabilities. Each wand is special and affects your body, chakras, aura, and overall well-being differently.

What is a chakra wand used for: Conclusion

The healing stones make up chakra wands, and they make the wand vibrate energy frequencies. While this is true, it is also important to note that the wands and other healing tools harness their energy from you. You need to connect with your chakra wand first, so it resonates the same frequency.

This is also similar to when you think positively and focus more on what you want to heal or purpose to fulfill when using the chakra wand. A wand is a tool that aids you with healing, but you also have to believe in the method and the tool for it to work.

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