What are Chakra Beads and Its Benefits?


Last Updated on October 31, 2022

Beads are tiny decorative objects used to make pieces of jewelry. We make these out of crystals, wood, plastic, pearls, and many others. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, and they have holes for stringing so we can weave them together to make a nice accessory.

The art or craft of making an accessory and handmade pieces have also become useful for chakra healing. People learned how to infuse the use of healing crystals in a handmade piece that completes one’s overall look and style. Chakra accessories like bracelets and necklaces are just one of the many tools that we can use to aid us in balancing and healing our energy centers.

In this post, you will learn the following:

  • What makes chakra beads different from other beads
  • How to choose the correct type of beads
  • What beads to use for the right chakra

Beads for chakra healing

What are chakra beads? These are stones used to make up an accessory, each has a healing characteristic that corresponds to a specific energy center in our body. They help regain the alignment and balance of our chakras and remove blockages caused by innate and external stressors.

Chakra beads come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Remember that certain elements and colors of the crystals and stones represent a specific energy center. These colors and gemstones encompass a specific facet in one’s life that needs to be in balance and work in harmony with the rest of the energy centers.

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Choosing the right chakra beads

Choosing the right chakra beads

We know that there are seven key energy points or chakras in our body that need to be in balance. You need to know how to heal and activate these chakras once they fall out of balance because of blockages. One way to maintain balance and heal a specific chakra is to keep a healing crystal with you all the time.

People learned that it’s easier to infuse the healing crystals in pieces of jewelry because you can wear them wherever and whenever. A chakra bracelet, for example, is a small and portable material that you can wear or carry with you all the time.

You always have the option to use one type of chakra beads for your chakra bracelet or any other accessory, or you can have seven of them, one representing a specific chakra. You should also be aware on which wrist to wear your bracelet. There are a lot of online stores where you can purchase or customize one for you, or you can always make one for yourself. No matter how stylish or simple you want your accessory to be, what’s essential you source the right material and chakra beads to use.

The root chakra beads

An imbalance in the root chakra may cause anxiety and a lack of physical strength. Crystals that heal this specific energy point come in a red hue.Use red-colored beads or stones if you want to restore balance in this energy point that rules your survival instincts and sense of security.

Chakra beads to use: Onyx, garnet, hematite, pyrite, and red jasper.

The sacral chakra beads

Orange is the color that represents this chakra, and it rules your creative and sexual vitality. If you want to keep a smooth flow of energy and creativity, then you have to use orange-colored chakra beads. These stones can help you gain energy to accomplish things and avoid procrastination.

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Chakra beads to use: Amber resin, carnelian, tiger’s eye, and citrine.

The solar plexus chakra beads

The solar plexus chakra governs one’s expression of will and helps a person to make tough decisions in life. Yellow beads can help maintain balance in this chakra as the vibrant color signifies positivity. Yellow-colored gemstones help heal a person’s low self-esteem and indecisiveness.

Chakra beads to use: Amber, lemon quartz, pyrite, and yellow citrine.

The heart chakra beads

This energy point is all about love and compassion for others. The colors that represent this chakra are green and pink. The gemstones that come in these hues can help you balance this energy center and improve your interaction and relationships with others.

Chakra beads to use: Rose quartz, jade, amazonite, and emerald

The throat chakra beads

This chakra covers your ability to express your mind and speak the truth. You will lack mental clarity and be afraid of expressing your thoughts when this energy point falls out of balance. Blue chakra beads can help restore the balance of your throat chakra.

Chakra beads to use: Amazonite, aquamarine, blue turquoise, lapis lazuli.

The third-eye chakra beads

Indigo is the color that represents this energy center, which rules your perception and intuitive ability. An imbalance in this chakra can cause overwhelming changes because you will get to have extrasensory ability. Using indigo-colored beads can help heal this energy point and enhance your intuition and receptivity to energy.

Chakra beads to use: Sodalite, labradorite, an iolite.

The crown chakra beads

This chakra helps you connect to the highest level of spirituality. The violet and white colors represent this energy center, and we associate it with consciousness. Use white and violet beads in your chakra bracelet or accessory to balance this energy center and ward off emotional distress.

Chakra beads to use: Amethyst, clear quartz, and diamond.

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Spacer Beads

We place these beads in between the main beads and crystals in your accessory. We then use these spacers to draw attention to your chakra stones. Finally, we commonly use lava rocks as spacers for chakra bracelets because they are for grounding and protection.


The chakra beads are only the physical representation of the crystals’ healing power. It’s important to note that you also need to work on self-cleansing and other ways to have a sense of balance and harmony in your life. Using chakra beads is as good as having to spend some time meditating, living a healthy lifestyle, resolving your personal issues, and surrounding yourself with positivity.

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