Overactive Root Chakra: Meaning, Signs, and Balancing


Last Updated on February 10, 2023

Do you always feel out of control? It’s as if you couldn’t be more stressed enough even if you haven’t done anything stressful.

That feeling sucks. It’s understandable, though. Life with an overactive root chakra is, indeed, challenging.

But we’ll do something about it.

In this post, let’s talk about an overactive root chakra or having too much energy in your root chakra. What is it and what are the signs and physical symptoms that say you have it.

Understanding the root chakra as part of the chakra system

Seven Chakras of the Human BodyPin

Root chakras (and practically all the other chakras) work to regulate imbalanced energy levels or regulate overactive ones. Most human beings who talk about an imbalanced chakra refer to it as blocked or shut off. But it’s not always the case. 

In the case of a root chakra imbalance, the main aspects of your life are often problematic. And the problems manifest in the same way as an obstruction chakra. It’s also possible that it can limit energy circulation.

Functions of the root chakra

The root chakra is an organ of cellular function and is associated with the earth element. Not only does it support strong bone structure and spiritual contact with mother earth and earthly possessions, but it also maintains the body’s well-being and keeps it in an optimum state throughout our lifetime. 

It also brings a sense of peace, safety, security, and emotional stability. And above anything, it lets you stay true to your authentic self.

In the absence of balance, the root chakra is overactive and doesn’t acknowledge this function. If you won’t find ways to restore balance, your life will crumble little by little.

Risks of excess energy in the root chakra

Your chakra in the backbone contains your initial energy center. It carries the raw static energy from life’s energies. Having more energy can help increase your physical fitness level and help you achieve your spiritual awakening. 

As the first chakra, it regulates your inner security and place on this planet. If it carries excess energy, it can threaten not just your sense of security, but all the emotions that all the chakras or higher chakras (sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra, and crown chakra)  govern. 

To top it all off, it can also cause severe fear. Because you have no foundational security, you have that lingering fear your life is capable of falling apart on its own at any time. 

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Root chakra imbalance

If the root chakra’s energy field is blocked, you’ll slowly lose your motivation to live life and your life force energy level goes down. It can cause negative energy to enter your physical body and bring profound feelings of insecurity, sleeplessness, or lack of energy. 

This negative energy manifests in depression, fear, and rage. And basically, it leads to poor mental awareness. Until you’re grounded with your root chakra, the body won’t feel connected or has lost interest in the world.

Signs of an imbalanced root chakra

Root chakras have a connection to spiritual powers. It’s also linked to your ancestry’s challenges and successes — both in the past and the present. 

All of these ancestral memories have origins at the root chakra. Combined with our own experiences, most people will likely end up confronted with imbalance. 

The difficult history of warfare, hunger, natural catastrophes, and other catastrophes is recorded in the root chakra. This experience is passed on from generation to generation.  And this creates unconscious behaviors. 

Obsessing about finances

When you really lack a support system, this is another thing that says you need root chakra balancing. You obsess and focus too much on the money when you actually have enough. You think you have “money problems” but you don’t. In reality, you’re manufacturing financial problems for yourself. 

You feel anxious about getting in a “worse” financial state and losing even your basic needs and your every possession. You may even panic at the thought that someone is spending too much or feels as if you need to have the best financial management skills in the household.

Feeling unnecessarily insecure

This is not the sudden feeling of insecurity that may subside suddenly when you stop driving in a car accident. Instead, it is more of a constant lingering feeling of uncertainty that continues no matter the situation you’re in.

These concerns may involve your well-being or finances. Sometimes, one becomes paranoid about something actually minor and insignificant. Truth be told, what you’re worried about is not important in the larger scheme.

Trust issues

It can take time to trust someone, and you are likely to see someone’s intentions and actions suspiciously. It’s like your default setting is to have trust issues. The moment you can’t understand an inkling of a person’s behavior, your “fight or flight” response gets activated.

This could be the reason why you often do not ask questions even when they are needed. It’s like a default setting where your mind automatically asks you to have zero trust in anything or anyone.

Causes of an overactive root chakra

To understand how to correct an overactive root chakra, you need to a closer look at a person’s behavior. If there’s something problematic about their behavior, there’s a high likelihood there’s a problem with their energy system. And it’s highly likely that their root chakra is overactive.

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Typically, someone with an overactive root chakra behaves in a negative way. They have low self-esteem, a detachment from the physical world, and no spiritual energies. Also, they have limiting beliefs and have no interest in their personal growth. 

Because the chakra system work in a circular motion, all of the energy flowing within your body is affected. When the other six of the seven energy centers are out of balance, the root chakra will soon be out of balance, too.

What is root chakra healing?

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Energy healing involves the proper functioning of the seven chakras of the physical body. It’s based on how they function. An overactive chakra has an energy that gets pent up and will do you more harm than good.

A healthy root chakra combined with other balanced chakras helps you maximize your success and fulfill your goals. All flowers are alive and the roots remain light. A chakra imbalance may cause a blockage within the entire chakra system resulting in a lackluster feeling.

This is especially crucial because this is the solid foundation of the other six main chakras. In clearing blocks and activating the chakra root the chakras will be strengthened and groundwork will begin.

The importance of root chakra healing

With root chakra healing, it is possible to make decisions and make new goals that will inspire love to live. Courage and resilience in tackling challenges and difficulties are harnessed through the healthy flow of the root chakra. 

If Muladhara chakra is open and balanced, there is the confidence that we belong on earth. That is what builds confidence and self-worth. This memory is permanently imprinted into our root chakra life energy and must be processed and healed for proper health and harmony of energy flow.

Cleansing and balancing an overactive root chakra

When your initial energy centers are not active enough, there’s a problem, too. And root chakra healing is needed.

A balanced root chakra creates harmony. It will relieve stress levels, as well as rebalance your energy. A simple adjustment to diet, exercising regularly, and meditation will help to restore your chakra balance.


An easy way of achieving a balanced root chakra is to eliminate eating disorders of sorts and treat any digestive problems. Suffering from eating disorders is a complicated health issue. And the sooner you fix it, the better. 

You should also make modifications to your regular — daily if possible diet — and eat “root chakra foods”. The most common of these are root veggies like beets, onions, sweet potatoes, and turmeric. Lean meat, nuts, eggs, and other protein-rich foods are also ideal.

Avoid artificially sweetened foods. While they may be rather tasty and give you a temporary energy boost, they’re bad for your health. They come with negative side effects and can endanger you in the upcoming years.

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Alongside, drink plenty of water, too. The recommendation when you’re awake is, to try not to go 3 hours without water.

Physical exercise

The first chakra represents the physical self. The logic behind this is if you get rid of any physical issues and mental signs, you’ll have a properly balanced root chakra. So if you do something to make it easier for the body, it activates the root chakra. Physical fitness is essential to healing your root chakra. 

How you exercise is up to you. What matters is you let your energy flow freely, don’t forget to breathe deeply, and always allow your body to be healed during the process.

It’s not necessary to go to the gym. You can also enjoy playing a sport you enjoy. 

In addition, exercise a muscle called the perineum (area around your pelvic floor and the overlying fascia). It can stimulate root chakra activity.


Woman meditatingPin

You may be thinking meditation is a practice not focused on physical aspects. In a way, you’re right because meditation is all about sharpening your mind.

What’s not a known fact, though, is that meditation makes your physical side more effective. When you have a sharp mind, you’re better able to accomplish activities and understand their impact on you. With regular meditation, you’re more aware of your body and it’s great at treating a blocked root chakra

Root chakra meditation is an effort at concentrating on an entangled area of the body connected to the first chakra. This is located underneath the tailbone which is an energy center in a chakra.

For a more effective meditation session, use complementary items. Examples are root chakra crystals or crystal healing techniques, root chakra stones, and root chakra essential oils.


Remember, healing the root chakra takes time. Try not to rush it to make the most out of its healing effects. In fact, just let the matter work out itself in time.

A simple solution is to avoid thinking too much about how long the healing process takes. Rather, simply write it (the fact that you’re undergoing root chakra healing) down and use up the “waiting period” to explore other spiritual practices.

Then look up what you wrote down a year or so later. That way, the time will come when you have a healed root chakra, along with a knowledge of more spiritual practices.

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