What Does Heart Chakra Opening Feel Like?


Last Updated on August 15, 2022

The heart chakra is the fourth key energy center in our body. People refer to it as “Anahata,” a Sanskrit term which means “unhurt, unstruck, and unbeaten.” Love and compassion drive this energy point, which bridges our earthly and spiritual aspirations.

It is in between our lower chakras and higher chakras. The lower energy vortexes include the root chakra, sacral chakra, and solar plexus chakra, while the higher energy centers include the throat chakra, third-eye chakra, and the crown chakra. Being in the middle, it serves as a bridge between the three lower chakras that govern the physical, mental, and emotional aspects, and the three higher chakras that rule the spiritual aspect of one’s life.

It is the heart chakra’s role to integrate and merge the energies of the lower and higher chakras, as shown in its symbol. The location of this energy point is a very special place and the home for our soul.

We associate the heart chakra with one’s capacity to love and his or her connection with others. In this article, you will have a brief understanding of this chakra, the effects when it falls out of balance, and the signs of an open heart chakra.

In this post, you will learn the following:

  • get a better understanding of the heart chakra
  • what happens with an unbalanced heart chakra
  • sign of an unawakened heart chakra you must watch out for

Understanding the heart chakra

The heart chakra is right at the center of the chest. Based on the traditional chakra system, it is the fourth key energy vortex counting from the bottom of our spine. Originally known as Anahata in Sanskrit, people associate it with the air element and the colors green and pink.

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Like the air element, love is an invisible force that we feel and is everywhere. Air also manifests itself whenever we breathe, which signifies life and energy force. We also associate air with lightness and openness, the characteristic of a balanced heart chakra, which enables one to open her or himself up to positive energies.

The heart chakra’s colors are pink and green. Pink is the color for love and compassion while we associate green with nature and healing. So pink and green-colored gemstones like rose quartz, emerald, and jade can help heal and balance this energy point.

Unbalanced heart chakra

It is inevitable to have your chakras fall out of balance, including your heart chakra. No matter how compassionate you are, you will feel out of touch sometimes and push people away. Painful experiences like loss of a loved one, betrayal, and traumatic memories can also cause blockages in this wheel of energy.

Physical, mental, and emotional stress can influence this wheel of energy. You’ll know that you have an unbalanced and blocked heart chakra when you experience these symptoms.

Pleasing everyone

Your heart chakra may bring too much energy, and this may cause an imbalance to this energy center. You will aim to please everyone and become overly ruled by your emotions. You have a low self-esteem and you always doubt your decisions and choices.

An unbalanced heart chakra also makes one to seek validation in everything. He or she wants to get people’s attention and seek for acceptance. They have a fear of being left unrecognized.

Isolating yourself

Persons with a low energy in their heart chakra isolate themselves and avoid people. A blocked heart chakra can lead to issues concerning one’s relationship with family and friends. One will close herself or himself, hold grudges against people, and feel anxious and jealous.

Emotional dependency

A blocked heart chakra gives you fear of abandonment and codependency issues. You depend and attach your happiness and emotions with other people. You don’t get a sense of wholeness and you feel incomplete without others to fill in that gap.

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Having respiratory ailments

A blocked heart chakra can also manifest through physical ailments. You will experience respiratory system-related symptoms such as bronchitis and lung infections. Issues with blood circulation and heart diseases are also signs that your heart chakra is unbalanced and blocked.

Health issues in the chest area can be a sign that one has a blocked heart chakra. An unbalanced energy center may cause emotional and mental effects that can manifest through a physical ailment. Emotional dependency, rejection, jealousy, and hatred can all cause this physical symptom.

Signs of awakened heart chakra

Signs of awakened heart chakra

What does heart chakra opening feel like? When your heart chakra is in a state of equilibrium, it lets the energy, love, and compassion flow within you. You will have a deeper and harmonious connection with yourself and the surrounding people.


People with an awakened and balanced heart chakra accept their own weaknesses. They are aware of their capacities and appreciative of their gifts and what they have in life. They also properly take care of themselves and practice self-love so they have more to give to others.

An open heart chakra helps you maintain a balance between giving and receiving. While this energy point lets you become empathetic, it also allows you to discern how much you let in and give out. You can control and maintain harmony on your senses and emotions and maintain a sense of balance in your overall well-being.


The heart chakra enables one to empathize and understand what other people are going through. He or she draws people’s attention because of his or her warm personality. When you have an open heart chakra, you are trustworthy and have good listening skills so people come to you for advice.


The heart chakra is also our healing center that enables us to forgive ourselves and others. It helps us build and maintain positive relationships with people by opening our hearts despite disappointments and betrayals. One may recognize pain, but with an open heart chakra, he or she will not hold a grudge against people.

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People associate the properties and characteristics of life, nature, healing, and transformation with this energy center. It can transform the negative energy into a positive one, anger into love and jealousy into trust.


The heart chakra encompasses a lot of aspects in our lives that also influence the other chakras. A balanced chakra means a smooth flow of energy that can also help the other chakras work in harmony. It is essential to maintain its balance, and the other energy points to live a harmonious life.

The heart chakra does not protect you from pain, grief, fear, and rejection. It allows you to have these feelings, but have love as a dominant force that guides you as you navigate these negative emotions. It helps you feel all these, but still reach peace and have love for yourself and others.

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