How to Get More Spiritual Energy


Last Updated on August 7, 2020

Food nourishes the body while spiritual energy feeds the soul. For most people, being spiritual means being committed to a specific religion. Not so, spiritual awareness is not just about establishing a connection to divine power; it’s also about forming a deeper connection with the self and the natural world. 

Building a strong connection to your spirit allows you to live a content and fulfilling life because your happiness no longer depends on worldly pleasures. A strong sense of self enhances spiritual energy that dispels negativity of all kinds. If you’d like to know how to get more spiritual energy and attract positivity into your life, consider these tips:

Gain Inner Awareness

To start your journey towards increasing your spiritual energy, you have to engage your inner self. How? Through regular meditation. Meditation allows you to look deeper into yourself, providing clarity of mind and spirit to gain inner awareness. 

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When you meditate, close your eyes and empty your mind of distracting thoughts. Focus on your breathing and reflect in the quietness. Meditate regularly until it becomes a part of your daily routine. Once meditation becomes a habit, you’ll be able to achieve clarity of thinking while getting yourself more. You’ll be able to open inner depths of your own processes and this will be the first step towards strengthening your spiritual core.

Find Spiritual Inspiration

Why do you want to strengthen your spiritual energy? What are your intentions for wanting to establish a stronger spiritual core? It’s important to determine your own motivations for becoming spiritual. Of course, your intentions should be pure and free from negative agenda that could hinder you from gaining spiritual energy

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The mind is powerful; it could help you achieve great things. But if it’s plagued with negativity, there is no way for you to strengthen your spiritual core unless you let negativity go. Check your intentions before you begin and make sure you only have the purest intent. 

Proper Mindset

Some people are so consumed by their desires to become richer, more famous or influential that they don’t think much about enriching themselves spiritually. If you are committed to establishing strong spiritual energy, you need to have the proper mindset. A strong spiritual core isn’t connected, in any way, to acquiring material things. Spirituality won’t make your finances grow but it paves the way to self-growth. 

Individuals obsessed with the idea of gaining more money or holding onto their wealth are often the most stressed-out people in the world for a reason. The more focused you are at acquiring money, the less likely it is for you to get what you want. Worrying about the rainy days won’t be much help if you’re trying to gain peace of mind. 

Clear Inner Spiritual Energy Channels

There are many ways to clear the inner self’s spirit energy channels. You can meditate, chant, or practice yoga or visualization to attract positive energy. Spend at least 10 minutes every day just walking the rooms of the house you live in, imagine fresh air coming in and bringing life into your space. 


Visual cool fresh air chasing cobwebs away, eliminating negativity in your home.  Creating a situation in which fresh air enters your home helps invigorate the mind. The refreshing feeling will strengthen your spiritual core too. 

Dream Big!

One technique that attracts positive vibrations and strengthens spiritual energy is to dream pleasant dreams at night. When you’re asleep, the subconscious is at its most active. At this point, you dream. Unfortunately, most people forget what they dreamt about the night before. To retain memories of your dreams, try this trick: place kusha grass under your pillow. 

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According to Buddhists, Buddha used this sacred plant during meditation to gain enlightenment. Kusha grass is often used in ceremonies and other spiritual rites. A handful of it under your pillow could help intensify the vividness of your dreams. Kusha grass may even help turn pleasant dreams into happy outcomes!

Visualize White Light

Every night just as you sleep, practice this: visualize a gentle white light pouring into your home. Imagine the white light protecting your space and your loved ones from negativity. This exercise will train and strengthen your mind to focus on positivity. 

Positive Expectation

Always start your day with positive thoughts to attract positive vibrations that will strengthen the spirit! As soon as you wake up in the morning, thank the divine powers for being given another opportunity to do better. You are alive and healthy; there are so many things to be thankful for! 

Focus on all the positive outcomes you want to achieve on this day. Try visualizing good news coming your way or positive people coming into your life. Avoid negativity of any kind, surround yourself with good people and do good so all the results you get are positive too.

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