What is a Chakra Wand? Meaning, Uses, and More!

Polished raw stones make up a chakra wand. This healing tool comes in a wand shape, but its appearance does not matter as much as the energy that comes from it. They are an incredible tool for healing your chakras and maintaining balance in your life.

A chakra wand is one of the energy healing tools you can use to heal your energy centers. The crystals we associate with the seven primary chakras make up this wand. People arrange the gemstones in the correct order, from the root chakra to the crown chakra.

In this article, you will gain insights and learn:

  • what is a chakra wand and its role in energy healing
  • how to choose the right chakra wand for yourself
  • how to use the chakra want to heal yourself and others

Choosing a chakra wand

It’s important to choose a healing tool that resonates with you, and this applies to choosing a crystal wand. No matter how it looks or what it’s made of, it’s important to know that it’s addressing the right problem and attending to the areas that need your attention. Below is a brief list of the things you should consider when choosing your chakra wand.

  • The healing stone. The crystal in your healing wand needs to be the one that corresponds to the chakra you want to heal. We know that each chakra has a specific gemstone with a distinct healing property. Pick the wand using the right healing crystal.
  • The wand’s shape. Healing wands come in various shapes and sizes. Their ends may vary. Some come in rounded shape while others prefer the ones with pointed ends.
  • The wand’s design. As mentioned, the look and design of your wand does not matter as much as its energy to heal. However, some believe that they maximize the wand’s power when it has a beautiful aesthetic. Keep in mind that this is all up to the user.

How to use a chakra wand

How to use a chakra wand

Just like any other chakra healing tools, chakra wands are accessible and are easy to use. You can either use it on yourself or use it to heal others. Whichever type of chakra you choose and however you want to use it, the important thing is that you believe in its energy and ability to heal.

Find a quiet place

In practicing meditation and using just any other healing tools, it’s essential to find a quiet place when you want to use a chakra wand. This will make your mind get into a sense of calmness and open it up to a higher level of yourself. Relax your entire body and start with self-cleansing.

Let go of negative thoughts and emotional baggage so you’d be open to receiving the positive energy from the wand. Close your eyes, relax your mind, and get all the peace you can get.

Put the wand near you

You need not hold the wand, as long as you place it somewhere near you. You can also hover it over the chakras and parts of your body that need healing, while reciting a mantra. Some would pint the chakra wand towards the chakra they wanted to heal.

When you’re using the wand and practicing chakra healing for someone else, make sure you hold the wand and point it to the area or chakra that needs attention. Your other hand can be above the wand to direct the chakra energies.

Some people rub the chakra wands over the energy points. They do so while meditating and reciting some mantras. Others place these crystal wands over a specific area or body part during the entire duration of chakra healing.

Visualize the chakras’ energy

When practicing any meditation and healing rituals, it helps when you visualize what you intend to happen. That’s why it’s essential to set the right intentions first. While using the crystal wand, imagine the energy that flows in you or in your patient’s body, clearing and unblocking all the energy centers.

In your mind, imagine seeing and feeling the chakra’s energy clearing and healing. In these aspects, the belief in the saying “mind over matter” can help. Focus your thoughts on the intention you set.

Complement it with other tools

You can reap a lot of benefits from using crystal wands, and you can even combine them with other healing tools. Using chakra wands, pendulums, and healing stones can all work together in activating your energy fields.

To make the most of your tools, make sure you identify which aspect of your life and part of your body that you need to focus on. Next would be to determine the right tools to use in healing your energy centers. You can also practice in a quiet and relaxing space, away from all the distractions.

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Before using a crystal wand to your advantage, make sure you tune it first to maximize its full potential. It is like programming it and aligning it to your goals and intentions. Therefore, meditating before practicing crystal wand healing helps.

Just like our bodies after long hours of work, you need to recharge your chakra wand after use. You may put the crystal wand under the sun for an hour and moonlight at night. Soaking it in clean water for one complete day also helps you prepare your chakra wand for future use.

Crystal wands release negative and transform them into positive vibrations. With the use of the right gemstone, they can be an exceptional tool to heal physical, mental, and emotional pain. They can also help cleanse each energy center and unblock the passageways for the energy to flow smoothly.

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