What Is The Third Eye Chakra and How It Affects Your Well-Being


Last Updated on February 7, 2023

Chakras are spiritual energy centers. These are physical points where subtle energy exists and influences people’s bodies and a lot of aspects of their lives.

Chakras help in enhancing one’s mind, body, soul, and life in general.

There are seven chakras that govern specific aspects of our bodies and lives. One of these is the third eye chakra that rules your imagination and intuition. The third eye chakra is the sixth primary chakra located on the forehead, in between your eyebrows.

In this article, you will learn and gain more insights that answer this question: what is the third eye chakra? We will be covering topics about:

  • the third eye chakra’s origin
  • its elements and symbolisms
  • signs of imbalance
  • signs of balanced third eye chakra
  • ways to balance the third eye chakra

The origin of the third eye chakra

Illustration of a third eye mystical sign

The third eye is an esoteric belief in an invisible eye on your forehead that provides one with a perception that is beyond the ordinary sense of sight. This is where a person can direct their psychic energy to discern the truth of their inner being.

“Ajna” is the most common Sanskrit name for the third eye, which refers to it as a gate that leads to the inner realms of higher consciousness. Apart from “Ajna”, the third eye chakra is also known as Brow Chakra, Bhru Madhya, and Dvidak Padma.

In the context of spirituality, the ajna chakra symbolizes the evocation of mental images that have a deeply personal, psychological, or spiritual significance, It is a state of enlightenment that is often associated with clairvoyance, observing auras, chakras, and out-of-body experiences.

In Buddhism and Hinduism spiritual practice, the third eye represents enlightenment that one will be able to achieve through meditation. “Tilaka” is often placed in between eyebrows where the invisible ajna chakra is located, regarded as the “eye of consciousness.”

In Taoism on the other hand, people believe in the effectiveness of the “third eye training,” where one will have his or her eyes closed and focus on the ajna chakra in between the eyebrows. This training helps one to tune into the right vibration and to reach a more meditative state.

Understanding your third eye chakra

Understanding your third eye chakra

The upside-down triangle and the lotus flower are the two elements in the symbol that represents the third eye chakra. This image representation is associated with inner wisdom.

The ajna chakra has a feminine energy and is represented by the color purple or bluish-purple. The auric color of this sixth primary energy center is also seen as translucent purple or bluish-white.

The third eye chakra’s corresponding planet is the Sun, governing pure consciousness and the higher will. A balanced third eye chakra rules spiritual energy, creativity, and self-expression. An imbalanced third eye chakra, on the other hand, rules egoism, drive for attention, and lack of compassion.

It is believed that the ajna chakra is associated with the pineal gland, responsible for regulating sleep and wake time.

This gland is located in the brain and is said to have a relationship with the perception and effect of light and altered or “mystical” states of consciousness. This energy center goes to the more subtle energies, beyond what we perceive through the physical senses.

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The third eye is associated with these behavioral and psychological characteristics: strong intuition, perception of subtle energy and dimensions, psychic abilities, and access to mystical states. This energy center is also connected to insight and wisdom and it helps motivate creativity and inspiration.

The third eye chakra is a sixth sense associated with the archetypal dimensions, as well as in the spiritual world.

One with an open and active third eye chakra may have visions that are a bit blurry, cloudy, dream-like, or ghost-like. There may be times when the inner eye’s visions may be clear.

Inner awareness and openness about the ability of the third eye chakra help one to focus and relax into different ways of seeing things and having visions. One can see beyond all illusions and distractions.

The third eye chakra can help one gain more insight and align his or her actions with the highest good.

Location of the third eye chakra

Location of the third eye chakra

The chakra can be located anywhere within the human body. When you ask yourself what the third eye chakra is, the answer can be found by focusing your psychic energy.

Here are some suggestions for locations.

First, the third eye is known to exist in the pineal gland, the center of the brain, where all thoughts and beliefs originate. The third eye, along with the other six chakras, is referred to as the “sacred body”.

The spiritual energy will grow into the third eye area. This is referred to as the “formative period”.

The ajna chakra is also in the physical eye. When we are exposed to light or darkness, our sight gets better. This is similar to the third eye chakra development process.

The third eye, also known as the luna nebula, is located inside the head, but it is open to receive the energy. There are chakras situated inside the head, and this chakra is located in the middle of the head.

The other four chakras are below this chakra. The fifth and sixth chakras are situated below the fifth and sixth chakra.

Third-eye chakra imbalance

Third-eye chakra imbalance

Blockages caused by a lot of stressors and factors may impede a smooth flow of energy within you. This will cause an imbalance in all your primary energy centers, including the third eye chakra.

When the third eye chakra is blocked it may cause some undesirable effects on the psychological and physical body.

Psychological signs

An imbalance in the third eye chakra makes it hard to set a guiding vision for yourself. With this, one will feel stuck with whatever it is he or she is doing in life and cannot look beyond his or her problems and challenges.

An imbalance in the flow of energy may cause the third eye to be underactive or overactive.

Overactive ajna chakra caused psychic fantasies and illusions that may appear to someone as reality. The imbalance in the third eye chakra will also cause a lack of clarity and one may lose his or her vision oneself and not be able to see the bigger picture.

One sign of imbalance in this energy center is one’s unwillingness to discover his or her fears. He or she does not acknowledge the truth and fears being criticized and judged by people.

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One may also experience self-doubt, overthinking, close-mindedness, or relying on others for validation.

Physical signs

Physical manifestations of an imbalanced third eye chakra are headaches, tension in the brow area, blurred vision, eye strain, dizziness, and hearing problems.

An imbalance in this energy center may also cause dissociation, lack of concentration, sleep disturbances, nightmares, and confusion.

However, it is important to note that while these can be associated with an imbalance in the third eye chakra, this does not replace the advice of a medical expert.

A balanced third-eye chakra

When one is born, the third eye begins to form and grow in this baby’s chakra. As a baby grows, it gets bigger and broader until the third eye is at its maximum point.

The third eye chakra forms a bubble in the energy center that is built by the second eye and the fourth eye.

The wall between these two energy centers is created when the power of the soul vibrates to let you know the truth.

how to activate third eye chakra

The third eye chakra helps one to open his or her mind, setting aside thoughts motivated by strength, illusion, and fear. One can transcend thoughts, fears, and worries to truly know yourself and your soul from within.

One of the core aspects that this chakra govern is deciphering what you believe to be true and what is genuinely true. This energy center also helps us break down stereotypes and see beyond the illusion.

A balanced third eye chakra gives one a spiritual awareness of movement and change. You will get to know the appropriate timings for everything like endings and beginnings.

A balanced third eye chakra also enables you to release old thought patterns and embrace new ones.

Balancing your third eye chakra

Balancing your third eye chakra

Bring your third eye chakra to its maximum potential and gain balance not just in this energy center, but with all the 6 other primary chakras.

When all the key chakras are in a sense of equilibrium and work in harmony, you will help improve your overall well-being. This will also help you get away from self-limiting beliefs and listen to your inner guidance.


Commune with the truth within your soul and through meditation practices to achieve mental clarity.

One way is doing yoga asanas. When you reach this relaxing state of consciousness, you get rid of all the negative thoughts, fears, worries, and anxiety.

When you meditate and connect to the inner power of your third eye chakra, you will get to see beyond the mind. With these healing exercises, you will enter the realm of wisdom and intuition by seeing beyond the mind and all its desires, worries, and fears.


It helps if you also harness the power of visualization, a cognitive tool that helps you set your intentions and get your mind to focus and concentrate on a goal. You may visualize the subtle energy or light that flows in and out of the center of your forehead.

With this visualization, aim to cleanse the negative energy stuck and is blocking your third eye chakra.


One of the healing practices in balancing your ajna chakra is positive affirmations. It can be done separately in small parts of your daily routine or can be done while you meditate.

Short lines of positivity will reprogram your brain and help you focus on that thought.

“I have clarity and peace of mind,” or “I honor and trust my intuition” are just a few examples of positive affirmations you can recite and use with your meditations.

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Physical movements

Physical movements

Bring your ajna chakra back into its alignment by physically moving your body and targeting your third eye region.

Yoga poses like child’s pose, fish pose, and shoulder stand will help the energy flow smoothly within this area. You may check out video tutorials like this that go along with the right affirmations designed to enhance intuition and balance the third eye chakra.

Crystals and Aromatherapy

People often associate chakras with specific healing gemstones. For the third eye chakra, we associate it with crystals that possess the color that we link with this energy center.

Color purple or bluish purple-colored stones like opal, lapis lazuli, and labradorite are just a few examples of stones that can heal and balance your third eye chakra.

Along with the use of crystals and meditation, people also use aromatherapy to heal their chakras. Almond blossom, frankincense, and basils are a few scents and essential oils that you can use for the third eye chakra.

Deep blue and purple food

Deep blue and purple food

Gaining wisdom and opening your third eye chakra is also possible when you incorporate deep blue and purple food into your diet.

Try to research recipes that include ingredients like blueberry and eggplant or try lavender-colored spices or tea if you’re willing to open and activate this energy center.

Light therapy

It is believed that you have to get out into the sunlight to heal your third eye chakra as light is the element associated with this energy center.

When you welcome the light-filled environment, you will notice that your mind will become clearer.

If it is not possible to get natural sunlight, you can opt for light therapy especially if you live in a dark and cold climate.


The physical world we live in is defined by the beliefs that we hold in our reality. To benefit from the third eye chakra, we must learn to accept what we believe in and live from this belief.

Acceptance will allow us to reach our fullest potential. Beliefs are formed from our past experiences, life experiences, and our current relationships.

We want to be healthy beings. Knowing what is chakra balancing, what does the solar plexus chakra represent, and how to balance your chakras, especially your third eye, you will discover what the physical eyes can’t see you have already been in this situation before.

And now you will need to change your patterns of thought, belief, and interpretation to experience the benefits that come from attaining this level of consciousness.

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