How to Do Spiritual Energy Transfer Through Touch?

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Notice how people would often put their hands on their stomach every time they feel a stomach ache? Or on their head when they have a headache?

Often, it’s children who would do this. And it’s a demonstration of spiritual energy transfer through touch.

This post will help you learn everything you need to know about it — what it’s about, why it’s important to learn more about it, how to do it, and more.

By the end of this article, you’ll be familiar with the spiritual energy transfer (through touch) process. If you’re about to transfer spiritual energy, this resource will be useful.

What is spiritual energy transfer through touch?

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From a fundamental definition, you can understand that spiritual energy transfer is the transfer of spiritual energy — often intangible and healing energy — through physical contact. Its goal is to use your own energy levels to interfere with another person’s vibrations and relieve them of their illnesses.

Below are relevant discussions about it:

Spiritual transfer through touch and reiki energy

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Considering that reiki healing energy’s basic definition suggests it’s a healing process performed through touch (the right hand and left hand), reiki works wonders and reiki energy plays a vital role in the transfer process.

With a reiki master or an attuned reiki practitioner, it allows you to transfer energy with the use of a person’s hands or through distant healing practices and expressions of empathy, kindness, and compassion. 

Qualities that reflect reiki treatment as a tool for healing:

  • Reiki sessions are fun and eliminate stress from the start – It’s almost effortless to learn. Compared to teachers of other healing techniques, a reiki practitioner doesn’t have to rack their brains out to let students learn reiki.
  • Reiki improves the overall well-being – Apart from eliminating stress in your life, it advocates the need for positive energy in your environment. This may manifest in the form of a more loving presence and reduced social isolation.
  • Reiki treatment is non-invasive – As it promotes harmony and balance, it doesn’t require contact with internal bodily systems. Thus, it is able to achieve overall wellness without compromising other elements in your human body (or without side effects).
  • Reiki cleanses your body – It eliminates toxins and anything that hauls in negative energy. This approach crushes energy blocks and leads to uninterrupted energy flow to your mind, body, and spirit.
  • Reiki accelerates your body’s healing abilities – As it cleanses your body, it brings the byproduct of that — a balanced internal system in a natural or near-natural state.

Other nature therapies and natural healing techniques

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At their core, they refer to systems of treatment that avoid medication, surgery, and other conventional treatment approaches. Rather, they put emphasis on using air-water herbs and other natural agents and physical methods using manipulation and electrotherapy. 

On top of reiki, other natural therapies and healing techniques are also important in the subject of spiritual energy transfers through touch.

Here is a list of common natural therapies and natural healing techniques:

  • Acupuncture – It’s an alternative healing technique that involves needles being inserted into your body’s key areas. The goal of this approach is to stimulate key areas of your body.
  • Massage therapy – It’s a popular healing technique known to eliminate stress and physical or emotional pain. Of its intent to bring wellness into your life, it takes into account factors such as symptoms lifestyle, and the level of your disease.
  • Reflexology – It gives importance to the pressure points found on your hand, feet, and ears. What it aims to achieve is to stimulate blood flow in your vital organs and help your energy center work flawlessly.
  • Traditional Chinese healing – This broad category of natural healing focuses on wellness for your body and psychological state. Common traditional Chinese healing techniques include cupping and moxibustion.

Kabbalists, Sufis, and other religious believers

Kabbalists (or the people who follow a mystical Jewish belief system) and Sufis (or the people who follow a mystical Islamic belief system) are known to perform spiritual energy transfers through touch on top of transferring it through breath, prayer, and meditation. 

Thoughts from the Jewish Kabbalah

Kabbalists hold honorary healing traditions. And in many of these traditions, they would focus on Divine Light Energy, sometimes referred to as Nur, and accept the responsibility of being a supreme power’s channel to heal.


Meanwhile, Sufis adhere to four principles namely Sincerity, Repentance, Love, and Remembrance. By adhering — and even just by acknowledging — these principles, they’re directed into living better and more rewarding lives.

Importantly, it helps sharpen their minds as they prepare to go through a transformative spiritual journey.

What religious sectors have to say

Notably, there’s also a term called Ruqya that describes a healing process done by proclaiming words from the Quran. 

According to the Kabbalists, this is supported by the spiritual teacher’s own energy — through their hands (touch), mouth (speech), and (eyes) sight. This is then followed by reassuring words whose effects are highly significant to a person’s psychological wellness.

According to the Christian bible, Quran, and Torah

Even in ancient times, the process of spiritual energy transfer through touch had a place. Notably, the people who possessed the highest form of power would refer to the transfer as the primary means of helping people.

Acknowledgments of spiritual energy transfer through touch in the bible:

  • It’s a widely accepted practice that Jesus’ most common form of healing is through touch. In the book, it’s referred to as the laying of hands.
  • In the Christian bible, it’s narrated that when Moses took Joshua and lay his hands on him, Joshua was healed. He was filled with a new spirit and became wiser. This is noted in Numbers 27:15 and Deuteronomy 24:9.
  • The Tanakh or the Hebrew bible strongly encourages the laying of hands to initiate the transfer of wisdom from one spiritual leader to another. 
  • In India, there’s a term called siddhi. It refers to spiritual powers earned through physical contact, meditation, and yoga.
  • In Buddhism, transferring energy through touch and concentrated thought is an accepted channel of healing. Notably, it’s how all sorts of energy is converted into something more tangible or apparent like physical energy. This is called The Loving-Kindness Metta Meditation.

The importance of learning about spiritual energy transfer through touch

The process of spiritual energy transfer through touch seems it’s full of mysterious and inexplicably magical. And often, the most practical way of explaining it to others — to beginners in spiritual energy transfer — is that it’s magic, indeed. 

Explaining it to them this way brings enthusiasm and inspiration. More importantly, it makes them want to delve into the spiritual process wholeheartedly. It also encourages them to walk through the ropes on their own, explore, learn deeply, and discover all the healing benefits of spiritual energy.

Once they realize the promise of spiritual energy transfers, they’ll understand the reality of the process. Particularly, they’ll understand these things:

  • No mystery or magic is involved – It’s an innate ability that goes alongside every person’s potential. Many people are simply unaware of this ability.
  • Every person is an energy system – And as such, each person’s environment interplays with their energy field.
  • The process relates to concepts in quantum physics – A SQUID or Superconducting Quantum Interface Device can measure energy fields — particularly, biomagnetic fields — that emanate from human hands.
  • The physical body is a concentrated part – As spirituality works in line with universal order, a person’s skin is an essential part of the transfer. Without it, healing energy can be difficult to transfer.
  • Spiritual energy transfer promotes a relaxation response – The effect results in decreased blood pressure, respiratory rate, and heart rate.

How to perform spiritual energy transfer through touch

Performing spiritual energy transfer through touch should be a heavenly experience — memorable and never fleeting. Before you proceed with the transfer process, it’s important you’re aware of this and its lasting effect on another person.

Step-by-step process:

Step 1 – Create a universal connection

The idea is to be one with the universe and access the cosmic energy flow. Once you have this, you will have an abundance of creativity and positive energy.

There are many ways to do this. And a simple and easy one is to use the power of visualization.

  1. Picture a grounding cord down through where you’re seating. Then it flows through the floor into the earth. Finally, it connects with the center of the earth.
  2. Once you established this connection, feel the earth’s energy seep into your life. Breathe into it as you envision it passing through the connection you created.
  3. As it passes through the connection, think of it as a waterfall that’ll return the amount of energy it holds back to the earth.

Step 2 – Cleanse aura

If you’re experiencing an internal imbalance, you’ll find it hard — if not impossible — to get back in touch with your reality. And because you’re struggling to distinguish the good vibes from the bad vibes, you’re stuck with the kind of energy that’s passed on to you. And you’re left with an overwhelming sense of confusion.

You need to come to terms with this as a problem in your life. Mainly, this will reflect in your overall character as a person and your quality of life. If you don’t work on this, you’ll be a difficult person to be around with.

Here is a visualization exercise that can help:

  • Imagine a stack of Christmas lights. Then think of the bulbs in the stack of lights as energy centers of their own.
  • Next, think about how each energy center (light bulb) complements the colorful nature of the entire stack.
  • This is the same with your body’s chakra system. If each chakra is functioning correctly, the entire body will function smoothly, too.

Step 3 – Work through the pain

As much as you want to avoid it, pain is inevitable. It’s possible that with time, the pain you feel will be less difficult to bear.

But rather than live your life trying to be pain-free, it’s best to deal with it. A practical approach is to work through it and allow it to change you for the better.

Here is a quick visualization exercise that’ll help you deal with pain:

  • Acknowledge your pain — as uncomfortable as it may be. And find the strength to picture yourself pushing it to an empty seat right in front of you.
  • Then visualize a ray of bright shining upon your pain and another ray of bright shining upon yourself. 
  • Now, examine your pain closely and see it dissolving right in front of your eyes. Then compare it with the fact that you’re not dissolving despite the shine of the same bright light on you.

Step 4 – Receive reiki attunement and perform reiki healing

The Reiki attunement process is powerful. It’s also a memorable spiritual experience that lets reiki masters and reiki practitioners open your energetic pathways. And above all its benefits, it helps you practice reiki better.

How you receive reiki attunement is up to you — in-person or remotely. It’s vital, though, that a reiki master or certified reiki practitioner is present during the experience.

Both techniques for receiving reiki attunements are just as effective. The more important aspect is you receive an attunement from a reiki master, and you allow the experience to transform you for the better.

Final thoughts

The signs are everywhere that spiritual energy transfer is possible. Not only that, but it’s also one of the most common forms of unconventional healing.

Many people may not know about the process. And a lot of that has to do with them being unfamiliar with the term “spiritual energy transfer”.  The truth is, they’re actually doing it every day and in simple gestures — hugs, pats on someone’s back, kisses, handshakes, and more.

If you haven’t performed spiritual energy transfer and you want to get first-hand experience, approach a family member or friend. Let them perform spiritual energy transfer on you and observe how you can do it on someone else, too.

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