Spiritual Benefits of Cutting Your Hair


Last Updated on October 16, 2022

Good news: Cutting your hair has spiritual benefits.

So if you’re planning to say goodbye to your long hair, your spiritual side will thank you for it.

In this article, let’s talk about the:

  • spiritual benefits of cutting one’s hair
  • spiritual meaning of someone cutting my hair
  • what does cutting hair symbolize
  • what are the advantages of trimming hair
  • why chopping off hair is such a big deal

We’ll also find out what it means to have short hair if it’s good to keep cut hair at home, and what will happen if you cut your hair every month.

Why should you cut your hair? What does it mean spiritually?


You should cut your hair slightly shorter if you don’t feel comfortable with its length anymore. That’s one of most people’s reasons — they go to hairstylists or cut their own hair if they feel their hair is too long already. It may also be the reason for you.

In addition to the discomfort that they feel because of long hair, people cut their hair for these reasons:

  • Cuts routine time in half – Having shorter or short hair is practical. Caring for it is less tedious — or not tedious at all.
  • Gives a cool look – A shorter hair cut is more comfortable if you live in a hot place.
  • Gives a different look –Always had hair so long? Shorter hair grants you a chance to look differently.
  • Restores hair health – The problem with dry and brittle hair can easily be remedied by getting a cut. They can make it short and let it grow into new, healthy, and vibrant hair again.

Spiritually, chopping hair off also signifies a major life change. If you’ve had the same hair for the past years, cutting it off is a sign that you’re leaving a past chapter of your life. 

Here are discussions on the spiritual benefits of hair trim:

  • New beginnings – By getting a new haircut, you’re signaling to the world you’re ready to become a new person. 
  • Almost everyone does this for spiritual benefits – Notice how the people in your life cut their hair when they go through a major life event and want something new. This includes marriages, moving into a new home, and breakups.
  • It gives extra confidence – People feel compelled to do this because it makes them feel empowered.
  • It’s in literature – Siddharta, a character in a famous German novel, cut his hair to mark the start of his spiritual journey. During his journey, he learned to live a meaningful life, and he got what he was searching for: Spiritual illumination.
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What is the role of the crown chakra?

Energy from the crown chakraPin

Importantly, cutting your hair is a way of reaching out to your crown chakra.

The crown chakra, also called sahasrara chakra, is the portal to the cosmos. As its name suggests, it’s located above your head (where a crown is placed) and at the same spot where your hair is located.

Some believe your hair is a natural extension of it. Meanwhile, others say it’s the physical representation of your crown chakra.

Here are points that address the role of the crown chakra:

  • “Top” chakra – Of all chakras, it’s the most spiritual. It’s the chakra you want to tap to learn about your greatest potential.
  • Central to your being – It serves as the center of your spirit. It’s in charge of your enlightenment, universal consciousness, and wisdom.
  • Link to higher guidance – If you’re feeling out of place or lost your balance, it’s the chakra that can help you get back on track. It can also help you find true love.
  • Key to your vibe with the universe – It’s in charge of your external affairs. It’s the chakra that can help you interact and communicate effectively with the universe.

Specifically, cutting the hair above your head is a method of cleansing your crown chakra. By cleansing the crown chakra, you’re ridding yourself of negative energy and clearing the way for positive energy and good things to happen in your life. And with a cleansed chakra, you’re more connected to your inner being.

According to Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, only with a cleansed crown chakra can you maximize the effects of your body’s energy. 

He says it’s like going on a journey towards a grand destination. If the road along the way is crowded or blocked by obstacles, you can’t easily get to your destination. You may even feel discouraged because of its challenging nature. Or you may want to stop your journey right then and there.

The solution? Clear the road so you can reach your destination effortlessly.

Do you still need to cut your hair if it’s healthy hair?

Girl with curly hairPin

To be in harmony with your spiritual side, you should regularly cut your hair — healthy or unhealthy it may be. The negative energy associated with hair is with the hair itself and not with its condition.

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Many people cut their hair at the end of every month to mark the passing of that month. It’s their way of saying goodbye to an old month and greeting a new one. You should also think about doing it, too.

Think of it as giving yourself a spiritual workout. Think of uncut hair as unwanted energy. By cutting your hair every month, you’re also cutting off unwanted energy every month.

Does long hair give off negative energy?

Girl with long hair looking downPin

Around the world, many cultures would recommend the same practice — cutting hair. According to cultures, you should do as Siddharta did to benefit from the same sense of empowerment.

You should also cut your long hair because it messes with your energy levels. Notably, it’s believed to give you a negative thought process than can affect your mental health.

Here are a few points that show haircut symbolism and its link to your energy:

  • In China, there is a shearing ceremony called “a good luck haircut” – It’s a shearing ceremony where Chinese parents give the first haircut to their babies.
  • Hinduism considers haircutting sacredAs part of cleansing rituals called samskaras, people need their hair cut. Hinduism views uncleansed hair negatively and serves as a breeding ground for negative energy.
  • Shamans practice “cutting of cords” – Shamans believe that if a person is in distress, they need to cut their hair. By doing so, the distressed person will release old energies, toxic habits, and meaningless connections. 
  • Mongolians take turns cutting a baby’s hair – When Mongolian babies reach the age of two (based on the lunar year), their family members take part in a ceremony to give them their first haircut. These adults take turns cutting hair and offering gifts.

Is it good to keep hair at home?

True enough, many cultures worldwide believe in the spiritual benefits and cutting off hair symbolism. The idea of keeping hair at home is also part of the discussion.

Here are points to acknowledge:

  • Hair heals the home – According to those who hold centuries-old spiritual beliefs about hair’s benefits, keeping hair at home is good because hair has healing powers. Therefore, keeping it in your home gives the place healing powers, too.
  • No throwing away – They also advise against throwing away hair especially if this practice is done right after a haircut. For them, throwing away hair is like throwing away its powers.
  • Burning hair as an alternative – To follow the advice of the traditional folks, modern-day people would oppose the throwing away of hair by hair burning instead. Then they would bury it in their yards and leave it there untouched for years. 
  • Your hair, your choice – Some people would leave hair for days on their floors before cleaning it up. Others would place it in a small storage container like a jar and leave the hair inside for years.
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Final thoughts

Another remarkable benefit of cutting your hair is the sense of empowerment it gives you. With short hair, you’re empowered, confident, and willing to conquer the world.

So if you need a boost in spirit and if you’re planning on gearing up for a big life, why not begin cutting your hair and wearing your hair short?

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