Here, we’ll talk about reiki and everything you need to know about it. What is it and how it works, Reiki’s safety as a form of complementary health therapy, becoming a Reiki practitioner, and more.

While there are only limited scientific data and medically reviewed journals that can explain how reiki works, many studies argue it can heal a person’s body in many ways. This includes lowering blood pressure, improving sleep, reducing anxiety, and reducing pain.

Reiki’s connection to your health

The term Reiki comes from the Japanese words “Rei” and “ki”. Rei means universal and ki means vital life force. Put them together and what you have is Reiki — a universal and vital life force.

Moreover, it’s an energy healing practice. It involves a Reiki master who guides the passage of healthy energy or life force energy through the body. As a complementary therapy or type of supplementary medicine, it plays a significant role in the management of chronic diseases and stress.

The safety of Reiki therapy

According to the father of Reiki, Mikao Usui, Reiki will not replace medical procedures. True, it harnesses universal energy that can serve as healing energy. But until there is more scientific evidence as a complementary treatment approach, it’ll stay on the sidelines.

Even on the side, though, it’ll help medical procedures be more effective. People who took certified Reiki training will assist the patient as they undergo a Reiki session — restoring balance to the mind, physical body, and spirit. 

The 5 principles of Reiki

“Just for today,” is how Reiki principles start. Their purpose is to urge people who practice Reiki to embody what Reiki represents — have Reiki energy all day, every day. They emphasize the importance of taking things slowly and pausing to reflect.

Here they are:

  • Stop worrying – The idea is to feel grounded and one with the universe. Because being grounded brings confidence, you need to walk through life with bravery and confidence.
  • Don’t be angry – You need to let go of grudges and ill feelings towards others. Negativity in your friendships, professional life, and other relationships will only slow you down.
  • Be humble – Understand that you are in a peaceful place thanks to the elements that helped bring you there. Acknowledge them and show gratitude.
  • Be kind – Compassion to yourself and to others is invaluable. Don’t be too harsh and always make some leeway for things to get better.
  • Show honesty – Live life in accordance with the truth. If you can fully understand and be proud of your undertakings, you’ll achieve your goals more effectively. 

Rules of Reiki

As a complementary and integrative health approach, Reiki is all about stress-free living and loosening up. So how you use Reiki principles is up to you.

You can use them as mantras to help direct your thoughts and actions throughout the day. Reiki practitioners believe that this promotes spiritual and personal development. And with these benefits, you can live a satisfying life — happier and more balanced.

Questions about Reiki

The fact that Reiki is used for complementary and alternative medicine makes people question whether or not it’s safe.

Here are more of their questions:

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