How to Get Spiritual Power Through Meditation

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Is it possible to gain spiritual power through meditation? Psychic ability is at its most powerful after meditation. Anyone who meditates regularly could train his or her mind to achieve great feats. The fact is, meditation can help unleash the power of the mind, allowing you to develop certain abilities that defy reason. In today’s post, we are listing down ways to get spiritual power through meditation:

How to Get Spiritual Power Through Meditation

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Controlling the Temper

Are you prone to mood swings, constantly lashing out when things don’t go your way? If you have a volatile temper, then you probably feel like losing control of yourself in the middle of a fit. Uncontrolled temper results from lack of emotional self-control. If you cannot control yourself when angered, you’re likely to hurt the people that are closest to you.

Regular meditation is a practice that promotes emotional self-control. It’s a helpful activity for those who cannot control their temper. While there are different meditations that could ease anger, breathing exercises are the most effective. Using full breaths while meditating helps ease stress, breathing in and out deeply to calm the nerves. Do your breathing exercises regularly and you’ll gain the ability to control your temper and think with a clear head when it counts.

The Power to Heal

While some are born with a strong ability to heal themselves and others, you too can train yourself to provide spiritual healing. Meditation is one way to strengthen your spiritual core, allowing you to restore health and provide therapeutic relief from certain ailments. This goes especially if you or your loved ones are constantly exposed to toxic substances and pollutants.

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To gain the power to heal through meditation, practice perceiving, transferring, and transforming spiritual energy from your hands onto the affected area. Healing others is a complex technique but as long as you practice, you can become a healer by meditating.

Change the Rhythm in Social Situations

Every social situation has a distinct vibe and people who are involved in a certain situation respond to said vibe. For instance, a crowd cheering on a popular band to perform an encore or being moved to tears after hearing a certain song. When a speaker drones on, you can feel the group growing impatient. Just like how the rhythm of a situation affects those who are involved in it, you have the power to change the vibe through meditation. This goes even if you’re just a casual observer.

Making an impact on a specific situation starts by tuning into it differently. By meditating regularly, you realize the energy you generate. You can use this spiritual energy to move people and change the overall vibe of a situation, good or bad. To gain the power to change the vibe of difficult situations, meditate and draw slow, deep, and rhythmic breaths. Visualize your energy transforming and intervening during difficult situations. Use your personal atmosphere to influence those around you.

Precise Body Clock

Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Always feeling groggy, fatigued, or exhausted the morning after? Did you know you have the power to control your own body clock so you can wake up or go to sleep at will? The fact is, there are high-energy people who just can’t seem to slow down no matter how much they try to take a rest.

Through meditation, you’ll never feel exhausted from lack of sleep. You can sleep and wake up you set your mind to. This is a useful ability if you lead a busy lifestyle! Also, you’ll never use an alarm clock ever again. Just close your eyes, focus your mind to the quietness, and control your body’s rhythm as you breathe in and out deeply.

As you breathe in and out, visualize breathing for sleepiness or alertness–whichever applies to a specific purpose. Set your mind at a precise waking and sleeping time. Do this regularly until you’ve trained your body to wake up or sleep at specific times of the day and night.

Achieving Balance

Not all people are blessed with physical balance. And if you’re naturally clumsy, you can will yourself to have better balance by meditating. The key to perfecting physical balance is to find your center, making corrections and catching yourself if the angle is off. If you don’t return to your center, you will fall.

To hone balance and strengthen your core, you must focus on balanced breathing as you meditate. Usually, one should focus on the act of breathing while meditating. Shift your focus on the rhythm of your breathing. This technique allows you to find your center and strengthen your balance.

Thanks for reading my post on how to get spiritual power through meditation. If you have questions or thoughts to share about the article, please fill out the form and comment below!

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