How Do You Know If You Are Spiritually Gifted?


Last Updated on November 21, 2022

Have you ever asked yourself “Am I spiritually gifted?”

We are all gifted in different ways, but not everyone knows what their gift is. Our spiritual gift can be a talent, ability, or power given for us to nurture. Our ancestors may have passed the spiritual gift down through generations, or it may be something innate in us.

From a theological context, a spiritual gift is a grant of extraordinary graces needed by people to fulfill their purpose in life. There are two opposing beliefs on a spiritual gift that describes the special abilities as either natural or miraculous.

The gift comes in many forms like having the sixth sense or extra-sensory capability, feeling, seeing, and hearing things beyond the physical realm, and being more receptive to energies. A person may receive messages from the supernatural, something that connects the physical world with the spiritual domain.

Some people recognize and develop their gifts at an early stage. For some, however, their gifts may be subtle and they may not know how to use and manage them. They live their lives without knowing the special ability that they possess.

How do you know if you are spiritually gifted? In this article, you will:

  • gain insights and a list of indications for you to know if you are attuned to the spiritual realm
  • read tips on how you can harness your gift

Signs of spiritually gifted people

You may not be aware that you are spiritually gifted, thus, it’s important to note the signs to recognize your gift. Awareness and acceptance of your gift is the first step so you can use it to its full potential. Below are some characteristics of a spiritually gifted person:

Having Premonitions

People say that having visions is like dreaming while you’re wide awake. The outside world tries to communicate with you through these visions to warn you of danger. For instance, you may envision an unfortunate event involving someone you know.

Premonition is a strong feeling that something is about to happen. Spiritually gifted people can have these visions that warn them of impending hazards. It can be something that pops in your mind or a feeling that something bad is about to happen.

These may make you feel scared and uncomfortable. However, these premonitions can guide and help you prevent bad things from happening. It serves as a guide that tells you to avoid doing things to keep away from danger.

Having Vivid dreams

Having Vivid dreams

Having lucid dreams can be a sign that you’re gifted and your third-eye chakra is open. Dreams are a way for the spiritual realm to connect with you and send you a message. Just like premonitions, dreams can also send you a signal or warning.

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Some gifted people dream that something bad happens only to wake up and find out that it really happened. It’s like dreaming of someone dying and waking up hearing about the bad news.

This experience may trigger goosebumps, but you have to note that dreams are subject to different interpretations. What you can do is to write the details down and study their meaning.

Channeling other’s energy

Spiritually gifted people can channel someone else’s energy. For example, you may not understand why you have a sudden outburst of emotions towards something. These feelings and sensations can help you and guide you for some kind of resolution.

For instance, the feeling of sadness or fear may be from someone you know who has passed away. That person’s spirit may be trying to send you a message that he or she needs prayers to ease these feelings.

A lot of random emotions they draw from others can overwhelm gifted people. Without knowing how to manage your gift, you may end up feeling stressed and inundated.

Having extreme emotions

You may cause things to break and affect your surroundings with a lot of emotions you have within. If you aren’t aware that you have a spiritual gift, having these experiences can be a sign. Animals also draw their attention towards spiritually gifted people and if they sense strong emotions coming from you.

Observe earnestly if you encounter animals or pay attention to your pets’ behaviors. If they do act strange, ask for the white light protection to guide you.

Sensing a negative vibe

A gifted person has a strong energy radar and can sense the negative vibe in a room. They know in an instant that something bad happened to a specific place. They can also sense someone else’s behavior and intentions upon the first meeting.

Spiritually gifted people can see things beyond what’s in front of them. Their gift helps them determine the things and people who need their help. They can also sense the positive energy in people because they are overly sensitive.

Pressure in your forehead

You may feel a slight pressure in your forehead, particularly in between your eyebrows. You will find your third eye here and going through this can be a sign that this chakra has opened. When you experience this, experts say that you’ll have an increased sense of intuition and clairvoyance.

An open third eye means that your mind will work harder than usual as you traverse through different realms. When this happens, all the negative energies will accumulate, leading to frequent tension headaches.

Changes with your senses

There’s a higher chance that you will awaken the sixth sense when you are spiritually gifted. The sixth sense affects all other senses, causing some weird changes to one’s senses. You can sense things beyond the physical world, smell strange scents, and hear things that don’t exist.

Hearing voices can also be a sign that you are spiritually gifted. You can either hear them audibly or access the message through your mind. Learn to listen to these spiritual voices and let them guide you.

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Sleep disturbance during wee hours

Sleep disturbance during wee hours

Waking up at 3 am or 4 am maybe nature’s call, but for some, it can be a sign that they are going through a spiritual awakening. We believe that this specific time of day is when mystical powers are at their strongest. Known as the “witching hour,” waking up at this time means that the higher beings are trying to reach you.

A person is most vulnerable in his or her sleep. This is when the supernatural beings try to contact you and send you a message. If you have difficulty sleeping or waking up during this hour, try some meditation or recite some prayers.

Experiencing synchronicity

Synchronicity is a phenomenon that happens when you keep seeing the same words, colors, numbers, or images all the time. It pertains to coincidences that take place in our lives. It serves as a guidance that shows us what to do next.

The experience is unique to everyone as synchronicity comes in different forms. Some keep seeing repeated numbers or symbols while others think or dream about something or people and seeing them happening in actual life.

An example of this phenomenon is repeatedly seeing signs that you feel is leading you to something special. Another instance is that when you hear or receive a message that you need the most, especially if you’re going through a rough patch.

You’re close to nature and animals

Animals are attracted and feel safe and secure when they are near spiritually gifted people. One of the main reasons could be that animals sense a person’s emotions and aura. When animals always approach you, it could be a sign that you are spiritually gifted.

Gifted people find themselves spending more time connecting with nature. They love the peaceful and sense of tranquility when they go out and enjoy nature’s gift. Being close to nature also allows a person to connect to his or her greater self.

Harnessing your spiritual gift

Spiritually gifted people may have terrifying experiences if they don’t know how to manage their special abilities. One’s spiritual gift gets stronger through practice so he or she can receive the right messages. Increase your intuition and nurture your gift with the right attitude and behaviors.

  • Self-Assessment. Evaluate yourself and list the qualities you observe and it also helps to consider what other people see in you. Spiritually gifted individuals are compassionate and empathetic. They make an excellent advisor and are trust-worthy.
  • Acceptance. Acknowledge your gift and innate ability that you can use for a good purpose. Accept the fact that this gift allows you to receive guidance from the spiritual world. Embracing your gift is key so you can start nurturing and developing it to its full capacity.
  • Courage. Be brave to embrace the gift and accept the changes that go with it. You may feel terrified at first, but know that your visions are a form of communication that guides you and keeps you safe. It’s not an overnight process, but you will gradually gain courage as you navigate through this spiritual journey of yours.
  • Concentration. Develop your ability through meditation as this helps you set focus. This practice can also calm your mind, body, and soul, allowing you to connect to the higher level of your consciousness.
  • Self-healing. Rid yourself of the adverse frequencies so you can let the positive energy flow within you. Practice self-healing by using healing tools such as chakra wands to remove the blockages caused by mental and emotional baggage.
  • Wellness. Living a balanced and healthy lifestyle is vital in all aspects of your spiritual well-being. Taking care of yourself, spending some time for meditation, and eating healthy food help boost energy and frequency. Reduce your intake of alcohol, meat, and food that slows down digestion as they make it difficult for you to connect spiritually.
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A spiritual gift is an obvious manifestation that humans can serve a greater purpose. It is through this gift that spiritually inclined people get to realize that they connect to something that’s beyond their ego.

Gifted people draw the energy that transforms ego, contempt, and other negative emotions to wisdom, love, and compassion. These qualities make them open to positive energies that guide them in helping people in need.

The spiritual gift is unique to everyone and people have their ways of nurturing their abilities. Learning to trust your senses and intuition takes time, so it’s important to seek guidance when you can.

Be grateful to your gift and the opportunity to access the realm outside the physical world. Once you welcome and accept this gift, your energy will be more attuned to positivity. With this, you strengthen your innate ability and intuitive nature.

To nurture the spiritual gift, one also needs to do self-healing and cleansing of negative energies. Negative emotions like bitterness, anger, and stress do not co-exist with outstanding spiritual ability. It is of great importance to free yourself from negativity for your natural gift to flourish.

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