Reiki for Dogs Hand Positions: The Ultimate Guide to Improving Your Canine’s Health


Last Updated on February 28, 2023

Do you practice reiki to help your dog? Having trouble applying reiki to your dog?

You’re not alone.

Many dog owners suffer when their pets have health conditions that regular veterinarian treatment cannot entirely treat. This might cause frustration when people try alternative therapies like reiki to heal their pets.

This ultimate reiki healing for dogs instruction solves this issue!

You can give your dog a practical reiki session with step-by-step instructions for using dog-specific hand positions.

Let’s learn how reiki or energy healing may enhance your pet’s health.

How to Do Reiki on Animals: Hand Positions for Dogs

Reiki hand positions are an essential aspect of the practice.

To begin a hand position, locate a comfortable posture for you and your dog. Use a soft touch and mild pressure to position your hands correctly.

These hand positions can be adapted for dogs to suit their unique anatomy and energy systems.

Hand postures, in general, should be utilized for many minutes at a time. This allows for deep relaxation and administers the healing process much more effectively.

Using the correct hand position and technique lets you channel life force energy properly and send healing energy to the affected region and envision.

This way, you can better envision your dog’s body becoming balanced and healthy by getting rid of his or her negative energy.

It should be noted that these hand positions are not exhaustive, and reiki masters may employ other positions according to their dog’s specific needs.

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Once ready, below are key hand positions that a reiki-certified practitioner can use to improve their canine companion’s health:

Top of the head

reiki for dogs hand positions - top of the headPin

Placing your hands on the top of your dog’s head can help to promote relaxation and reduce stress. This position is also useful for dogs with anxiety or difficulty sleeping.

The base of the neck

Hands-on reiki treatment normally requires you to put your hands on the base of your dog’s neck. This lets you balance the throat chakra, which is related with communication and self-expression.

This position benefits dogs that struggle to communicate their requirements or suffer from separation anxiety.


reiki for dogs hand positions - shouldersPin

Dogs can exhibit aggressiveness or fearfulness, which could be problematic to some pet owners. At the same time, this behavior indicates a dog’s traumatic experience before.

To try and ease away the dog’s aggressiveness, put your hands on his or he shoulders. This assist-balances the heart chakra, which is connected with love and compassion.


If the dog is experiencing difficulties with mobility or suffering from hip dysplasia, placing your hands on your hips can help balance the sacral chakra.

This part of the body is associated with creativity and sexual energy.


Placing your hands on your dog’s knees can help to promote healing in the lower body, including the legs and paws. This position is helpful for dogs who have suffered injuries or experience pain or stiffness in their legs.

Techniques for Using Hand Positions

In addition to the basic hand positions, there are several techniques that a reiki master can use to enhance the effectiveness of their practice.

Here are some techniques that you can use when performing Reiki for dogs:


proper breathwork for reiki allows you to draw out the unversal life force much better.Pin

Breathing deeply and slowly can help you connect with the universal life force, calm your mind, and connect you to your dog’s energy.

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Take several deep breaths before beginning your practice, and continue to breathe deeply throughout the session.


Visualization can help you to focus your energy and enhance the effectiveness of your hand positions. Imagine your dog’s body is filled with healing light, and visualize the energy flowing through your hands and into your dog’s body.

Intention Setting

Setting an intention for your Reiki practice can help you to focus your energy and connect with your dog’s needs.

Before beginning your practice, take a moment to set an intention for healing and balance.

Reiki Symbols

knowing reiki symbols is importantPin

Reiki symbols can be used to enhance the healing energy of your practice.

For example, the power symbol can increase the strength of your hand positions, while the emotional healing symbol can promote emotional healing and balance.

Distance Healing

Distance healing is a technique that allows you to send reiki energy to your dog from a distance.

This technique can be helpful for dogs who cannot be physically present for a session or are in a different location.

Additional Advice and Support

additioanl advice and support to help your dogsPin

While the hand positions and procedures described above give a firm basis for Reiki practice with dogs, there are some extra hints and guidance that can assist you in developing a successful and enjoyable practice.

Be Patience

Reiki is a sensitive and gentle technique; your dog may take time to respond to the healing energy.

Be patient and consistent in your practice, and believe that your dog is getting enough energy.

Listen to Your Dog

Your dog is the greatest judge of what he or she requires and how they feel.

If your dog appears uneasy or restless throughout the lesson, notice their indications and alter your practice accordingly.

Also, if your dog refuses to participate in a session or is uneasy with specific hand positions, you must follow their choices.

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Get Expert Help

You can try the techniques above and conduct an animal reiki session with your canine friend to

However, dog reiki is best performed by a reiki practitioner with experience in the spiritual healing practice above.

At the same time, reiki should never be used in place of professional medical care. So if your dog is in dire need of medical attention, always give that to them first.

Self-Care is Important

self care for dogsPin

Reiki may be an emotionally and energetically draining practice, so looking after yourself and your dog is vital.

Self-care strategies, including meditation, exercise, and a nutritious diet, can help you maintain the energy and attention needed to offer the best possible care for your dog.


Following these helpful guidelines and guidance, you may develop joyful and productive reiki sessions with your canine partner. Remember to approach your practice with patience, compassion, and respect for your dog’s needs and limits.

Also, set an intention for the session, build trust with your dog, and find a comfortable position. Seeking professional training and incorporating other holistic practices can also be beneficial.

With time and practice, you can become proficient in using Reiki for dogs’ hand positions and help your furry friend live their best life.

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