What is the Spiritual Meaning of Tangled Hair?


Last Updated on January 6, 2023

Having tangled hair can be a problem. Tangles cause your hair to feel heavy, uncomfortably thick, and out of control.

But did you know tangled hair has a spiritual meaning?

Let this post tell you all about it if you don’t. Here, we’ll discuss what tangled hair means for many people. We’ll also talk about if it’s a source of wisdom, whether there are gods and goddesses with this kind of hair, if it’s a form of rebellion, and more.

This way, you’ll know that tangled hair isn’t just here to bring problems into your life. It’s also here to serve a high purpose — spiritual awareness.

Tangled and long hair is a source of wisdom

Some people consider those with tangled and long hair as wise individuals. The spiritual meaning behind this is, hair has a link to heightened consciousness, better self-awareness, and a stronger connection to a higher being (that most people would refer to as God). 

With all these links, it should be understandable how a person with tangled hair is seen as a wise individual.

And according to people’s spiritual beliefs, the more tangled and longer the hair is, the wiser the individual is said to be. This is why those with tangled and long hair are found to be more respectable and authoritative in some places, too.

Here are more facts about tangled hair’s link to wisdom:

  • Tangles are an “energy magnet” – Tangles are attractive to cosmic energy and a form of divine energy that can be found at the spine, the Kundalini energy. And the more tangled a person’s hair is, the better because more energy flows through them. With more energy, they are known to be spiritually gifted with better intuition and enlightenment.
  • It encourages the spirit to relax – People with tangled hair tend to live according to hedonistic principles. They don’t hold grudges, walk around with ill thoughts, or start fights. Over other affairs, they prioritize the events that bring them pleasure and satisfaction, and they speak highly of what makes a person’s spirit rise above.
  • Tangles influence decision-making – Many leaders have tangled hair. Their ability to lead and make vital decisions is due to the unobstructed path (from their spirit’s center to their head) made possible by tangled hair. Because of their hair, they can benefit from high spiritual power.
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Are there gods and goddesses with tangled hair?

Yes, there are. 

Since ancient times, tangled hair has existed. And since then, it has been seen in extraordinary human beings with high power — from gods and goddesses who aim for peace to those who create destruction and intentionally block negative energy.

It’s good that people in many religions and spiritual groups worship gods and goddesses who have tangled hair. This matters because if a person worships deities with tangled hair, the worshippers are more likely to appreciate their own tangled hair, too.

Here are the gods and goddesses with tangled hair:

  • Kali (or Kalika) – She’s also known as “The Dark Blue One.” Her unapologetic way of entering events between life and death is distinguishable. Her actions are similar to how she tends to her hair. Her hair strands and always tangled and messy, and the mess doesn’t bother her.
  • Lord Shiva (or Mahedeva) – Also known as “The Destroyer,” he’s a god who represents the subtle breathing form of the living. While sometimes associated with calmness, he’s always ready to create destruction and disorder when the situation demands it. His tangled hair is a symbol of control of the brain and ego.
  • Durga (or Shakti and Devi) – “The Inaccessible” is one of her common nicknames, and it is a reference for her embodiment of shakti (or collective energy). Many people and divine beings want her immense power. But summoning her can be challenging, which is why she has that nickname. According to legendary stories, her tangles contribute to her power and fierceness.

Tangled hair, knotted hair, and matted hair as a symbol of Rebellion

In many cultures, people view men and women with tangled, knotted, and matted hair as rebels and punks. It is believed that because of their hair, they’re more outspoken. Their hair gave them a new feeling of empowerment. And they won’t put up with any matter they find disagreeable.

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This perception of those with tangled, knotted, and matted hair is not surprising. Throughout history, some people who protested against authorities had tangled hairstyles and unruly hair.

Here are more facts about tangled hair’s link to rebellion:

  • Rastafarians can be rebellious – In the 70s, some members of Rastafarian groups spoke up against the starch ways of their British colonizers. Spiritually, tangled hair gives a person confidence and a great sense of power to believe in what’s right. Although they’re pacifists, they won’t hold back from waging wars against those who intrude on their territories.
  • Tangled hair is a sign of a strong foundation – Someone with tangled hair has enduring values and a strong will. As evidenced by the tangles in their hair, they don’t easily succumb to different beliefs. While open and non-judgmental, they’re loyal to their principles.
  • Tangles symbolize the openness to radicalism – The actions of those with tangled hair aren’t to oppose authorities, per se. People with tangled hair are simply steadfast and have an unrelenting nature. People think of them as rebels and punks mainly because of their willingness to entertain radical thoughts and even live radically.

What is the life force energy associated with tangled hair?

According to yogis, monks, and other spirituality experts, prana or (breath of life in Sanskrit) is the energy associated with tangled hair — or any hair. As a life force, a person must exist. It is believed that this energy flows throughout a person’s body and can only exit via the top of their head. 

In addition to being vital energy, it can help improve a person’s mental health. With it flowing throughout the body, they’ll experience less stress. They’ll also benefit from a decreased risk of manic episodes, depression, and other mental illnesses.

If a person has thin or light hair, this energy can escape easily or become negative energy. But if they have thick, tangled hair, the exit can be blocked.

Here are more facts about prana:

  • It’s a source of movement – It holds the key to a person’s physical health because it regulates most of the conscious and unconscious functions of a person’s body. It’s responsible for the smooth flow of the blood, cells, digestive system, and more.
  • It influences the quality of thoughts – If it flows smoothly, there should be no interruptions with a person’s thought process. They can think of concepts and ideas that can benefit their well-being.
  • Its movement is connected to the body’s position – If it doesn’t flow smoothly, the spine will be problematic, and the body will be misaligned. As a result, it will affect breathing, balance, and coordination. A person’s sense of balance will also be affected.
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When a non-spiritual person finds out they have tangled hair, it’s not unusual for them to want to detangle it. It’s human nature to want to be rid of tangled hair. That’s why they use detangling hair products or visit a hair salon and get it fixed.

But from a spiritual perspective, tangled hair is meaningful and has spiritual benefits. Contrary to many assumptions, it’s not about a person’s physical appearance. 

Spirituality experts believe it’s not there to bring chaos and disorganization into one’s life. Instead, it’s there to help them level up spiritually.

So before detangling your hair, don’t forget what it means. And be sure to refer to the discussions above.

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