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Last Updated on March 8, 2021

Science, with its overall direction of progress, has explained the study of religious healing, as many cultures have used such healing methods for thousands of years. The medical and health practitioners have explored many spiritual healing methods. We have considered it as a miraculous result of some type of spiritual healing every time it has delivered a medical miracle.

While treating an illness requires an extensive scientific study and research, people resort to alternative medicine like energy healing. This is especially true for people who would like to explore all options available. One example would be the treatment of a cancer cell while there is no scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of energy healing.

With all the positive effects and results over the years, we should not rule out spiritual healing as a placebo or ineffective. In fact, a large percentage of the world’s population uses these healing methods, either alone or with other forms of healing. People take these methods as a personal form of therapy, and they use the practice on themselves without the help of medical doctors.

Types of spiritual healing

Some people call themselves a medium and interpret the meaning of some messages that they receive through their channels. There are many spiritual healing methods that are used by those who do not use medicine. These include energy healing, psychic healing, and prayer.

Energy Healing

Some people do not have access to medical professionals or hospitals, while others are not comfortable staying or being treated at a medical facility. These people choose to get energy healers instead to help them achieve the same results that they seek from mainstream medicine.

As with many forms of healing, energy healing can be effective for people who believe in it and are also willing to do their part to heal themselves. When the body is operating at a higher level of physical activity, it increases the energy of the body. This is very similar to when you are exercising, except your muscles are being relaxed in order to get the energy flowing through them.

When the energy flow improves, your immune system will work harder. A smooth flow of energy makes your body more receptive to healing. It makes one to think and feel positively, which helps with the overall healing process.

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When people focus on higher energies, they can simply tune into these energies and it is these energies that will work on their body, allowing them to heal the most important areas. With the help of spiritual healing, people can experience the positive effects of energy healing, even if they are simply trying to relax, relieve stress, or heal any illness.

A healer can show his or her clients how they can become more receptive to the energy. In order to do this, the person must first receive the positive energy by getting rid of negativity and clearing off all emotional and mental blockages.

Psychic Healing

The technical definition refers to psychic healing as the treatment of physical or mental illness, though a parapsychological or spiritualistic means. People often refer to it as faith healing, which has been part of religious practices since the ancient times. People do this type of spiritual healing through prayers or laying on of hands. 

From the energy and chakra healing perspective, psychic healing is the process of clearing and balancing the energy within a person to optimize his or her health and vitality. The essential element of this method of healing is the power of the mind. Psychic healing also works with the energy field that surrounds the body of the patient.

This method of spiritual healing involves channeling and translating the energy through spoken words, visualized scenes, or music. Psychic healers feel that this method helps them reach a spiritual state. Some call this tapping into the universal life force energy. 


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People consider faith healing as a form of prayer. This is because the gestures used in the method, which is laying on of hands, is believed to elicit divine intervention. In Christianity, people believe that the divine energy involved in this kind of healing is from God, based on their religious belief, traditions, and practices.

Over the years, a myriad of techniques like saying a prayer to heal has been effective in the cure of illnesses.With prayers or visiting a solemn place, the person can channel the energy needed to heal others or oneself.

Part of the healing method is the healing of the heart, the soul’s home. This involves singing, reciting, and other spiritual types of meditations. There are many interpretations of what this means, but generally , it means that the person will become more aware of the healing process which is useful in the healing process itself.have to clear his or herself from all the negative energy and open one’s self to the positive healing energy.

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When a person prays, he or she receives the energy of the universe as a prayer or mantra. People have been praying since the beginning of time. With the use of prayer as a healing tool, you can reach a higher level of spirituality which will also enable you to help others.

Spiritual healing components

One important element of spiritual healing is the universal life force energy. It’s important for the healer to direct this energy towards the body of his or her patient with a positive intention in mind. Similar to the practice of meditation, setting the intention at the beginning of the session is key, so it aligns the healer and the patient with the goal they want to achieve.

Directing the universal energy towards the patient’s body raises the energy field or the spiritual vibrations of that person. This means that the healer will have enough amount of surrounding energy to channel and use for the method.

Repeated sessions also help increase the energy in people who are ill. There are certain mental and emotional blockages that can heal. Thus, having more spiritual healing sessions can help a person clear his or herself from all these baggages.

There were healers and patients who have reported positive outcomes from practicing spiritual healing. Most people positively perceived body sensations, physical relief, and positive emotions. Patients had a more positive outlook in life and have adapted to a more positive, healthier lifestyle. 

This is where another important component of spiritual healing comes to play. A patient or a person needs to live a healthy lifestyle, physically, psychologically, and spiritually. Overall well-being relies on a person’s openness to positive energy and adaptability to a better life.

Spiritual healing effects

This method of healing helps a person reduce stress and anxiety. Most of the time, mental and emotional stress cause tension and physical symptoms like fatigue and headaches. Past transgressions can also be a huge part of stress and anxiety, in which spiritual healing can help a person let go of the past and forgive oneself.

Spiritual healing brings your energy into balance and also helps your energy centers (chakras) work in harmony. This method helps one person to have an increased vitality, bringing happiness and a sense of fulfillment.

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Spiritual healing also helps clear off negative energies that may have been holding you back from achieving your goals in life. The method helps you move beyond this limitation and welcome new possibilities and opportunities in life. People who feel that they have been stuck from doing what they want will feel and experience freedom in expressing themselves.

The positive outcomes that one is experiencing from spiritual healing can also lead to one’s breakthrough in terms of his or her relationships or career. When one feels good about him or herself, he or she will have more positive energy to share to others. This will reflect to his or her actions at work and to relate with other people.


As with any form of healing, it is important to be cautious with various spiritual healing methods. While most of them will have the potential to help you, there may be times when they will not be successful. It is important to manage your expectation and expect all possible outcomes.

It is important to note that we also absorb the subtle energy from people we encounter and our environment. Our feelings and thoughts are influenced by the energy of people we interact with. Our intrinsic thoughts and feelings also significantly affect us in a spiritual sense, so it’s important that we open and surround ourselves with positive energy.

Spiritual healing has a lot of benefits that will help you live a life full of joy and vitality. Remember that spiritual healing needs to be a holistic approach, where you also need to do your part for it to work. Apart from believing in its potential to heal, complement spiritual healing by taking care of yourself and overall well-being.

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