How to Create Positive Energy and Live a Fuller Life


Last Updated on August 7, 2020

Positive energy – just like all the different energies that exist in the universe – affect how you act, feel, and behave. And if you’re wondering how to create positive energy, it is not that difficult! Your actions produce energy that affects you and everyone around! But how to create positive energy? Here are some of the best tips to generating positive energy:

How to Create Positive Energy

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Stay Away from Negativity

Some types of energy are strong and easily recognizable, others are subtle. Negativity is a strong force, it hangs over like a dark cloud among those who dwell on negativity. If you want to create positive energy and bring in great changes in your life, now’s the best time to stay away from negativity that could be keeping you from achieving your goals.

Negative energy grows strong when people are too focused on dark thoughts so do the opposite, focus on happy thoughts. We all have our own battles to fight but how we handle our problems define who we are as a person. Consider every challenge as an opportunity to learn.

Vent Mindfully

Again, we all have our own problems we deal with every day and venting on and on about it makes us feel better after. But the thing is, venting about your problems give energy to negativity. That’s not to say you shouldn’t vent at all, you can let it all out but do so mindfully. How? Instead of focusing too much on the negatives, appreciate all the blessings you received. This is one of the most valuable positive energy tips you need to keep in mind.

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For instance, instead of complaining about your job and hating on your boss because you feel that you’re overworked and unappreciated, focus on the benefits of your job and learn as much as you can. Once you find a better job – one that you can do with much passion – you’ll be better at what you do because you gave yourself a lot of time educating yourself. Do not waste time on spouting negativity and learn to turn everything around to your favor.

Love and Acceptance

Love and AcceptancePin

One of the easiest ways to create positive energy is to love and appreciate yourself. Accept that you are not perfect; you will make mistakes–a lot of it. Learn to forgive yourself, live the moment, and never beat yourself up for everything that goes wrong in your life. Let go of the past, it’s done. Learn from your mistakes and move on.

For every negative thing you say about yourself, give yourself five compliments. Love yourself and appreciate all the amazing things that you have going in your life!

Be Grateful

A grateful heart attracts miracles–and positive energy! Be thankful for all the blessings you received instead of focusing on life’s many imperfections. Learn from your mistakes and release the energetic burden you carry. Be kind, let go of resentments, disappointments, sadness, anger, and guilt. All these negative emotions are weighing your heart down and creating negativity in your life. Live life to the fullest with a grateful heart.

Deal with Toxic People Properly

Do not let other people’s behavior affect your mood. This situation is common in the workplace. It’s easy to get frustrated at work due to deadlines, stress, and your bosses breathing down your neck. But by giving in to these emotions, you are only giving these people the power to control your mood and state of mind. It’s easy to criticize, complain, judge or blame others when things don’t go your way but never allow yourself to be upset over something you cannot control. Remember, happiness is a choice. If you want to learn how to create positive energy at work, do not let other people’s actions affect your mood.

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Learn to Say No

Are you the type of person who can’t say no? If you are, do not say yes when you mean to say no. If you keep saying yes to everyone even if you don’t mean it, you will only resent people around you. And resentment will only lead to negativity. Do yourself a favor, if someone asks you to do something and you don’t want to, give a firm yet polite no. It’s hard to say no but it’s better than letting other people treat you like a doormat!



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There are so many things in this world to be happy about so don’t waste a good day frowning! Laugh a lot, smile, surround yourself with positive people who makes you appreciate the little things in life. A smile brightens even the darkest mood!

Spread the cheer even at the office. Now, why is positive energy important in the workplace? As mentioned, the workplace is a cesspool for negative emotions. By bringing a positive, can-do attitude in the office, you lighten the mood and create a more positive environment to cast away the looming cloud above everyone’s head!

Keep Fit

Staying fit and healthy is a way how to increase positive energy in your body. It’s no secret that working out helps alleviate stress and uplifts the mood. Make a habit out of exercising every day. You don’t have to stick to a stringent routine. Walking for at least 30 minutes a day, doing bits of yoga or walking your dog is enough to keep fit.

Thanks for reading my post about how to create positive energy! If you have questions about the post, feel free to comment below!

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