What is the Second Chakra and How Can It Help Me?


Last Updated on August 7, 2020

What is the second Chakra? It is the root chakra and is situated within the lower part of the skull to the temple. It is located in the base and may be called the “root” chakra. In general, it is considered the energy center that controls the way a person thinks, feels and expresses his personality.

The chakras represent the physical and emotional aspects of human life, in addition to the third Chakra or the fourth Chakra is responsible for emotional and spiritual expression. The chakras are associated with each part of the body.

The fifth Chakra is named Chi – and is located between the middle of the eyes and the throat. This Chakra is responsible for mental activities and in this chakra one can feel the need to express oneself in creative ways.

In Yoga, the connection between chakras and Chi is the basis of Kundalini Yoga. Kundalini yoga is also known as “Om-siddhis” Om-Samadhi”. When the Chakra is activated, one can achieve Siddhis.

The Chakra is often viewed as the “gateway” or doorway between the physical and spiritual worlds. And when it is blocked, one cannot enter the other world. Kundalini Yoga is then used to stimulate the spiritual senses to open the chakras and allow one to move into his or her spiritual level.

The physical manifestation of the chakras is the face, the hands, feet, legs, anus, breasts, belly, and throat. These are areas where the chakras manifest. Each Chakra is different and has its function. However, they are all part of the same system of energy.

Most of the chakras are located on the navel or around the waist where the organs are located. However, there are some exceptions.

Locations of the other Chakras

locations of other chakras - what is the second chakra

The first Chakra, the yoni or pelvis Chakra, is located in the body’s reproductive organs and is very important for fertility. The second Chakra, located below the heart, is of particular importance for psychological and spiritual health. The lungs, the third Chakra, is the most vital Chakra. The fourth Chakra, the diaphragm, is located between the eyes, directly above the eyebrows and is used to control breathing.

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The brain, the fifth Chakra, is connected to the body’s nervous system and is also affected by the sixth Chakra, located between the hands. Four types of energy flow through the chakras. There is the positive energy, which is positive and brings about good feelings and thoughts.

Energies activated from Chakras

On the other hand, there is negative energy, which causes the opposite and brings about negative feelings and thoughts. This is also known as war energy, which manifests as fear and pessimism. When one receives negative energy through the chakras, it becomes stronger, and the power increases. If the chakras are not filled with positive energy, the person experiences a weakened physical and emotional body and will suffer from negative emotions.

Usually, chakras are activated at puberty when the mind and body are strong enough to make them active. However, if the chakras are not activated, the person’s physical, emotional and mental condition may suffer from the effects of lack of awareness and the power of negative energy. To remedy this, physical exercises can be performed to increase the power of the chakras and enable one to face challenges more effectively.

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