How to Be a Spiritual Healer and Help People


Last Updated on October 31, 2022

Did you know a select group of people has the natural ability to heal sickness? Spiritual healing is a method of restoring the proper flow of energy in the body to promote a healing response. And a lucky few has the power to heal without using drugs or medical tools. These spiritual healers have access to the spiritual plane, able to heal the sick by acting as an energy conduit to another person.

If you are a natural-born healer, it’s possible you’re able to heal people without even knowing it. But is it possible to becoming a spiritual healer when you are not a natural-born healer? Through commitment and sheer hard work, you can become one. And if you’d like to know how to be a spiritual healer, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

How to be a Spiritual Healer

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Surround Yourself with Nature

Spirituality and nature go hand in hand because nature generates positive vibrations that promote healing. Shamans or natural healers work as a bridge between man and nature. They interpret the energies given off by the rivers, oceans, mountains, and animals. Surrounding yourself with nature allows you to stay in tune with vibrations generated by the earth so you are in tuned to the natural world.

If you’re unsure whether you’re a shaman or not, below are signs to guide you:

shaman signs
Source: Lonerwolf

Watch the Signs

To reiterate, you might be a natural-born healer without knowing it so watch the signs. If you are a sensitive person who can see, hear, or smell things that a normal person cannot, then you might be a healer. A healer’s senses are sensitive; this is a gift that’s given to a chosen few. This gift allows a healer to be in tune with the natural world, sensing healing energies that no other person could feel.

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Apart from being sensitive, you’ll know if you have the power to heal when you feel a strong calling to ease suffering. Some pursue medicine, others become priests. The same thing applies for shamans whose calling is to heal. If you are passionate about a sacred cause, committed to healing people or animals or you have a strong affinity with nature, you might be a healer.

Below is a video for a complete list of signs that point to you being a spiritual healer:

Believe in the Power of Spiritual Healing

how to become a spiritual healer and put your powers to good use

If say, you have a strong urge to become a spiritual healer and you’d like to develop your skills for self-growth, believe in your own ability to heal. Educate yourself, master different healing techniques and gain wisdom to be confident in your abilities to heal. You can also use candles to set the atmosphere and aid with your healing. Trust there are powerful forces that are helping you control your ability to heal with precision. Hold your hand over a particular spot on a person’s body and let your inner voice guide you to strike a healing response.

Practice your craft

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Yes, tapping into the power of the spiritual realm requires practice. And it all starts by working on yourself. Get to know yourself and your abilities and from here, cultivate your qualities. You can ask any sick friends or family to let you heal them. You can also practice with sickly pets. Think of yourself as a therapist, offering free therapy to anyone who’d like to recover from a sickness without drugs. Practicing means offering your healing abilities to anyone who’d like to receive spiritual healing.

If you are healing someone, visualize that you are a part of your patient’s suffering. Imagine that you’re not just a part of the healing method, you could feel your client’s pain. Visual their suffering as a black smoke entering your heart. Then, imagine a white light piercing through the black smoke, eliminating pain and healing the body from within.

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Focus on a specialization

Once you are healing with precision, you need to specialize in a style. All healers choose a specialized healing they perform. Now, there are many forms of healing in the world. Some of these include energy healing, pranic healing, and of course, spiritual healing.

Once you become a spiritual healer,  focus your training on this style. That’s not to say you shouldn’t try other healing techniques. You’re welcome to try other healing styles, but only when you have established a strong foundation of your healing methods. Only when you’re comfortable and confident in your abilities can you practice on other healing techniques you want.

According to Deborah King, you need to have an activated thymus to practice spiritual healing effectively. The thymus helps the body fight off virus and plays a role in your spiritual development. If it continues to “open,” it will further manifest other spiritual talents you have.

deborah kingWith an activated thymus, your healing powers will continue to grow until you’re conducting healings on your friends and family if that’s your goal. Whatever level of healing ability you would like to achieve, an activated and expanded thymus is a solid foundation on which to build your practice of energy medicine.

Deborah King, “The One Secret You Need to Know to Awaken Your Inner Energy Healer

Do You Now Know How to Become a Spiritual Healer?

Spiritual healing is a fantastic complementary therapy for the sick. If you’re planning to heal others as a professional healer, it’s important to let your patients know spiritual healing is best used with conventional medical treatments. You must never use spiritual healing to cure any illness. Discuss the essence of spiritual healing with your clients and give advice, but do not guarantee a cure.

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