Which Chakra Deals With Shame?


Last Updated on December 20, 2022

The solar plexus chakra focuses on one’s exploration of his or her own identity. Our sense of identity builds in our teen years as we learn to express ourselves and learn how people react to it. We appreciate validation on the things we do right and hide the things that make us vulnerable.

One thing that makes us feel weak is shame. It is the shadow side of the solar plexus chakra. This leads one to exclude our insecurities because we let the surrounding people validate and criticize our actions.

What does shame feel like?

Shame is an inner feeling of being worthless and rejected, and we often associate it with embarrassment and humiliation. When we feel ashamed, we want to hide or exclude ourselves because we feel unimportant. This affects our relationship with other people because we isolate ourselves.

Shame also affects one’s self-esteem and confidence. If a person is ashamed of something or herself or himself, he or she cannot make eye contact during a conversation. They look down and may feel that they are shrinking, or that they feel small and incapable.

In a physical sense, a person gets hot in the face or blush when he or she is ashamed. Therefore, they prefer to be in the shadow, they hide and avoid exposure.

Healing shame and your solar plexus chakra

Healing shame and your solar plexus chakra

Shame and other negative emotions affect not just your solar plexus chakra, but also the other energy centers. Remember that the primary energy centers are all interconnected and should work in harmony. When one falls out of balance, it may also affect the flow of energy with other chakras.

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Shame and other emotions that make you remain in the shadow block your chakras. Thus, it helps a lot to undergo a clearing and healing process to maintain balance in your solar plexus chakra, and the six other primary energy centers.


It’s always important to start from within. To start the clearing and healing process of your solar plexus chakra, identify the things or situations that make you ashamed. Create a list of questions to ask yourself to identify the major source of shame.

Why are you ashamed of yourself? What makes you disappointed in yourself? It’s better to start off by learning how to accept yourself first, even the flaws.

When you always reflect on the things you’ve done in the past, it is time for you to move on. Think of a solution and don’t punish yourself by thinking of your past mistakes over and over.


Shame comes from all the past transgressions and actions that you are not proud of, or that made you or other people disappointed. It results from being overly open to what other people think and say about you because you let the validation and criticism from others get into your head. One way to clear and heal shame is to forgive yourself and others who made you feel undervalued and unworthy.

Meditative practice

Stay still and have a sense of mindfulness. Set your focus and visualize the positive things while doing the meditation. Having a sense of gratitude also helps to clear your body from all negativity.

Some prefer to start their meditation by setting their intentions. Now that you know which chakra deals with shame, it is best to set your intention that is specific to that energy center. Keep that in mind all throughout the meditation.

The color yellow

One way to clear shame is to heal your solar plexus. Since we associate the color yellow with this energy center, it is best to use this to your advantage. Use yellow-colored healing crystals like citrine, amber, and tiger’s eye.

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Yellow is a bright color that uplifts your mood and energy level. It makes you feel confident and helps you improve your personal power. It also exudes optimism, thus, it helps you clear all negative thoughts and emotions, including shame.


Transform shame into something positive by empowering yourself with affirmations. If you do this every day, you reprogram your subconscious mind to thinking all things positive and living it. You will start recognizing your worth and appreciating all the good things you have.

Which chakra deals with shame: Conclusion

Shame, like other negative feelings, is an unhealthy emotion because it influences how you perceive yourself. And if you think less of yourself, it will more likely reflect on your words and actions, and it will lead to having others perceive you that way. With the tips mentioned above, you can eradicate the shame that hinders you from feeling great about yourself and enjoying your life to the fullest.

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