Crown Chakra Opening: What It Feels Like?

“The lotus flower with 1,000 petals” is what the Sanskrit word Sahasrara means. It pertains to our crown chakra, the 7th primary energy center found on top of our head. We associate it with the nervous system, brain, and pineal gland, and it relates to our spirituality.

Because the crown chakra deeply connects to our inner soul, it also links us to the divine universe. It encompasses our source of inspiration, happiness, trust, and devotion. It rules our consciousness and helps us connect to our higher self.

The chakra system is a traditional system that lets you be well balanced in the physical world while being connected to the divine. The vigor of the entire chakra system depends on each of the seven primary chakras, including the crown chakra. The goal is to have all chakras unite at the crown chakra for one’s spiritual enlightenment.

When your crown chakra is activated or awakened, it will permeate your body. It may be a different kind of experience, and it may manifest through physical or emotional signs. This article will give you insights to make you better understand:

  • the symptoms of a crown chakra opening and what it feels like
  • the physical and emotional symptoms of a blocked crown chakra
  • how to balance your crown chakra

Signs of an open crown chakra

People say that the experience of receiving the divine wisdom is having the crown chakra receive the subtle energy, drip it down, and spread throughout the body. Some may fully know that their crown chakra is activated, while others may not know the signs and symptoms. The list below can guide you to better understand this spiritual journey.


The crown chakra is the 7th and highest chakra that sits upon your head. Therefore, your head, or the parts that surround it, is the most affected when the crown chakra awakens.

Some may feel a tingling of the nerves, while others experience a sprinting sensation. As the crown chakra opens, you may experience displeasure with headaches and migraines. This means that the life force energy is working to get rid of blockages deeply entrenched inside your mind.


When your crown chakra opens, you will have a higher sense of intuition that most often comes with dizziness. This spiritual transformation may cause fear and confusion, as you will get to feel detached from others.

The same as the third-eye awakening, your dreams become more vivid when your crown chakra opens. You become much more attuned to the other chakras.

Sleep Cycle

A drastic change in your sleep pattern is one sign that your crown chakra is opening. Some may find it hard to sleep while others will feel exhausted because of too much sleep. Keep in mind that this is normal as you embark on this spiritual transformation.

Signs of a blocked crown chakra

An awakened crown chakra gives you access to an expanded consciousness, but we block the energy flowing through it when we don’t acknowledge the divine energy. Blockages are also caused by our negative beliefs and other internal stressors that influence the way we think and feel.

Physical signs

The physical symptoms of a blocked chakra include migraines, recurring headaches, insomnia, and sleep disorders. Some may have thyroid and pineal gland disorders, while others may experience nerve pain and mental health issues.

Emotional signs

Apathy and lack of compassion towards others is also a sign of a blocked crown chakra. This also leads to detachment, as the energy imbalance affects your behavioral patterns. Excessive ego and selfishness can also be one sign of a crown chakra imbalance.

Spiritual signs

A sense of detachment and the inability to connect with others could mean an imbalanced chakra. You will also feel disconnected from yourself and you lack faith and spirituality. Because you are detaching yourself, you will get to a point when you will question your self-worth.

Healing your crown chakra

Healing your crown chakra

All seven primary chakras, including the crown chakra, fall out of balance because of internal and external influences. Internally, your negative thoughts and emotional baggage block the pathway of the life force energy. Externally, the surrounding negative energy from places, objects, or people you encounter also affects you and the energy that you absorb.

Once your crown chakra falls out of balance, you will experience the symptoms mentioned above. To regain balance and heal your crown chakra, you may take note of the following tips:

  • Ask for guidance. You got to open yourself up to accept the divine energy. It’s normal to be afraid, at first, experiencing the changes as you start with this spiritual journey. So it is important to ask for spiritual guidance.
  • Relax and meditate. Clear your thoughts and rid yourself of negativity. Self-cleansing makes you receptive to positive energy. Meditate with a focused mind and a peaceful heart.
  • Have a mantra. As important as having an intention at the beginning of your meditation, it’s great to have a mantra for yourself and your spiritual goal.
  • Commit to spiritual practice. Educate yourself and learn how to develop yourself and gain spiritual growth. Embody the lessons learned through the words you speak and the actions you take in your day-to-day life.
  • Use healing tools. You have a lot of spiritual healing tools to use for healing and meditation. There are crystals, candles, scents, and wands, each with a unique healing property. Choose one that best suits your needs.
  • Choose the right color and gemstone. Violet and white represent the crown chakra, and we associate it with spirituality and consciousness. Use crystals and gemstones like selenite, diamond, clear quartz, and amethyst to achieve spiritual peace.
  • Stay close to nature. Enjoy the positive vibe and energy you get from nature as it helps awaken your crown chakra. Take a stroll outside, meditate, and breathe the fresh air as you cleanse your mind.


All the energy from the six other energy points travel up along the spine and meet at the 7th energy center, the crown chakra. It’s on top of the entire chakra system that lets one achieve the highest state of his or her consciousness. An open crown chakra also helps with self-realization and enlightenment.

Now that you already know how to keep your crown chakra in balance, it’s also essential to have all other energy centers in check. The chakras should all work together in harmony to have a balanced physical, psychological, and spiritual state.

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