How to Increase Your Spiritual Energy in 10 Ways


Last Updated on February 7, 2023

In today’s busy world, it can feel like your lives are constantly on the go. You are overworked, stressed out, and exhausted. This can lead to a decrease in your spiritual energy and leave you feeling drained. It doesn’t have to be that way!

Did you know that there are ways how to increase spiritual energy by performing a series of steps?

Each one of us has spiritual energy flowing through our veins. This life force nourishes the body and the soul, opening the mind to positive energy vibrations.

The constant flow of energy in our spiritual path is somehow blocked; the effects translate to sickness, low energy, and anxiety. The good news is anyone can enhance the flow of spiritual energy in their body.

With some simple changes in your daily routine and through consistent practice and good habits, you can boost your spiritual life force. Here are ways to increase your spiritual energy right now:


Young business woman sitting in asana lotus and meditating

We all know the positive effects of meditation but did you know that regular meditation could boost spiritual energy too?

One of the best spiritual practices to increase your spiritual energy is meditation practice. Meditation allows you to focus on the present moment and cultivate mindfulness and peace in your life.

This spiritual practice helps clear away negative thoughts and opens up pathways for a deeper connection of spiritual awakening to balance your chakras. You don’t need any special equipment or a long period —even 5 minutes each day can make a big difference in your spiritual health.

Choose the quietest spot in your home to meditate, sit down, light some candles, or play soothing music and close your eyes. Let go of all the worries that trouble the mind and focus on attracting positivity to increase your spiritual energy levels.

Most people prefer to avoid meditating daily because the practice requires sitting in a quiet spot for long periods. If the same thing is true for you, there are ways to make meditation fun.

If, for some reason, you cannot meditate the traditional way, try chanting. You can take chanting classes at your local yoga studio or chant at home.

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Chanting – a call and response technique – lets you sing along to a prayer to lift the spirits and re-invigorate spiritual energy.

Connect with Nature

Nature can help us connect with our inner spirit and restore balance in our lives. Taking time out of your day each week to go for a walk in nature is one of the best ways to reconnect with yourself, find peace within, and improve spiritual health.

Take some time outside in your backyard, breathe deep, fresh air, and appreciate the beauty around you. Listening to birdsong or admiring a stunning sunset –immersing yourself in nature will help bring balance back into your life and recharge your spiritual energy.

Do this for 15 minutes or so every day to increase your spiritual energy.


It may sound odd or silly, but yes, sleeping helps boost spiritual energy. Getting adequate sleep recharges the organs and cells in the body. A big night’s rest improves a person’s mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Whenever you sleep, your spirit is given a lot of time to explore different celestial realms, allowing you to connect with the divine or be one with the universe. Through dreams, you can gain valuable intuitive messages to achieve success.

So instead of spending the wee hours of the morning playing video games, binge-watching your favorite soaps, or drinking, sleep early to recharge.



We all have our everyday habits and routines, but if you want to increase your spiritual energy, try doing something new. Steering clear of well-worn habits every once in a while changes a person’s perspective.

Push yourself to try something different each day to reinvigorate positive energies in your spirit. Consider indulging in a new hobby or try a new recipe to get you started. Don’t be afraid to try something different to keep the spirit alive.

Raise Your (Positive) Vibrations

To increase spiritual energy, you have to open yourself up to positive vibrations. To do that, boost your life’s levels of love, joy, creativity, and purpose.

Love what you do and spread pure energy of happiness all around. Keep your mindset positive and be happy even in the face of unpleasant situations.

A happy disposition paves the way to positive thoughts and emotions. A positive spiritual vibration will increase your spiritual energy.

Random Acts of Kindness


When was the last time you did something good for others?

You can also attract positivity and strengthen your spiritual energy by performing little acts of kindness. By spreading love to everyone you meet with no expectations or judgment, you’ll become a tool that brings positive change and happiness to people.

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Performing random acts of kindness helps establish a connection with another being, allowing you to spread positive energy wherever you are. And let’s face it; you feel better about yourself when helping someone in need.

Apart from spreading positivity to others, go ahead and include yourself in these random acts of kindness. Be kind to yourself, and treat yourself to boost your energy. Being kind to others and yourself will have a lasting impact on your spiritual energy.

Listen to Music

Listening to music can be a great way to increase your spiritual energy. The energetic frequency of the music has the power to transport you to different emotional states, and it can also give you insight into your spirituality.

Studies have even shown that listening to certain types of music can help reduce stress, boost concentration, lower anxiety levels, and improve mental health.

Music is also an excellent tool for connecting with your spiritual side. Listening to music can bring you closer to a higher power, as it helps you express and explore your deep emotions.

Tapping into the power of music is simple. You must pick a genre that resonates with your soul and let yourself get lost in it for a while. Whether it’s classical, jazz, rock, or some other type of music, the goal is to free your mind and soul to open yourself up to new spiritual experiences.

Next time you want to increase your spiritual energy, why not whip out some headphones and try them? You may find that listening to music can be a great way to lift your spirit.

Connect With Others Who Support Your Journey


Connecting with people who share similar values & beliefs as yours helps strengthen both support systems & overall well-being.

Spending time with your friends who understand & accept you as you make all the difference during tough times. So don’t hesitate to reach out to those who share the same outlook on life -these kinds of relationships create strong foundations necessary for growth both mentally & spiritually on your lifelong journey.

Focus On Gratitude

Gratitude goes a long way towards improving mood & outlook on life. So why not start practicing gratitude each morning by expressing thanks for things around you -this could include anything simple like noticing beautiful sunrise outside the window or appreciating a family member helping make breakfast.

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Whatever the case may be, remembering to appreciate small moments throughout the day gives rise to a stronger sense of appreciation which leads to greater levels of joy & happiness.

Spend Time Alone

Full length of young calm woman sitting on beautiful meadow on bright sunny day. She is spending time alone reading interesting book in silence and peace. Copy space in left sidePin

When you find yourselves feeling drained and uninspired, it can be easy to overlook the importance of taking time for yourself.

Too often, you forget how important alone time is for your mental health and spiritual well-being. Taking regular breaks from social media and spending quality time alone will help you reconnect with yourself on a deeper level and provide more clarity about what truly matters most in life.

Investing in some “me-time” is essential for recharging your spiritual energy and unlocking your potential. Taking a few moments of solitude can help you reconnect with your true self and discover powerful sources of guidance from within.

Final Thoughts

Spirituality plays an important role in your overall health and happiness, so you must make time for yourselves every day to nurture your inner self.

Fortunately, there are plenty of simple steps on how to create positive energy that you can take every day that will help recharge your spiritual energy levels quickly and easily. From meditating regularly to spending more time outdoors or taking time out to relax, exercising frequently and spending time in nature can help to heighten your spiritual energy.

The ten ways mentioned above will offer something to you for an easy way to reconnect with yourself spiritually each day and become a spiritual person.

Commit to making one small change today, and you’ll be sure to experience the tangible benefits of spiritual growth over time. With a heightened sense of spirituality, you will become more in tune with your inner self and those around you.

So, start recharging your spirit today with the ten simple ways to increase your spiritual energy.

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