The Johrei Symbol: Everything You Need to Know


Last Updated on February 10, 2023

The johrei is a sacred symbol used by the johrei fellowship.

Johre is said to embody the divine white light that dwells within all things and to be a powerful tool for spiritual development.

This blog post will discuss everything you need to know about the johrei, its history, how it works, and its benefits.

What is Johrei?

spiritual hands

Johrei is a Japanese spiritual healing method focusing on universal life energy, also referred to as “white light” or spiritual light.

It represents the purification of the spirit, a healing vibration that the johrei fellowship brings forth.

Johrei member has faith that this method focuses on the following:

  • positive healing to both the physical body and the spiritual body,
  • helps open blocked chakras,
  • connect to spirit guides,
  • and release negative energies to eliminate a person’s spiritual suffering.

The johrei symbol gives off 2,520 electrons of white light vibration and refracts into seven primary colors when run through a prism.

This sacred symbol has been used by ancestors in spiritual practices for centuries to promote pure healing and purification, foster connectedness, and create positive transformation.

History of the Johrei Origin and Development 

From the teachings of Mokichi Okada, aka Meishu-Sama, around the same time as Reiki, johrei is one of the medical arts of Japan. 

According to Okada, learning to activate the light within ourselves provides a greater understanding of the connection between humankind, life on earth, and the divine.

He intended to create a symbol for people to recognize each other’s inner connection.

By the mid-1930s, the johre had been accepted by many individuals and represented harmony, purity, protection, and more empowering qualities.

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Understanding the johrei elevates a person’s spiritual consciousness to make this an ultimate world of peace, health, and prosperity for all.

Today, those familiar with its meaning find it a source of hope and self-determination on their journeys to promote personal growth in mind and spirit.

How has it Changed Over Time? 

Over the years, johrei has evolved and become more widespread.

It is now practiced by millions of johrei members who believe in its power of deliverance from physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional suffering.

Johre practitioners, like those usui reiki practitioners, find that using johrei’s energy in no way interferes with their beliefs in whatever traditional religion they follow. 

The symbol itself has also changed substantially in recent decades.

It was simplified and modernized to reflect the increasing global popularity of the johrei emblem while retaining all its core components that have been integral to the practice for hundreds of years.

In today’s version, all elements have been balanced to emphasize the light that flows outward and the all-encompassing nature of this spiritual practice.

While evolving and growing over time, johrei is an essential spiritual practice that many embrace.

How Does Johrei Work? 

spiritual energy healing

Johrei is conveyed through the hand of the practitioner to the spiritual body of the person receiving treatment to purify the stages of consciousness of both physical and spiritual aspects of a person’s being.

It promotes a purely natural healing process, helping the recipient restore physical health, mental clarity, and emotional wellness.

Johrei practitioners can send healing energy without physical contact – all it takes is one person sending out their spiritual power in the form of light while they sit.

And this process works both when practitioners and receivers are together or even across great distances.

Johre should be applied to the aura with the symbol of Cho Ku Rei preceding it. The meditative method used in the auric field is beneficial when using this technique.

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For using it on the chakras, each one should initially receive energy for at least ten minutes. As blockages decrease, the recipient will feel more relaxed. And the closure should be with Cho Ku Rei again.

Meishu sama and his johrei members said they do not prescribe, diagnose, or treat physical illnesses. There is no physical contact intent while doing johrei.

People who receive this spiritual healing experience spiritual growth and physical healing and are blessed according to the divine will.

Using Light and Energy to Connect with Nature and Universe 

The johrei is a powerful and spiritually profound symbol that actively connects with Heaven and the universe, using an intense light and energy exchange.

People worldwide use this symbol to seek healing, self-empowerment, and deeper insights into their life’s journey.

It is believed that the same light and energy which permeates throughout all creation resonates within this symbol and can be accessed to discover our most profound spiritual potential.

By focusing on the johrei as a form of prayer or meditation, one opens up to its cosmic benefits, making them part of one’s reality.

The Spiritual Aspect of Its Use 

The symbolic representation of johrei works wonders for the spiritual aspect of its use.

In particular, this spiritual symbol encourages well-being and harmony in individuals, deepens a person’s connection with inner peace, and establishes a link to God.

This religious practice allows practitioners to gain godliness by developing tranquility within their souls, leading to internal balance and peaceful nature.

Benefits Of Using the Johrei

man meditating

The johrei is a powerful source of spiritual energy with far-reaching benefits for those who choose to use it.

Here are some of the benefits of using johrei:

  1. It offers protection from energies that can adversely affect individuals, families, and communities, making it a valuable tool for cultivating harmony in our lives.
  2. Its effectiveness is derived from its ability to increase the frequency of energy vibrations in the surrounding environment.
  3. Those using the johrei have reported experiencing the tranquility and improved physical and mental health. It can be experienced through alleviated symptoms such as headaches, stress, fatigue, and insomnia.
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The richness of implementing this symbol into one’s life will no doubt open the path to one’s connection with their inner power and true potential.

Summary of Key Points

In conclusion, understanding the significance of the johrei symbol is essential for those seeking to benefit from this unique spiritual practice.

Its three elements – representation of Heaven, prayer for world peace, and personal well-being – each embody the mission of johrei.

Developing a practice of johrei can offer insight into understanding better and using the healing power within.

With regular application, you can unlock more profound knowledge about yourselves as you grow in your spiritual journey.

It also reminds the importance of looking inwardly and outwardly with compassion and respect.

With its age-old message still relevant today, embracing the core principles of this ancient wisdom offers an enlightening path to healing yourselves and, ultimately, one another.

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