How to Control Spirit Energy


Last Updated on December 20, 2022

Did you know that the body generates seven different types of life energy? One of the most powerful life force in the human body is the spiritual energy called shen in Taoism. Shen represents spiritual and psychic energy. With the right technique, you can control your body’s spirit energy. You can use your spirit energy to increase intellectual clarity and improve health. You can also re-invigorate the body, clear energy pathways, and avoid the dangers of stress by developing your spirit energy.

Intuition is a gift that only a few could control. Anyone can develop his or her psychic abilities through sheer hard work and practice. If you’re wondering how to control spirit energy, here are tips to get you started:



Before you can control spirit energy, you must enhance your spiritual self. You can do that by meditating daily. Find the quietest spot in your home and sit down. Close your eyes, shut off distractions and take deep breathes to relax. Direct the mind to go deeper into yourself. Do this exercise every day to unlock your spiritual energy.

Enhance Spirituality

The spiritual self is devoid of hidden agenda. It is pure and pristine. Maintain purity by checking your own motives for wanting to control your spirit energy. Remember, anything you do resonate to the universe. Set simple goals and achieve each one with the purest of intentions. Gaining inner wisdom with pure motivation is one way to control your spirit energy.

Attract Positivity

With pure intentions comes positivity. Thriving in positivity does more than keep the mind at rest. It could also lead to prosperity and great health! Attracting positivity starts at having the right mindset. Avoid stressing and worrying about bad days, look forward to what amazing things the day has to offer.

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Do not let money control your life and see your finances grow. It helps good feng shui has been established in your home to attract positive energy. Keep the mind open to possibilities and have the willingness – along with pure intentions – to make your dreams come true!


Visualization and Actualization

Access the subconscious through visualization, the exercise will power up your intentions. Visualization is simply using the mind to create a clear picture of what you hope to achieve. Think of all the outcomes you wish for yourself or others by closing your eyes and picturing these outcomes becoming a reality.

For instance, focus on a life goal and imagine yourself achieving said goal. Create scenarios of success for you and your loved ones in your mind. Combine visualization with meditation to compel the subconscious to achieve your goals. From visualization, actualize your dreams to achieve all your life goals.


Affirmative expectations help unlock the subconscious and attract good energies that will enhance the spirit energy.

Make this your morning habit:

  • As soon as you open your eyes in the morning, focus your mind on the happiness of waking up to a brand new day
  • Think on the positivity of what the day brings and focus on beneficial outcomes that you’d like to achieve
  • Repeat a mantra in your mind to attract positivity such as “I trust my inner wisdom and intuition,” or “Wonderful things unfold before me”
  • Think of good news coming into your day and the people around you so that every action leads to positive results.

White Light Meditation

Every night in bed just as you are about to fall asleep, visualize your home being surrounded by a gentle light. Picture the white light forming a protective barrier in and around your home. Make this a nightly routine and over time, the mind becomes stronger, more focused. A focused mind is important when tapping and controlling the spirit energy.

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Control your spirit energy by grounding. This practice will clear your head and enhance focus too. Start by standing straight with your feet hip width apart. Let your arms hang loosely by your sides. Slightly bend the knees and let your weight sink slowly into your feet. Rock back and forth gently on your feet.

Focus all your awareness to the base of the ball of your feet. Imagine all that weight sinking into this point. Visualize roots growing and extending from the ball of the feet and down into the ground. Stand like this for a few minutes, letting the body relax by breathing in and out.


Dowsing is a traditional method of finding answers using a pendulum, metal rods, or chakra wands. The technique is one of the most effective ways to tap into the spirit energy. Use the pendulum or rod to find answer to a question that you don’t consciously know the answer to. The idea behind dowsing is to unleash the psychic abilities by producing micro-movements in the muscles. These micro-movements allow us to interpret answers from the subconscious. Dowsing is a fantastic way to develop one’s abilities but it takes practice to perfect the technique.

Do You Know Now How to Control Spirit Energy?

I hope that I covered anything that you need to know about spirit energy and how to control it. By following the tips above, you should have no problem mastering it in no time!

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